Blackmail and Whitemail

Most of my work these days is finding an effective way to tell someone something they don’t want to hear. My friend John questions why I would even bother. It’s a good question. Who wants to be a writer who ruins everyone’s day. My answer is selfish. I do it for my sanity. I need my environment to reflect my understanding or else it causes me pain. I have developed an allergy to dissonance after years of pretending my insides and outsides could disagree. I find this activity insulting to everyone involved. Still, many people out there need heroes more than they need the truth. I’ve angered so many people these last two weeks it makes sense why there are so many shills out there constricting the truth. They are surviving. People will tear you apart for telling them what they don’t want to hear. I told Thomas Wictor false flags were real. Instablock. I told a Q fanatic Mossad was pushing the Trump administration. Instajihad. I told a famous Australian writer her favorite hero was an intelligence plant. InstaCurse-then-Block. These people don’t want the truth. They want their narratives to remain wholesome. But if narratives were true we wouldn’t call them narratives. These events are timed, coordinated and contrived for a single purpose. Mind control. The first rule of theater is to never break the fourth wall.

On April 4th, Chelsea Manning was released from solitary confinement. Two hours later, WikiLeaks tweets that Julian Assange arrest is imminent. Julian spent seven years locked inside the Ecuadoran embassy while striking up a romance with Pamela Anderson for the cameras. Through high-profile media interviews, to speeches from the porch threatening to release a thumb drive, Julian’s life has been a Hollywood movie. He’s narrowly avoided capture while we pretend Ecuador is a sovereign nation capable of defending itself against the most powerful intelligence community in the world. People need a narrative. They need to believe the world is mostly fair. The same people insisting we’ve used energy weapons to burn a town in California cling to the idea that Julian Assange is somehow still alive despite a superpower’s quest to destroy him. Meanwhile, Bradley Manning, after being tortured in solitary confinement, emerges with a sex change, a fashion spread, and a full pardon from Barack Obama. Manning’s gender change feels like trauma programming and we know these people will squeeze as much as they can get out of a psyop. Manning went from military torture and suicide watch in November to the cover of Vogue Magazine and a political career in August. Our government knows how to trauma program its citizens. Archetypes like Manning are the key to mind control.

Our world is run by the manipulation of prana. Our fear, anger, and passion fuel a machine that controls us through the art of triangulation. When presented with two choices, the mind will move to the option that causes the least amount of discomfort and calories. Dissonance burns calories. Deciding who’s lying becomes an endless exercise of review and scrutiny. It is a taxing and painful process which is why so many truth seekers step off the bus as soon as they can. We’ve been trained to resolve decisions in thirty-minute sitcoms where the bad guys dress in black and the good guys always tell the truth. The only solutions that make it to the final decision table are those that fit within our budget of attention. Our programmers are counting on this. They present the people with two arguments, both resulting in a predictable outcome. This process is called the Hegelian dialectic and it’s how the world is manipulated. The process of thesis and anti-thesis will always render a synthesis. People who don’t understand the mind control never look to the final synthesis. What was the end result of the narrative playing itself out? Understanding the Hegelian dialectic starts with understanding the self. People don’t need to understand Q as much as they need to understand their own endocrine system and what drives their decisions. This is tough alchemical work when we are invested so deeply in what’s at stake.

Truth is an emotional journey. We converse with people who make us feel hollow sometimes. We sense their evacuation as they lie to themselves about what is happening in the world. Consider your own vibration as a kind of homework. You will discover that truth is rarely the conductor for one’s energy. If everyone could handle the truth lies would die of thirst. But here we are, drunk on propaganda. It pours so fast we’ll never keep up. This is the purpose of Reuters and the Associated Press. They waterboard the mind in an endless barrage of fermented information. True or false – it doesn’t matter. Endless wins the race.

Our world is not broken. Discerning truth has a spiritual purpose. It reminds us the answers are found inside ourselves. The storm makes our resolve even stronger. The key is to understand most of your questions are simply self-doubt projected into the world. Lies are like rust in our heart. God needs each of us stainless. We are inside his alchemical mixing bowl turning ourselves from lead to gold. In this way, evil has a purpose. God uses it as a kind of whisk frothing each us until we rise to the occasion. He’s waiting for us to claim our free will. We are responsible for every photon we give and receive. Right now our consent is a whore of Babylon. God requires us to remain here until we become pristine.

There is an orchestrated rhythm to the news. The Meuller Report closes down in time for a scene change. Julian Assange, the seven-year-old stubborn sardine is pulled from the tin of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. The Police allow him to clutch a book by Gore Vidal for the cameras. April 11th is 411, the number you’re told to dial for information. The U. S. Department of Justice is charging Assange with conspiracy. They claim he aided Bradley Manning in the theft of classified materials. Julian Assange is the closest thing the people have ever had to someone who speaks the truth.

“I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11” – Julian Assange

Most of the world is controlled by blackmail. A lot of evidence is about to be dropped in a giant pile as big as a house. People won’t notice that 15% of it is missing. The 85% will be so juicy and shocking it will take over everyone’s senses. We are about to partake in an endless buffet of everything but the main course. Who knocked our buildings down? Who killed those people inside. Who used the military to attack its own country with autonomous drone rockets? Julian Assange’s published record is flawless. The man is the archetype of truth to power. He is also an asset put into play on the world stage to hide an even bigger story – 9/11 was an inside job. I beg you to pay attention to what doesn’t come out as the truth community celebrates what does. If we don’t pay attention, we’re no different than the Romans appeased by a fresh crop of gladiators.

Ignorance is the heroin that keeps us in bed. Our handlers tell us something attacked us in our sleep. 9/11 was an inside job and Trump and WikiLeaks don’t want you to know. I keep searching WikiLeaks archives hoping to prove myself wrong. Yes, there is some info about 9/11. But it’s parsley on fresh meat. WikiLeaks points us to a foreign country’s role or a nuanced revelation about the event. The stability of government is at stake if the people were to become truly awakened. The American psyche is a Gulliver lashed to the ground by millions of ropes. If it finds out what really happened during WWII, JFK, or 9/11 it would finally sit up. It takes a lot of mind control to keep that giant on its back. It takes a worldwide effort. Countries aren’t what we think they are. If they were, we would all know the truth of 9/11.

“I’m not joking when I refer to our country as the United States of Amnesia.” – Gore Vidal

The opposite of blackmail is whitemail. Whitemail is when you give someone credit for something they didn’t do and let them feed off the reward. This creates an addiction. Addicts are predictable. They praised Perseus with gifts long before he was sent to kill Medusa. He couldn’t come home empty-handed or he would be exposed as a fraud. They made Obama the President of the United States knowing he wasn’t born in Hawaii. They gave him a Nobel Prize and told him to bomb seven nations or be exposed. Obama was dangling by a birth certificate for eight years. Sheriff Joe Arpaio knew the truth. It’s why the Sheriff was such a high-value target to Obama. It’s also why Trump spent the capital to give him a full pardon.

“Why is it that no one would touch this. A fake, forged government document in the media?” – Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Trump’s alignment is at best chaotic good. He plays to win, more than he does to be truthful. Neither Trump or Q shows an alignment of lawful good. They are realists. We pretend white hats have to follow the rules. We pretend black hats always distribute lies. We are so misguided by Hollywood and news theater. We don’t even want lawfully good leaders anymore. We are tired of losing. Under mind control, victory is always more important than wisdom. Victory rewards the goddess Athena with a golden laurel. Victory is her dopamine. Wisdom doesn’t reward you with crowns of truth. Wisdom is a burden because the truth carries more weight than all the gold in the world. Dear reader. I insist you believe in yourself as the primary miracle for change. Divest yourself from the system. Otherwise, we will fall for the next act. The displacement of your energy is taking away from our ability to transmute this world.

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12 thoughts on “Blackmail and Whitemail

  1. Hi James, I really so appreciate your honesty and courage. You may not see your writing and discussions as courageous, but I sure do. In this world it takes everything we have to stand up and and tell people we don’t accept the narrative as described. I just finished your book, Technology of Belief, and although I was aware of some of it, it still blew me away. My friend picked it up, looked at the cover, and dropped it like a hot potato. He can’t handle the truth, nor hardly anyone else in my life right now. I continue to plant seeds though, and as each day passes that becomes more like a full blown garden. I just can’t keep quiet anymore, I can’t stand small talk or anything pertaining to the latest “news.” It’s getting increasingly more difficult to be amongst people who just can’t see, yet I have this underlying compassion for their need to remain ignorant.
    I love your work. Keep sharing James, please.

    Best to you,

  2. james , when u read this remember , without jimmy’s jokes , i would astro like naut intentionally want you to over solo and shine – buttt – it’s about time U did 🙂 great read 🙂 thanks from canaka … aka Les Poljasevic / Ljubisa from fuk-book

  3. hello james. I feel your pain and i question too why somebody would bother (i’m grateful you do it for my own benefit) I never had many friends but not a single one of my friends and family want to hear the truth. So i left because i’m tired of cowards and they DON’T deserve the truth. I will work for the CABAL given the opportunity because i hate the cowards of the world i want to enslave them even more and make their burden hard while mine easier. I’m sorry i feel that way but i do.

  4. Great article! Facts versus feelings! The truth will set us free! Consciousness is rising faster than ever before! Trust yourself, your truth and your intuition! Much love ❤️

  5. I’ve often thought that no one wants to hear the truth, especially if it’s ugly. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for being able to process truth. I know I fell into that category for a while–thinking, I don’t know, maybe that I would die (or want to die) if I had to confront horrible truths. But I found I didn’t die (or want to die). Fear is a great controller. I’ve tried to stop fear from controlling me. Most times it works but I have to be vigilant.

    I’ve witnessed the people who cut you off immediately if you tell a truth they refuse to believe or even think about. That’s how I know who to avoid. I don’t think you can force truths on others because most people identify with their ego too much and they will be insulted (Wictor). I’ve been sad about Trump lately because I see the truth of who he is while at the same time, I feel in my heart that I was not wrong about there being goodness there. Perhaps I hoped for too much. I know the power behind him does not have my best interests at heart (or most of ours for that matter), and that is endlessly concerning.

    What you say about lawful good is most distressing. We live in a world where those in control do not follow the laws the rest of us are required to follow. I keep thinking that the justice system is just another belief system where the power lies in the BELIEF we have in that system. When more of us stop believing, what happens? Who will be in control then?

    1. I feel the same about Trump. I finally had to give up my hopes for him over 5G and mandatory vaccinations. I think it was Q I truly believed in, all that 5 level chess and fancy codes and JFK Jr not being dead. I was entranced.
      I don’t talk to anyone about truth here in S CA. It’s pointless! Why stir the pot for no reason. I’m being charitable. Like teenagers sparing their parents their sexual initiation stories.

  6. Thank you! The thirst for truth and wisdom is now insatiable! I deeply appreciate your rare voice and the skill you have in pointing out many facts. I have been guilty of being asleep and falling for the narrative, then the partial awareness and following many gatekeepers. I consider that i was blue pilled, under full mind control, red pilled shook by 911, then black pilled seeing both sides are feeding you an agenda, to no pilled. Transcending the entire mess to try to see who and what i/we/this all is and is about. Finding it/us/them as inseparable and tackling the deconstruction of a constructed self and world in each moment now, and now and now…

  7. Thank you for this James – my partner of 40 years has just thrown me out of his house and his life for searching for the truth! I was needing some support! I would agree with most of what you have written but have been thinking about “free will” recently. I think perhaps when you create out of FREEDOM this is something ALL can benefit from but free will can often mean stepping on someone else’s free will. Maybe we are too far past having true freedom to create selflessly but I hope not! Thanks again x

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