Dojo #76 – The Last Dojo of 2020

Moderated by Brent Scheneman.


2 thoughts on “Dojo #76 – The Last Dojo of 2020

  1. I have more to share about feeling into the Ecco Homo moment of the Christ posture or imagination even though I have not sat with it for a full 3 days. I discovered that “Hope and Tragedy” begins with a chapter on how humans’ perception of who they are is the tool for subversion. Even restorations of  classic art are embedding the mockery

    Because Jedi type epiphanies cannot be contained in so limited comment section, I will also offer an interview that touches on this very perception in a more concise way. Dr Zach Bush. The midichlorians are strong in this one!  YT “Zach Bush MD: Humanity, Consciousness & COVID19 | Full Video #Podcast 345”. This has been a ‘mmmmmMMMM – BOOM!’ kind of revelation for me. 

  2. At the close of the Dojo year, the last couple of James’s live streams (checkmate, public safety, if you believe Christ is coming then you don’t believe He’s here) have consolidated a picture/posture/imagination in me that bears sharing today. It seems to me that the constricting impulse that is gripping our reality today is coming right down to our most material aspect, the body, in the closest of encounters. It can’t be more constricted than that. The picture that came was Christ being summoned in front of ‘authority’ and made to wear the purple robe of ‘public safety’ and the ‘crown’ of thorns. It seems to me that is where WE are at. I don’t know if this is relatable or if it’s just for me to focus and meditate on. It’s just what came.
    I love you all. I’m reluctant to Zoom as much as I’m reluctant to initiate ‘voice recognition’ (the sentence to repeat here is “In Australia, my voice identifies me” NO it doesn’t!) God Bless the Tribe.
    Forbearance xx

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