Marc Gray Interview

My talk with French researcher Marc Gray is available. We go into the depths of modern day mind control. I rarely talk about MKUltra history because I am afraid people might think mind control only happens in a lab somewhere in the past behind a door. Marc and I go directly into the modern-day assault on your psychology. Our compulsory education system and media have certain objectives and Marc and I discuss them all here. It’s interesting to see how they are being mimicked in France. Let this be another sign we know these controllers are global and work together. I recommend subscribing to Marc’s channel. He is a thorough researcher with a lot of wisdom. It’s powerful for us to find allies with perspective around the world. Good things are happening. Really good things. Your brainwaves are contagious. Keep going. May we all keep going.

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7 thoughts on “Marc Gray Interview

  1. James, you are so correct about vaccines. JB Handley in his book “How to end the Autism Epidemic”, lays out the research that shows how Aluminium gets through the blood brain barrier. As to reversing Autism, some doctors are having successes when they are able to get to the child early enough. Also, I believe parents are turning things around for their children using the approach addressed in the book “Fight Autism and Win”. Cheers.

  2. I found this interview and one you did with Randy very insightful. I have been down this road a long time, over ten years, not much is new to me, but I found your perspective on things informative, especially on AI..That book when out I will get. Thank you, appreciate you, in this fight we are all engaged in.

  3. noticing the fabric behind the host, Marc. AND Off Planet TV host, Randy has a fabric behind him with a similar motif……Odd! Very odd because this is the first time in all these years that Randy has hung a piece of fabric behind him during a podcast that aired 3/16/19….just sayin

  4. Excellent discussion. I’d like to possibly come on your show to talk about trauma recovery of mind control. I do a lot w our community and speak publicly w YT and radio James

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