Every dog begs the New World Order

Trump said he plotted the ISIS leader’s death the day he took office. Let that sink in. 9/11 was an inside job, Trump knows it. And he spent his first day in office plotting the death of al-Baghdadi. Trump said, “He died like a dog.” A few hours later, he tweeted a photo of the dog that’s credited with killing the alleged ISIS leader. These are warmongering statements carrying deep disrespect in the Muslim community. He’s telling Muslims, not only did Baghdadi die like a dog, he was killed by one. The fact he used the icon of a dog is very effective and intentional. Trump is churning hate between the children of Abraham for the final conflict.

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I ‘ve been told my objections to Trump are unfounded and come from a flaw in my core. But I know ad hominem is a symptom of mind control. The lack of rationality shows the objection is much deeper. This is chemical persuasion. The warden is serotonin and the prisoner suffers tunnel vision. To lose trust in DC is to accept a fate the world is screwed. The false polarity only gives the victim two options: Hillary or Killing more foreigners. When the limbic system goes into shock, the reptilian core is left alone in the cockpit to smash one of two buttons: fight or flight.

The ranchers who run this place know how the reptile works. The professional wrestling industry does, too. The ring always has exactly two opponents. The brain entrains itself to the stage and inevitably picks one. All reptiles do this. We become reptilian when our neocortex is overloaded with dissonance. The clearinghouse of lies shuts off our mammalian brain making us prone to empathy-jacking. It turns us into snakes with elbows.

Entertainment is Entrainment.

Entertainment is entrainment. Trump knows how to enter-train. If you hate MSN, you hate what the MSM loves. That’s why they reported Bhagdadi as an honored scholar. This kind of alchemy only works with exactly two opponents. Who are the fans going to root for: Trump or MSM? This is how a machine manufactures emotion. Yesterday we are told Bhagdadi died like a dog. Gaddafi died like a dog, too. He built the world’s largest freshwater irrigation project in known history under the independence of a state bank. They hung Sadam Hussein like a dog for having weapons of mass destruction. He too had an independent state bank. Iran has a state bank. They are definitely on the list to hang like a dog. Every dog will beg for the New World Order under heavy dissonance. It’s simply a matter of being patient. The kabbalists pushing this agenda have all the time in the world.

Countries aren’t what we think they are. Countries make humans think people win wars. No one wins a war. If you die you’re dead. If you kill someone you’re haunted. Both sides end up evacuated. if we truly cared about our young men we’d tell them our military is at the service of the New World Order. War is the spell of illusion. Everything about it is deceit.

We have to stop pretending war has winners. We help the troops more if they knew what they were getting into before they participated. Friendly-fire creates epigenetic hauntings. The guilt from survivor’s syndrome really screws with the brain. Yet we praise the war industry. We put military sacrifice on a pedestal and call it patriotic to haunt the family tree. Our Congress doesn’t even have war powers right now. We haven’t had them since somebody knocked down some buildings. We need to make killing unpopular again. We need to make it expensive to say “he died like a dog.” Right now, it’s far too profitable.

If we had no countries we could simply call war murder. It would be honest. But war is never honest. War is a game you watch on TV. That’s why they call it a theater of war. Everyone on the battlefield is killing everyone else for wearing the wrong costume. And it’s never necessary.

If the American Revolutionary War would not have happened the Iroquois Confederacy, the Cherokee Nation, and the Seminole Nation would be running the country. Government would be a giant pow wow every moon. There’d be lots of pipe smoking and grandstanding in front of a fire. If the American Civil War would not have happened, we’d have sovereign states creating their own experiment in governance and united under a core Bill of Rights. Wars aren’t noble, required, necessary, or helpful. They simply create centralized power.

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In the land of reptiles, no one fears what’s familiar. The reptilian brain only responds to novelty as a threat. Anything that moves slow enough can move-in undetected. That’s what happens every 1.29 years. America bombs or invades another country every fifteen months. It’s a slow boil. Just enough to keep the reptiles subdued. Here’s a list of the United States overthrowing or attempting to overthrow, sixty foreign governments since the Second World War (* indicates successful ouster of a government):

China 1949 to early 1960s, Albania 1949-53, East Germany 1950s, Iran 1953 *, Guatemala 1954 *, Costa Rica mid-1950s, Syria 1956-7, Egypt 1957, Indonesia 1957-8, British Guiana 1953-64 *, Iraq 1963 *, North Vietnam 1945-73, Cambodia 1955-70 *, Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *, Ecuador 1960-63 *, Congo 1960 *, France 1965, Brazil 1962-64 *, Dominican Republic 1963 *, Cuba 1959 to present, Bolivia 1964 *, Indonesia 1965 *, Ghana 1966 *, Chile 1964-73 *, Greece 1967 *, Costa Rica 1970-71, Bolivia 1971 *, Australia 1973-75 *, Angola 1975, 1980s, Zaire 1975, Portugal 1974-76 *, Jamaica 1976-80 *, Seychelles 1979-81, Chad 1981-82 *, Grenada 1983 *, South Yemen 1982-84, Suriname 1982-84, Fiji 1987 *, Libya 1980, Nicaragua 1981-90 *, Panama 1989 *, Bulgaria 1990 *, Albania 1991 *, Iraq 1991, Afghanistan 1980s *, Somalia 1993, Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *, Ecuador 2000 *, Afghanistan 2001 *, Venezuela 2002 *, Iraq 2003 *, Haiti 2004 *, Somalia 2007 to present, Honduras 2009, Libya 2011 *, Syria 2012, Ukraine 2014 *

Steve Bannon’s psyop in Hong Kong.

The New World Order is congealing. There are controlled revolutionary ops blooming in a chorus all over the world. People will beg for the New World Order to save us all. This is how ancient kabbalism unfolds. This isn’t organic. These are terrorist cell NGOs activated with a mission. Steve Bannon is the architect of QAnon. After leaving the White House, Bannon declared his intention to become “the infrastructure, globally, for the global populist movement.” He is running this zionist social machine like a franchise worldwide. He will make us beg for the New World Order if we give him time. He’s not in any hurry. Zionism is a patient spider.

This spider has been around for a millennium. The Great Awakening has been hijacked. We are the living soil. The New World Order is the concrete on top of us. This requires no speculation or connecting any dots. It’s simple math. These sixteen countries are currently revolting in the streets:

Are these protests manufacturing the New World Order?

Chile, Iraq, Bolivia, Lebanon, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Balochistan, Catalonia, Argentina, Iran, Kurdistan, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kashmir, Honduras.

America wants Iran. Trump’s “died like a dog” comments could be the perfect excuse to claim they stole a dirty bomb and detonated it on American soil. It would create the scenario required to finish the job started in WW2. The fog of war is the playground of propaganda. The California fire attacks are just the beginning. Mass migration cuts our roots off. It makes the people psychically impotent. It turns humans into bone machines with amnesia.

There will be more. Brexit. YellowVests. etc. Now consider all the funding behind the Antifa riots, the Charlottesville incident, Vegas, Dalton School, and Parkland. Can you smell what the Temple Rock is cooking? I can. If you’re lost, open the book of Revelation. The same kabbalists wrote the blueprint and tell us it’s all God’s plan. This is a 5,000-year-old spell. Since the first Exodus, it’s used migration, war, and deception to push man down onto his belly. There is much to be done. That work begins the moment you see it. American is the New World Order. It is our duty to divest.

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9 thoughts on “Every dog begs the New World Order

  1. I tell my kids television is fake. I guess im the only one who ever did. What the hell has happened to people? Just had a guy at work all excited because on his favorite episode of American President last night trump killed this ‘sand n-i-g’ and blah blah blah… good lord…. if this is where we are we’re in for a bumpy ride.

  2. My dogs are my favourite living beings. How dare he try to besmirch such loyal, caring, protective, endearing creatures. Trump is a nasty piece of work.

  3. Wow you sound like a liberal at heart.

    Jokes aside, can you make a post in plain English for us uneducated lazy millennials.

    I love your points, but sometimes shit I have no idea what you are saying.

    Basic facts

    Are we being ran by reptilians?
    Are we being lied to about space, oceans, everything?

    Is this Illuminati?

    Are we just being manipulated by really rich people? Or are those rich people the reptilians?

    Just give me your worldview up to this point in straight forward english.

  4. I agree with the basic premise. I saw Trump’s retoric as a pointed insult to all Muslim people. His stance was more hawkish than we’ve seen him before. We are teetering on the edge of a knife.
    People who don’t read, don’t realize that no one is coming to save us or change the world. The savior mythos is thousands of years old. Jessus is one of many myths, his story is a retelling using historical people’s names. The New Testament stories were commissioned by Rome to pacify the Hebrew Zealots.
    President Trump seems to be shining a light on evil and I hope he is what we want him to be. The world’s people are seeing a hope of freedom and pushing back. But after watching the way this world works, this could be a ploy to identify leaders, groups, those who will not submit, gathering intelligence. You could say “G has it all” (Google). If you know about the red and blue lists, the FEMA camps and the extraction plans – you know what I mean.
    These plans to build a nightmare totalitarian global prison are long in the making. The evil doers in the news could be easily sacrificed. We don’t know the names of the real pullers of strings.
    Just a comment on the idea of the great Iroquois nation. The Iroquois and the Algonquin nations fought bitter wars for years and hated each other – murdered and stole women back and forth. They were humans too. I grew up in the Onondaga NY area and studied up on the Iroquois and Algonquin.
    I was once told that I “was full of useless trivia”.

    “In 1570, the Iroquois Confederacy was formed with the Onondagas, Cayugas, Mohawks, Oneidas, and Senecas with the Tuscaroras joining later to become the six Nations. The Algonquins called them “Iriakhoiw”, meaning rattlesnakes, thus the white man called them “Iroquois”. Many of them sided with the English, who had helped them in the French and Indian War.”

    Thank you jtrue. I don’t often spout off for this long. I read your first book outloud in June while driving across country. You have a great twist on things and a writing style that is unique. Your style is so different it makes the reader slow down and think about what you are really saying.
    Good Job.

  5. Trump is not a saint no one is but he and the military are saving the world! Evil is being rooted out. Healthy skepticism is good but you are missing out! Be positive! It’s exciting!

    1. Trump saving the world? That’s why he’s using language he knows will insult many muslims? His bankruptcy of his casino was saved by whom? Hence he’s indebted to whom? His son in law is chabad? So many dots to connect which show he is the trump card for…

  6. Well written and I truly agree. The world elite are playing us all for fools and all the worlds a stage. The one little problem with their plan is the Sons of God are going to take this world back from them in a Supernatural way that they never seen coming… haha Everything lives, moves and has their being in Christ and the evil ones will be exposed in due time no doubt about it.

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