The Electric Cobra

Petroleum is the most energy-dense and practical fuel our society has ever found. It’s renewable, portable and storable with zero loss of power. We have an emotional aversion to petroleum. Abiogenic petroleum is not crude oil. This feeling was installed by programmers. We are motivated emotionally by highly intelligent puppetmasters. Our thoughts are herded by propaganda that nips at our ankles like sheepdogs and comforts us with the illusion of authority. We are charmed by the electric cobra.

The Mueller investigate ran for two years requiring 40 agents, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, and 500 witnesses. Over 500,000 news stories were pushed to the public by the AP, Reuters, MSNBC, FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and the NYTimes. All of these stories were offshoots of the Love Trumps Hate campaign. None of these stories came with any factual evidence. Several reporters were awarded the Pulitzer. These are emotional terrorist cells. We encourage our citizens to bring rattlesnakes into our camp wrapped around sticks and carried like torches.

“We only have 12 years to live.” – AOC

A boa constrictor squeezes its prey. The parasitic psychotic will keep it alive and feed on its suffering. We are slaves to the masters of information who spoonfeed it to us the fastest. We expect it to be refined and delivered like baby food. A soft lump of glug on our tongue we don’t even have to swallow. We can stare straight ahead in a trance while it oozes its way down our throat. We are entranced by its comfort, nudged by its guilt and tempted by the mythology of science. We are programmed to hate our own presence while we give each other trophies for pointing it out.

“The world is no longer at risk of running out of resources.” – BP

We find oil six miles below the ground. This is miles below the oldest fossil records. Oil fields all over the world are replenished naturally. Hydrocarbons are synthesized abiotically. For decades our scientists understand petroleum as a natural lubricant chemically formulated by the earth. People who think oil comes from dead dinosaurs are under mind control. That’s a lot of uninformed people out there. If people knew oil was renewable there would be no energy crisis. Without a crisis, you have no fear to control. We call it “crude.” We name it “fossil.” We say over-and-over it’s somehow not renewable. We strategically reserve it by preventing its exploration and access. This has been the green movement. Another pyramid scheme hiding in plain sight. We have been misled by emotional terrorism. Scarcity breeds profit and ignorance breeds poor voting decisions. We have to wake up now and stop pretending what we regurgitate is factual. It’s quite the opposite. We are hypnotized by our guardians. Like peek-a-boo with a baby, scarcity programs our mind. The vagus nerve constricts the heart, lungs, and gut from the disappearance. The awareness is heightened by a loss. We embrace joy in its return. Like Pavlov’s dog, we crave its anticipation even if it comes with pain.

Here’s a Ruben Report discussion on climate with Epstein.

We bless the ground. We are a walking fractal of the earth. We are as important to the ground as blue whales are to the ocean. Mind control calls you a parasitic virus. It keeps your prana down. An argument using ad hominem is a symptom of mind control. When meteorologist and founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman called climate change the “greatest scam in history” we rejected him as uninformed. When the co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore speaks out against anthropomorphic climate change we reject him as a self-hating zealot. For decades they were heroes but we cast them out of the tribe for doing what they always did – inform us about our weather and climate. Welcome to the nation of electric voodoo.

“Amy and I are the last great hope for America.” – Beta O’Rourke

Al Gore’s movie tried to convince us we are dirty poisonous parasites destroying the earth. None of the science was true. His movie won two Oscars. Believing these people doesn’t make you environmental – it makes you uninformed. Uniformed people don’t care about the environment. They care about their vanity.

The larger the organization, the more it’s okay to lie and steal. Theft becomes a norm in organizations with more than eight people. The corporate system causes our morals to lax. This same corporate system dictates our war policy and our vaccine schedule. We are surrounded in corporate psychopathy but since our morals are lax we think it’s okay. This is why climate scientists fudged data back with Al Gore. The same reason NASA was caught doing the same with false sea level rise in 2017. The larger the pyramid the bigger the umbrella for evil. When you delegate your authority to an organization you delegate your impeccability. Morality is our autonomy. Most can only afford to be moral on weekends and for two weeks vacation at Yosemite.

Look at our legal system. In 2011, we had 1,225,452 lawyers in practice. Every one of them is impotent to end a company like Monsanto. Silverstein is currently not under litigation for the rest of his life by 2,996 separate lawsuits. Not one member of our government has faced investigation or a trial. Ask a lawyer if they only defend people who are morally right. Ask if they ever ask these kinds of questions. Remember, this is in our justice system. If we don’t require morals here, why anywhere else? Our lawyers are hypnotized by the money that comes from settlement litigation and fearful of the reprisals from their strongest predators. Not one of our judges represent the people. Their humanity is cloaked in a black robe. The legal system is a court to Baal. Blind justice is exactly what we have and support. Ignorance is a satanic corporation we fed with apathy and silver.

“Temptation was a snake from the Garden of Eden. It seduced us with a hunger for knowledge. Now its tangle of cords slithers from every wall outlet into our veins. Metallic fangs from rubber-skin charm us with 120 volts of venom. These snakes have infested our homes and village. We are raised on blue milk from the electric cobra. A hiss pours its juice from every socket and lamppost. The spirit of the campfire wonders why we decided to leave. I hear a new pitch rising in my ears as snakes shed their skin to slither in the air wirelessly. They learned to leap from the tops of towers as we birth a 5G spitting cobra with wings. We are a world addicted to the serpent of electricity. The very same snake offered Adam and Eve the first red pill. The apple gave up its bite so we may taste morality from a wet virgin tongue. The flavors of good and evil were good enough for eviction. Wrong or right – we are bitten now. We swallowed what was chewed. The venom is in our veins. We keep trying to spit it out but we can’t. Knowledge doesn’t work that way. ” – excerpt from Blueprints of Mind Control

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  1. Love it – and the book – thanks for sending it. I especially like the bit about Al Gore but most people I know think it will get them to heaven to believe what he says – ie that we are all evil and should therefore go to hell! Go figure! Love jay

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