Behold a Pale Horse’s Ass

Alex Jones is no Bill Cooper. Through Bill Cooper’s writings and broadcasts, we were told how the system worked. Bill told us they would come for him one day and they did. Bill Cooper was wanted by the Clintons and the IRS at the same time. He was named a major fugitive by the United States Marshals Service. Bill Cooper died two months after 9/11 in Eagar, Arizona. Two deputies came for him and Bill Cooper died in a gunfight. It could have been a lazy afternoon. But Bill hadn’t paid his taxes. Bill was smeared by the law, the courts, the IRS, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. He predicted and conveyed the truth. He warned us of what was to come. He brought home the blueprints to the Death Star and the American government killed him for it. Our taxes shot Bill Cooper. Our silver turned the gears of a federal meat-chipper that hunted him down and ate him. His book, Behold a Pale Horse, is scripture for anyone wanting to understand the capabilities and motivations of the federal government. Bill taught me countries aren’t what we think they are. Bill taught the key to control is the illusion of dominance. For any authority, nothing is more important than controlling an illusion. The quest for truth becomes an endless round of professional wrestling. The house wins when everyone buys a ticket.

Evaluate crumbs: Usama Bin Laden gave CNN a Live TV interview in 1997. ABC in 1998. Time in 1999. UBL was already a high-value “target” by the United States and Mossad yet they missed three opportunities to apprehend him.

On June 28th, 2001, Bill Cooper predicted something big was about to happen. He predicted they would blame whatever it was on Usama Bin Laden. Ten weeks later, on 9/11 something big happened. Two months afterward, Bill Cooper was dead. The pale horse Bill Cooper wrote about was truth in the clear light of day.

Bill Cooper is a Pale Horse. Alex Jones is a Pale Horse’s ass. Alex Jones interviewed Bill Cooper on his show in 1998. Bill Cooper called Alex Jones a fraud. Bill knew the dangers of someone like Alex. On New Year’s Eve, 1999, Alex Jones claimed Russia had launched inter-continental ballistic missiles at America. He covered the false event for hours. Alex was demonstrating his addiction to fame. It overrode his reputation or quest for truth. Addicts prioritize addiction. This makes them predictable. Anyone controlling an addict’s supply controls their mind. Thirst manipulates the addict’s vision. The eyes will hunt as much as they gather.

When QAnon launched, Alex called it a fraud. He then tried to launch his own version. The alchemical President ran a double-sided narrative. Trump invites Scott Adams to the White House on Aug 3rd, 2018 and Lionel Media three weeks later. These men are polar opposites on the legitimacy of QAnon. A year prior, Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka were banished from the White House weeks before QAnon launched fulltime on the website 4chan. These men are propaganda assets. They are embedded in the media to serve the administration. Assets are liked or hated depending on the operation. They are polarizers used to focus group thought. Assets can be called in for a palette cleanse between scenes like a Scaramucci or an Omarosa. Assets need attention not approval. The emotional charge we get from them is a reflection of their longevity. High-quality assets, positive or negative, are used by puppeteers to manipulate our minds. This happens in politics, advertising, professional sports, and the free market.

Trump is Hulk-a-mania. His fans want him to win. They cheer for him as a byproduct of a reaction to Clinton and Jim Acosta. Acosta is also Trump’s asset. Acosta is leveraged by Trump to keep our attention. This is a symbiotic relationship. Acosta is legitimized. CNN remains relevant. CNN is a tool of Trump. Calling Trump the impossible underdog is what gets him labeled the outsider. This is archetypal branding. All male politicians wear make-up and Donald Trump’s face is painted orange to align him with the archetype of gold.

Trump harnessed the asset Kanye West when he visited the White House. Kayne publicly fawned over Trump for 48-hours until his lease expired. People forget politics is emotional professional wrestling. The players have to be dramatic and predictable for it to be captivating. Otherwise, people might try to govern themselves. Under mind control, we think it’s a good idea if 250 million of us pick one of two colors and whichever psychopath controls that color gets to select who’s in charge of the environment, our food, and all the drugs.

Audience engagement is a measurement of obedience. Engagement requires a simplicity found in two political parties. It’s why war has two sides. It’s why every football game has two teams. Politics is the wrestling for attention. What’s beyond the ring?

Trump needs Greater Israel. His bloodline depends on it. If Trump can’t stop a false flag in Parkland or Vegas, he’s not going to stop a bigger one on the Temple Mount. Once that happens, they won’t need to disarm gun owners. The voter is the power behind Trump and right now that power is in the hands of Zionists and dual-citizens. Trump can’t be the voice of truth. He can’t afford to remember the USS Liberty. He can’t afford to say 9/11 was an inside job. Trump has invested his future and his children in Zionism.  It’s the only way he could secure the job.

Alex Jones recently told Joe Rogan truthers are paranoid schizophrenics. He would go on to say anyone concerned about Zionism, Mossad, or Israel is mentally ill. Jones corrupts the truth simply by standing next to it. The issues he claims to expose are issues he toxically discredits. Alex doesn’t spread the truth, he taints it. He reduces it to a cartoon we dismiss as entertainment. Whether or not Alex Jones is even aware of it, he is a spineless tool for Mossad.

“Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research.” – Bill Cooper

Trump’s goals are the same as QAnon’s. Trump will manipulate the American mind to win. This is what makes him an effective leader. Saudi Arabi will be blamed for 9/11. Iran will be liberated as we did in Libya. This will lead to the Greater Israel project and a new peace in the Middle East. This phase has been planned for over a century. It is the death of the phoenix with a rising into the eye of a new pyramid. I am not telling you Mossad works against or even with the US government. I am telling you Mossad is the US government. America is vital muscle inside the body of the leviathan. We will bring peace to the Middle East like the mafia brought peace to shopkeepers who paid for protection. Peace is the commodity of bullies. Americans would rather be the New World Order than admit they’re the New World Order.

Let America be the emotional litmus test for truthers. There is no joy in swallowing the truth of Zionism. When you do, it answers everything. Zionism is the purpose of the Balfour Declaration. Zionism has embedded itself in the mind of America. It’s the sole purpose of Hollywood. It’s why Trump looks like the underdog no one expected to win.

If you feel a strong reaction to a political celebrity the system is working. Trump needs an anti-Q task force like Scott Adams, Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Jack Posobiec to play the bad wrestlers. An effective psyop injects a synthesis to create anti-synthesis. This is the same mechanics of Hollywood. They tell you what to dislike as often as they tell you what to like. The mind is moved by repulsion as much as it is by attraction. Posobiec’s smirky face is effective because it’s unsettling. Strong emotions are the fuel of every operation and Jack is one of many employed in the media by Naval Warfare Intelligence. OAN (One America News Network) and QAnon are so similar because they were deployed by the same military task force. The NDAA makes domestic weaponized propaganda legal.

America legally became a propaganda outlet in June of 1942 with the creation of the Office of War Information. Six years later, the OWI turned their focus domestically in the Smith–Mundt Act. We legally pay our government to lie to us. A successful government projects the illusion of total dominance. A world government is required for total control. Behold the Pale Horse of truth. America is the New World Order and Greater Israel is the next incarnation. Can you smell what the Temple Rock is cooking?

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22 thoughts on “Behold a Pale Horse’s Ass

  1. My opinion of the “Q” Logo:
    (Q)liphoth represents the Tree of Death – the “shadow” of the truth. It is attached to lying and material appearances, in opposition to those of reality and wisdom. Our eyes are blinded by the radiating surface. It’s so brilliant that our mind cannot see the illusion and deceit. It spreads so far and thin that it breaks under its own weakness. It’s imbalanced love that exhausts us and ultimately suffocates its object with its borderless benevolence and tenderness.

  2. Trump’s team of “White Hats” are likely “draining the Swamp” , they HAVE to. This is not what Q’s adherents think it is. It is one step. It is not Good vs. Evil. It is Bad vs. Evil! Dark to Light as Q often says- Godreel. Lucifer, Belial…It is the two paths of the Occult. Left hand=Black Magic (Clintons, Podestas, BHO, et al.) & Right Hand path=White Magic (US Military, Trump, Kushner) Currency reset with full debt forgiveness will be the “Mark” perhaps. Not the effen RFID chip Evangelicals are taught to believe. All religion is corrupted. ALL OF IT. From Billy Graham to Osteen and beyond. Pedo hell. Who knows how long all this will take…U rock J-True. U warrior poet! Hell yeah!

  3. Correction. Allowed in the continental United States if the fetal DNA biological material is declared! Feto-maternal afterbirth is the mixture and is a corruption of blood not allowed!

  4. Nice try. You really know how to mix truth and lies! Much of what you say is really true and I am a making use of all your hat tips. But you reveal your true evil colors sometimes and anyone with the discernment of Spirit sees it. Ultimately? You are a fraud.

  5. Its good to see so many people searching for the truth but disheartening to see so many still so damn far off base.

    People wake up. Nothing is real unless you can see touch and understand it for yourself. We have been alchemically transmuted into this television show through some serious magick. When did we forget that anything we see on tv is a show? If you saw it, or some guy on tv told you about it, or you learned about it on tv its fake. Because its a DAMN tv show. Good lord, come the hell on people. Nature and the present is all we’ve got. Wake the f up and grow up.

    Thanks jtrue, keep em coming

  6. Provocative article. Somehow I am depressed.
    Always looking for the happy ever after. Well such is life. I’d rather see than follow blindly.
    Look to the next world; not this one is the motto I keep close to heart.

  7. There are numerous opinions, triggered by president Trump’s maverick behavior, no doubt. There’s one aspect in him, shared with J.F. Kennedy, and that’s his freedom from involvement in Satanic rituals, favored by many members of the Cabal/Illuminati. Besides, he’s a wealthy man.

    Therefore, president Trump can’t be bought and he’s certainly informed about nefarious practices of cults and atrocities created by the medical industry. His youngest daughter was affected badly, a few weeks after receiving a large mix of vaccinations.

    She suffered from autism and severe physical pain. The best doctors were called to treat her, to save her life, which they managed to do with success. This has left her with a certain physical appearance, showing slight signs of damage. She’s not in the spotlights, like president Trump’s other daughter, who shows glamour.

    The military faction Q Anon is backing president Trump. The reason why information is leaked in an anonymous way, by means of Q Anon as the messenger is the fact that it can’t be controlled or infiltrated. We’ve seen so many of those who reveal truth go down, like Bill Cooper, who was a great messenger and quite provocative as well, with strong willpower.

    You may find more about president Trump’s plans for draining the swamp here

  8. ..and look at the mess Alex Jones is in right now. Seriously sad. But, there is always good balancing out bad. Trump drains the swamp, and then aligns with Israel. He doesn’t go to church, his daughter converts to Judaism, and no one calls this out? Oh yeah, FLOTUS is a bonified FEMALE, thankfully, but was born in..?

  9. These Illuminati guys adhere to their religious code very strictly. One tenet seems to be that they must warn us beforehand of whatever evil deed they want to inflict upon us. I guess this deflects any bad karmic consequences if the target does not object to said intended bad deed
    because the absence of any objection is construed as consent

    Trump as the world’s saviour is a scam. And we have all been told this. Just look at his name.
    trump (v.2)
    “fabricate, devise,” 1690s, from trump “deceive, cheat” (1510s), from Middle English trumpen (late 14c.), from Old French tromper “to deceive,” of uncertain origin. Apparently from se tromper de “to mock,” from Old French tromper “to blow a trumpet.” Brachet explains this as “to play the horn, alluding to quacks and mountebanks, who attracted the public by blowing a horn, and then cheated them into buying ….”

    It’s staring in our faces much like the way they programmed us to use the term ‘ground zero’.

    Did you know they went to the trouble of replacing every single dictionary and encylopedia in the public domain with almost identical copies which differed in only one definition? If you have an old dictionary at home which datres back to before 9/11/2001, go and compare that to the same edition out in the public domain such as a library.

    There used to be only one definition of ‘ground zero’ and it would be a place where a nuclear explosion has occurred. The replacement books have 2 extra definitions which are:
    2: the center or origin of rapid, intense, or violent activity or change
    3: the very beginning : SQUARE ONE

    Hmmm…. Now why would they do that? What’s going to happen if and when Americans discover that 3 thermonuclear demolition devices were used to bring down the World Trade Center on 9/11?
    Those videos can still be found on the internet, with some difficulty

    Now from a karmic perspective, they have told us and we have even acknowledged receipt of the notification that NYC has been well and truly nuked. Does this mean that they weasel out of all bad karmic consequences? IDK

  10. good article. finally some people who are true neutrals/independents and not playing the fake left/right mud slinging game.
    I knew ((trump)) was a tool since day 1. Not that he isnt doing some good things, but like all politicians, are bought and sold, and the whole system is built on COMPROMISE so the status quo (military industrial complex) keeps their empire. A few tax cuts here and there..and oh by the way we wont be doing anything about israel or the surveillance nazi police state or the empire that is now expanding into space, but hey, maybe next “vote” things will change!
    And the next “vote” will have his daughter be the next president. and she will be. yet they campaign on the notion of “voting” and “democracy”? theyre all vatican/zionist “assets”.

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