A few weeks ago I found myself defending some statements on my perspective as a man. I was defending this position to a woman. I stopped mid-argument and chuckled at the absurdity of my situation. I was trying to validate my own gender’s perspective. Not only was I giving away my power I was helping give away hers as well. This is the undisclosed side effect of today’s social justice. We are uninstalling the freedom of self-definition.

We bought the idea that it’s selfish to have boundaries. Instead we are left to find them like invisible fencing buried somewhere underground in our culture. Society’s version of a man gathers virtue from flogging his ego in public. This behavior becomes emotionally dissonant, as the ego grows masochistic. How can we reward someone for enjoying humiliation? We are creating a village of starving men busking for virtue instead of hunting.

I was being blasted by a woman for standing outside of a fence she decided I could graze in. She was convinced we live in a patriarchy and I was the reason. The only retribution was for me to hand her the keys to my own definition. She felt oppressed so I should conform to her emotional retribution. For this moment, in this thread, she was granting me the privilege to pay all women shame reparations. This is the three-step doctrine laid out like a school uniform: 1.) Claim I was a sexist 2.) Claim this flaw was so deeply ingrained in me it was not fully self-evident 3.) Follow the path to salvation by publicly shaming myself of my maleness and recruiting others to do the same. Until I did these things I was not a culturally approved modern man. My being was perpetuating the patriarchy.

In college I took a women’s study course. By mid semester I had become an anti-masculinist. If I wasn’t watching my actions through the eyes of a wounded minority I was ignorant, racist or sexist. This was an emotional argument and i believed and felt every bit of it. I left college feeling my perspective was secondary to all others. My paper-thin degree was there to remind me my thoughts would always be corrupted by the voracity of my manhood. I was in a gender prison that kept my spirit crouching. I could walk freely among the people but inside a cage of ribs and phallus. The mountains I could climb would only be cheating.

If we live in a patriarchy why am I missing the tip of my penis?

Circumcision is a culturally approved psychological trauma installed on all men at birth. This trauma happens when man is in a state of pure empathy. He is connected to the world in a state of absolute vulnerability. By this mutilation we are severing the ability to trust and navigate the world in a vulnerable intuitive state. We are shown right away how dangerous the world is and how much we need our protector for guidance. We’ve been mutilated at birth. The cutting of our pagan tail keeps us close to the village. We pass the time with the games of trade and twirl on Shakedown Street. Man’s dreams are so much bigger than his pillow. Restore your altar. Baptize yourself and take charge of your definition.

Let the shame of culture bounce off you. A free man is shame proof. He does this by cutting the strings from his boyhood. No one does this for him. If he leaves them on, anyone can grab a string. Man’s inner force pulls these strings back inside the body. Pinocchio finds his own intuition. Man is a reflection of the weather inside him. Are you navigating a storm of self-rebuke from a bad decision? Fantastic, that means you’re listening. Be as hard on yourself as it takes for you to start pulling your own strings. You are here in this world to create a definition. In this time and this space.

Do emotional push-ups and put yourself out in the cold. Make your definition brave in the face of tribal fascism. Always acknowledge the energy you see. Remind yourself that hiding it is stealing. As you watch your tribe dip into intellectual bigotry stop them. Advocate for anything that feels emotionally unpopular. But don’t do this because you can take it. Do this because you want the group to push back. Feel the power of your tribe pushing against you. Imagine yourself in a circle of brothers as they shake you free of an idea like a football. This dervish of masculine will is the egg of your manhood. A man needs these punches. You want these daggers. How else will you know the depth of your own flesh?

We are here on this earth to feel rejection. Our life is choreography to falling. Mortality is an oboe in our fingers. How does it move you? Do you waste your measures in a heap on the floor? Can your lips feel the tickle of the reed through your breath? Fill yourself with the heart’s warm pulsing. Become more than reptile wrapped in mammal. Your ego is the throne of identity. Be your own king and champion.

A few years ago I was suffering from a deep loss. I was in a place in my head where I was so overwhelmed with grief all I could do was marvel at how epically massive it felt to me. In this feeling I heard myself feeling grateful. I was grateful to the cosmic machine for letting me jack into this experience so deeply and feel this ache with such resolution. That realization did nothing to fix me. That wasn’t the point. The moment became a screenshot on my mantel. It was a trophy. When I finish this game, I can add that moment as a footnote in the Book of Adam.

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  1. It appears that you failed to question and investigate the true nature and origin of these “archetypes”, especially the « patriachal » one.
    Did you ever get into the Nag Hammadi gnostic scrolls and the Pistis-Sophia, or Anton Parks’s work ?
    Maybe you could have found out that the patriachal archetype you’re defending is the counterfeit spirit and mindset of the corrupted demiurge, the 1st archon, ruling this game of duality in theft of the feminine original creative being the aeon Sophia who designed an androgynous anthropos in the first place. I’m not going to give the full lecture of the bigger picture here.

    If you really want to understand anything about what’s really going on, you’d better get into these writings and see for yourself if you’re really stepping into a genuine truth research or if you’re just turning around into the staged petri dish we’re in by clinging on to the pathological mindset you’ve been programed to follow as a white man-born.
    For sure you could use Eve Lorgen’s work and Lauda Leon’s sovereign ki to have a better understanding of the bigger picture.

    The minority movements are of course instrumentalized and staged to generate conflicts.
    It’s a controlled opposition game with many many inversion and manipulations that has to remain this way in the 3D in order to power this virtual re-creation (counterfeit copy of original earth and mankind) : it’s a technology harvesting the energies, emotions released in those dualistic oppositions just like soul harvesting and recycling is a tech too.
    But it’s not because the means used by minorities to be heard are programed and thus reckless in some way that there’s nothing to be heard at all.
    How convenient to simply deny the very existence of multiples oppressions in this truman show and to come back into the comfortable mindset you’ve been born into.
    How can you feel entitle to decide that racism and sexism doesn’t exist as a white man who had never and will never experience those 2 things ?
    I’ll tell you : those struggles are going to rise up and amplify, and if you don’t change your actual mindset, you’ll be soon parading with white supremacist.
    Does it look good to you ?

    You’re not asked to live the lives of millions of people belonging to those minorities, you’re required, if you’re in genuine spiritual quest to reconquer your true original Spirit which means to take into account some undeniable facts about the abominations that the category you belong in this game (white male) has a serious lists of abominations on its hand. But the category you belong is not « You « , it’s not your true essence unless you’re an organic portal believing to be a genuine human.
    So unless you comprehend all the aspects of these inversions and manipulations, you understood nothing about mind-control, you only see the ones that suits your actual « self » as white man in the game.
    You can continue to cling on to this 3D « identity » as a white male of the human race playing the chessboard you’re programed to play against minorities themselves programed to struggle in a way that they can’t be truly heard … That’s very far away from any kind of Spirituality aka Truth which requires to overcome all our 3D identities so that they don’t define and control us.
    So unless you do your own depollution job, you’ll stay controlled by the hivemind of the traumatised circumcised men beleiving there’s no patriarchy while this planet is probably ruled by an exclusiv XY gene pool, homosexuals mimicking heterosexuality like the Obama couple. Look into the tranvestigations man : there are some good truths in there but these truths are embedded themselves in lies because of the believe systems of the observer.
    Here’s a good one : Of course the problem here is that the researcher analyze everything through her bible without questioning the origin of the bible … whatever …
    Check the “Pink Swastika” book by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.
    Check Michael Swift’s gay manifesto at the jesuit university Fordham :
    There’s probably not a single woman-born operating in those elites, the women-born in those bloodlines might be used part for the cloning tech of reproduction, part as sex-slave and human sacrifices and part as hollywood mk-trans-puppets.
    I forgot to say tht George Soros finance both the LGBTP transgendered agenda and the Femen.
    Do the real math if you can … see if you can find the real name for what’s ruling us down here, is it a patriarchy or would “homopatriarchy” be more accurate to describe the scene.
    To your advice, who from women-born or men-born in the sheep herd will disappear first if both women-born and men-born don’t REALLY wake up ?

      1. Is that your only point ? To provoke ?
        Does the circumsion comes from a religious tradition worshipping a Goddess ? OR does this mutilation comes from a patriachal religion ?
        Does the “men’s issues” in the american society like the MRA state : poverty, suicide rate, jail, death by weapons, accidental death in dangerous jobs are also, to your advice women’s/ feminist’s fault ? OR does the class society and its violence based on patriarchy, existed long before women even thought, could speak for themselves ?
        Because with such a terrible mindset, the global warming will soon be the fault of feminism …

        I’m here to understand how this game works. You should look up into the drama triangle by Karpman to understand more deeply what happened to you during these “women studies” classes. This triangle is the very blueprint of human behavior and thus the blueprint of its mind control and you’re stucked into it from point “savior” to “victim”, and now “predator”. This is how it works and how you over reacted to this life experience, by stating that men are essentially hunters rather than virtuous. If that’s what you want to be, knock yourself out, but then, don’t come and complain if some of the preys retaliate … It’s the game that you give into …

        Final point :

  2. 13.5 years ago I wrestled with a decision: to circumcise my son or not? Being a product of my culture won out over intuition and I chose to go with the flow. A couple years ago I ran across an article that opened my eyes to what I’d done and made me weep and weep for the sacrifice I’d made of my child’s body. I had no right to make a decision to allow his manhood to be mutilated. It is my single greatest regret—the one do-over I would take if I could.

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