The Gnosis of Truth

If you can see the hunter in this photo you are using the power of gnosis to find him. Finding him requires an understanding of hunting equipment, camouflage, and human nature. It is only through this wisdom that you are able to discern the danger from the scenery. Once you understand the threat, you know what to look for. This is the power of gnosis.

We can use gnosis to find the psychopathic elite entrenched in our government. The truth of the Lusitania gives us a gnosis into the Gulf of Tonkin. The Gulf of Tonkin into Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor into JFK. JFK into 9/11. The clues are everywhere once we accept the possibility. Our eyes must be willing to see the danger. They must awaken from the false reality of safe. If we don’t do this, there will only be more trauma.

A vast human trafficking network was uncovered in Haiti. Laura Silsby was caught on its border kidnapping thirty-three children during a natural disaster. Her camouflage was a humanitarian mission rescuing orphans. Just like the hunter, she was hiding in plain sight. Once you know the danger, it becomes easier to accept that PizzaGate is realistic.

When you look at the damage to the Pentagon on 9/11 your first thought would be to accept the narrative that a Boeing 757 hit and disintegrated on impact. You would also accept the narrative that Flight 93 went down in Shanksville also disintegrating on impact. But the power of gnosis allows us to unfold the picture. Understanding the psychopathic threat reveals tiny details like light poles still standing, or an eyewitness report of a “tiny plane” no bigger than a vehicle. Our gnosis uses these details to reveal the true story of the Air Force JASSM. Our military stocked 2,000 of these autonomous air-to-ground precision missiles as early as 1996. A JASSM hit the Pentagon and was small enough to miss the streetlights and disintegrate on impact. This same missile was deployed in Shanksville and left it’s signature crater in the field.


Awaken your gnosis so others may awaken theirs. Let’s uncover psychopathic rat holes together. All it takes is the wisdom to understand the threat is real. This tells us what to look for and the enemy reveals themselves. Exercise this skill daily in public. Call bullshit when you see it. Make it uncomfortable to ignore. Wear gnosis like a handgun in a western town. Remind everyone this is a dangerous wilderness. We can enjoy the scenery but never let your guard down. The illusion of safety is the camouflage of the hunter. He wants you to feel like everything is fine.

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