Dojo Earth DAO

We started the Dojo Earth DAO today on this Winter Solstice of 12212021. Our goals are to continue building the community and take it into the crypto space to benefit the tribe. The goal of DojoEarth DAO is to provide a base property for tribe members to incubate services and grow. The first phase of this vision will be forming the elder’s council. This council will be made up of Sachem (SCHM) token holders. The Sachem will establish and secure the treasury and establish the governance of the DAO. It will be mint a community token Potlatch and tie it to the moon cycles. This token will be supported by staking, wrapping, and funding liquidity pools for the community token. The Sachem token holders will establish unanimous governance in the spirit of the original principles of Amuraca¬† and The Iroquois Confederacy.


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Kato Hopkins
9 months ago

Perfect timing and very exciting to see!

Melanie Lynn
9 months ago

This is amazing to celebrate the Winter Solstice and for the future of our tribe going into the #BestAquariusEver!