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Join us after the show in the Dojo. Group sessions give members a chance to explore show topics and vitriol with a tribe. Membership secures you a seat in the video conference and gives you full access to the archives. Dojo membership is $99/year.

19 thoughts on “Join the Dojo

  1. I’m really feeling it with this group,so I be visiting the James gang regularly and I’ll be learning the best in my view ! I’ve watched 10 videos and can say this is my second home on YouTube! Congratulations tribers , gratitude, unconditional love,compassion for all of this ongoing creation!

  2. I’m pretty new to the dojo and just watched dojo #44. Dojo Fouls and miscarriage I found it extremely helpful to understand the rules of engagement and what true authenticity feels and looks like. Thank you.

  3. can i have a sample? a hundred bucks is alot for some of us and what if we decide its not what we thought. id love to stay a spell but i dont like the idea of having to pay to hang out. does that mean i can schedule celebrity booking guest appearence? lol jk james, love the show

  4. The dojo is already great but it’s just gonna get better cuz I’m gonna finally read james’ f’n 4 books as soon as they arrive. Whoever hasn’t joined yet it’s less than $10 a month in the long run and like a hilarious badass hangout w an open floor and it get candid af up in there already.

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