Clouds come crashing

And clouds did come crashing

The flight of fluff fell under the weather

Surely the heavens did grumble

But earth stood still in her steadfast

Swords of thunder ripped open the sky

Stabbing arrows pierced a thin rice paper

The brave ground gave no worry

I see a rabbit finds a shelter

A radar nose is twitching away the forecast

Birds settle in to preen along my windowsill

The salon of feathers and gossip means all is well

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14 years ago

I may not always comment on your post because sometimes my words just don’t do it justice. I read them over and over, I am in awe of someone who can put words together that make me think, make me feel, make me see

14 years ago

I agree with Maria. I am in awe too, and sometimes don’t even know what to say, except this is truly beautiful.

14 years ago

Maria and Chris, you are so right, sometimes the words just don’t express what dwell inside after reading such breathtaking work as this..

Caroline Pond
14 years ago

you are a sweetheart jarue. Love reading your blogs and love your stylie.