The Body is a Torus

Viruses are not alive. Every virus is a good virus. When we eat crap, bacteria form to do what our stomach could not. Bacteria eat toxic waste and take one for the team. This wonderful service by bacteria is called the common cold. Pharmaceutical companies sell you drugs to fight this cold. They show you propaganda telling you how bad colds are. They make your cold feel completely unappreciated and scapegoat it like a witch trial.

Dick move, modern medicine. Dick move.

When bacteria listen to the propaganda they lose their sense of morale. After all, you think of them as the bad guy. They get depressed when the mind dumps on them all the time. In this sadness, the bacteria become poisoned. Our cells love the bacteria so they stop what they’re doing and rush in with homemade emergency soap. That soap is called a virus.

Every virus is a solvent that helps you. Viruses pick up the fallen corpses of bacteria who died for you while doing their job on the battlefield. They fell protecting you, even when you called them evil.

Talk about a real hero.

Every virus in the world is cool as fuck.

Bird flu, swine flu, avian flu – none cannot exist outside the body. A virus is soap. It’s not alive. The moment it enters your stomach, it becomes a human waste product.

Here comes the HUGE part…

The only way you can be infected by a virus is through injection.

That’s the only way it works.


Your body is a torus (donut). You have an intake and an exhaust. The entire journey through your torus remains 100% outside your body. The only way to put something in your body is by injection.

This is the only way a virus can survive.

If you love your body, prove it.

Tell your crew out loud, right now. Look down at your navel (comm port) and speak, “Attention, body. This is your Captain speaking. All viruses – past, present, and future – are hereby awarded the Flying Cross. All bacteria report to the Rec Hall for your Letterman’s jacket. Every one of you has just made the Varsity Squad. Proud of you guys! Proud to be your captain. Now get back to work. I might throw you a rancid tuna fish sandwich tomorrow. Gotta keep you on your toes. Godspeed. Over-and-out.”

Society hides your true body’s power behind words like placebo.

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Bruce Wright
Bruce Wright
2 years ago

This message is THE most important message at this time in history. The GERM THEORY OF DISEASE IS FALSE, yet our entire Allopathic Medical Establishment is based upon this “false science”. This is the “scientific” proof that makes this COVID-19 Pandemic a scam. This TRUTH makes all Mask Wearing, Social Distancing, Virus Testing & Vaccines totally unnecessary. This TRUTH is supported by all of the “HONEST” health experts like Dr. LORRAINE DAY, Dr. ANDY KAUFMAN, DR. Ayyadurai SHIVA, Dr. Tom COWAN, and many others. President TRUMP, armed with this TRUTH, simply needs to SELL IT to the world, “safely” declare and “END” to this Pandemic, and “safely” ABOLISH all Mandatory Mask Wearing, Social Distancing, Virus Testing, and VACCINES…..FOREVER.

James True has given us a great report here. God Bless you James True.

2 years ago

Complete lack of understanding of biochemistry and microbiology.
You are a charlatan.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jemail

why does he have lack of understanding. can you please explain for us choosing to do our own research and not evacuate our sovereignty. please. you yelled fire, now help put it out. are you scared of getting burnt?

2 years ago

Just watched your Passover video with Richie from Boston and had to visit your website. I’m a chiropractic student and absolutely love this little article. In chiro school, we’re taught about the body’s “innate intelligence”. As chiropractors, we simply adjust the spine so the life force can more readily flow through the body and the innate intelligence can do it’s job. We as doctors do not heal the body, we set the body on the right path and the body heals itself. People don’t give their bodies the credit they deserve… they think they need to be cut into and pumped full of artificial medicine to get better. Not entirely their fault, because most people are brainwashed with that mindset. Long story short, thank you!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Resist

You would love Dr. Bergman on youtube!

2 years ago

I have always treated my body with respect and tried to look after it. All thishas made me really look at my body which is still pretty good apart from aching in the places where I used to play as Cohen says. However I now discover that I don’t love my body! When did THAT happen? Mind control and programming indeed and I don’t even watch TV! Anyway I see it now. Look out for those very subtle hidden programmes!

Mundus Inversus
Mundus Inversus
2 years ago

Yep, totally agree. I’ve been posting this amap:

What are viruses actually? Ever heard of the dispute between Pasteur and Bechamp?
From 23:38 onwards its being explained what viruses are: a waste product from our OWN cells to dissolve the toxic waste in our cells. Only when our immune system is too weak to get rid of the waste products bc we are already too toxic, as a last resort our cells produce these virus cells that help to detoxify. Our bodies have an extremely sophisticated defense system, when one approach doesn’t work, another line of defense becomes operational.
Why are more people dying of the “flu” in winter? Bc for your immune system to work it needs vitamin D3 which your body makes by being exposed to sunlight.
The ONLY way one can get viruses from others, from animals fi is THROUGH INJECTION. So do NOT take any vaccins!
5G makes our red blood cells clod and hence inhibits oxygen absorption.

Watch this presentation by a German doctor why the whole medical industry is based on a false assumption concerning viruses:

Books about Pasteur/germ theory and Bechamp (host or terrain theory)

Take a bath to detox:

And this (similar different wording)
We’ve been lied to on many levels, also on the matter of germ theory. It’s a theory and big Pharma earns millions of dollars based on this theory.
What we call ‘viruses’ are actually just proteins (phages) OUR OWN body creates to fight toxins in the body.
Viruses can easily be back engineered by exposing a test subject (an animal or a human) to a certain toxin and using the phages (viruses) the body creates to fight that toxin. The virus is blamed for the symptoms of the disease but in reality the virus is trying to save the body (cancer is a similar reaction of the body to get rid of toxins).
Anyone who has been exposed to 5G for any extended period of time has developed 5G phages (viruses) to fight the toxins and damage that 5 G exposure created and will test positive for coronavirus. (Btw did you know corona also refers to the radiation of high voltage electricity?)
A healthy person with a good functioning immune system will not have sickness symptoms because the viruses did their job. An unhealthy person will produce phages as well but it will not be enough to eliminate the toxins and he get sick and might eventually succumb.
(Remember people in Wuhan live in a very toxic environment and their immune system might have weakened already to deal with these toxins. Also did they have a mandatory vaccination program last fall).
To illustrate how this works the pandemic of polio is a good example. Before the polio pandemic where people got paralyzed there was a huge DDT spraying program on crops, waterways etc. To cope with this toxin people developed phages (viruses) in their own body. As many people could not handle the toxic overload and became paralyzed, it gave the illusion of a widespread contagion.
The same is true for the Spanish “flu”: only those who were vaccinated died of this “flu”. People who were not vaccinated didn’t have any symptoms at all. (

Virologist offers 100000€ for anyone who can prove viruses exist as he himself – a virologist mind you- is convinced they do not exist as contagious war like external pathogens:

Thanks for adding to the clarity James!

1 year ago

How do we removed injected virus? Please tell me we can.