Psychopathic Possession

The truth of possession lurks in the deep. The violence we condone is a symptom of its saturation. We are covered in sticky ghosts. Here’s a list of 35 pagan gods worshipped in the Bible. We pretend these are just stories. Perhaps all of our current mental health problems will be labeled as allegorical in the future.

Denial enables the demon. We bend our spine to slip into its crevice and hide like a crab. People say disclosure can’t happen because the truth would cause harm. “We must wait for the right time.” They twist morality by saying, “We have to think about optics.” Not only does this justify lying to millions of people, it assumes the truth kills.

Detective: “Cause of death?”
Coroner: “Truth exposure.”
Detective: “My God the humanity, if only someone he trusted would’ve lied to him.”

Because these are possessions, perpetrators can’t come to grips with what they’ve done. They are disassociated. Splintered. The denial is an inflammatory response that locks the demon’s venom deeper into their DNA where it can re-emerge ancestrally through their children.‬ ‪Denial is psychopathy. Psychopathy is possession. Nothing else explains the empty nature of a perp more than possession. I see it in drunks. I see it in meth addicts. I see it in Stockholm syndrome and PTSD.‬ Denial handcuffs us to our demons. ‪Even if I had credentials, no industry will take possession seriously.‬ But if they did. And when we do, it provides a scalpel to separate us from the invading malady. We can pry it out of us only when we understand it does not belong. Instead, in denial, we are encouraged to accept the demon inside us. We learn to live with a dark passenger and reward ourselves for how long we can endure its abuse.

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Addiction always has an entry point. The victim’s vessel is taken over by a machine. In eating disorders, the eyes gloss over in compliance while a ritual of gluttony unfolds. The victim is no longer home. The pain-body rises. In physical abuse, a perp becomes a shark. The victim becomes a carcass. Two souls have created a vacancy. Both parties stop responding verbally. The prana economy has turned the abuse into a meal. The abuser feeds off the power extracted from the victim. We forget that fear is raw adrenaline. A power vibrates out of the victim’s pores and evaporates in the atmosphere. Adrenochrome. The perp is always stationed above a victim so they may absorb the smell. These are demonic vapors. Olfactory senses are wired to our primary core. They dig straight into our inner reptile.

Catholic churches have the bone splinters of Saints embedded in each pulpit. Perhaps the displaced bones are a way to claim the prana of a place by sacrificing someone’s eternal rest. This gives new meaning to the man buried inside Rome’s Basilica. To prevent any other god from being worshipped in a temple. The haunted ‘bones of men’ were used to disrupt the flow of prana through the building. As if it corrupted it somehow:

“And he broke in pieces the pillars and cut down the Asherim and filled their places with the bones of men.” – 2 Kings 23:14

Let me know when you’re ready to talk about the bones filling the catacombs under Paris and the Vatican.

Here’s a talk with someone on the front lines. Jerry Marzinsky.

And another with Aaron Beattie.

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11 thoughts on “Psychopathic Possession

  1. I would NOT say denial is possession, do you even know what REAL possession looks like?? have you really experienced it first hand ?? To say PTSD is psychopathy is gross misconduct on your behalf. I am both a psychic and psychologist and PTSD is soul fragmentation due to severe trauma that the soul flees the body it is NOT possession. True possession is demonic and for a demon to be present there needs to be very strong signs e.g strong smell of sulfur… There is negative entity attachment but that can be anything from a family member to an E.T.

  2. I am an HK (Holgraphic Kinetics) practicioner and most of our work is removing demonic entities from people and helping them break agreements from this and past lives. PS your thoughts on bones are brilliant

  3. I “discovered” you and Jerry separately and couldn’t enjoy more when listening you two talk.
    About pit you are talking- in 80′ when as teenager I messed with something similar like ouija, I was told repeatedly that they come and return to place called “Cavum Nostrum” – that’s how it was spelled. At that time I didn’t know Latin and practically nothing about those realms, they almost ruined my life, but I learned a lot. That “Cavum” was something similar to pit, but without space-time quality, so no up-down and other our material attributes. This is important, because this perpetrators can work on person a little time in their youth, than can continue their hellish work decade later -time flow is nothing to them. That is messing with our cause-effect kind of logical thinking, because we tend to forget things and so we can be deceived by forgetting about entry point event. My friend was an addict and when I was helping him, I saw how they work on addicts- Jerry’s knowledge can be very useful also for battle addictions I think, it’s the same mechanism of work via suggestions, the difference is only that their voices can’t be heard, they come as packages of thought. The same with suicidal thoughts, they also came from outside of a person, i managed to prove that to myself with recording EVP. OK, keep both of you good work, thanks and sorry for bad English : )

  4. Excellent writing, and fascinating. The only thing I just absolutely have to criticize(I wouldn’t be a proper random internet person if I didn’t) Is your comparison to sharks.

    I get the analogy, but I think if you knew more about sharks you wouldn’t have used them. Sharks should not be compared to psychopaths, they are like the opposite. They seem to look blank, but they’re not. They are highly sensitive to eye-contact. They have emotions and spirits. Furthermore, sharks are the ocean’s white blood cells.

    They are not parasitic like psychopaths. Sharks devour parasites, and cleanse the ocean of them.

    When sharks were killed en masse, large populations of fishes started dying. It’s because when a fish is diseased, it’s easier prey. A shark scoops it up, and the rest of the school of fish don’t get infected. When the shark population decreased, more sick fish lived, spread disease and killed more fish than the sharks could have.

    Very misunderstood animals, and they’re very important. This image of mindless eating machine is just ignorance.

    I can’t remember her name, but there’s a blonde chick who does gopro videos. She’s pretty awesome. You can see a video of her free-diving with what may be the biggest great white in the world. She just swims up to it, grabs it’s dorsal fin, and let’s it pull her.

    OK, thanks for the great stuff James. You have an incredible mind.

  5. Romans 7: 18 “And I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. I want to do what is right, but I can’t. 19 I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway. 20 But if I do what I don’t want to do, I am not really the one doing wrong; it is sin living in me that does it.”
    So, I believe, James, that you can’t save yourself nor can save you any prana, no matter how hard you try. In the end it always comes back to the oldest lie in the world: “you will be like God”.

    1. I think with all humility that Jesus was saying ‘Hey, kids, you can do this at home’. He did not want to be worshipped or adored, he wanted to be copied. Why else did he try to avoid healing in public? I want to follow God by being like Jesus. This is not a devilish vanity, this is not wanting to be God, this is adoring God.
      But it is hard to break away from wanting to be ‘good’ or ‘sanctioned’.

    2. Yes, the big lie is “you shall be as God”also another lie that is prevalent today. The lie that you shared in Rom.7;18…the sin nature..come on..that is original sin. That is not what the word says..It comes from Augustine, thru Calvin.. That is the problem today…every one has a excuse,” I was born that way”…what a load of crap…we are all created in Gods image..We have a free will….He did not create junk, with a poor immune system that needs vaccines, unable to choose right from wrong.. All this comes from the kabbalah/Talmud/zohar wizards..they have twisted the truth of God into a lie….Jesus told them who they were and who their father was.. He was different. He was righteous..He was/is the salvation of God..I know James had been thru the Catholic experience.That is such a warped understanding of who God really is. I went thru that also. Jesus was always on the cross. Still is…

      1. I just watched your interview with jerry. Great stuff. I have dealt with schizophrenics/demons in my life. My son took his life July 29, 2018. He suffered 20 yrs. He did a stint in the army 1999. I have walked with him thru many “episodes”..similar to bad acid trip. All kinds of meds, hospitals, MHMR..he fought the voices/demons valiantly. I believe they were generational demons. His grandmother took her own life a few years back.
        John had taken every type of pharmaceutical they had in their magic bag. They exacerbated the problem. Long term..He tried to wean himself off and was successful. He had become a believer in Jesus. That is what gave him hope. The battle continued, John was up for it..I believe he was a hero, I think he laid down his life for another. I believe the voices had come back and he had been drinking, not sleeping, unable to share his pain with his family….Our last interaction was not good, he had not had a “episode” in 4 years. We were not there for him. I believe the demons/voices had told him to kill his brother and he took his own life instead, thereby I recognize his act as heroic..We have mourned his leaving. We have blamed each other, all that..I believe the pharmakeia did our son in. I believe it is the tool. It is what is causing over 100 suicides per day in this country. It is used to open the veil to other dimension/heavens. Our only hope is in Jesus. We have the mind of Christ?? What does that mean?? Take every thought captive. The answer to overcoming this world,life whatever, is by having the new birth. The Comforter comes to dwell inside you. We are The Temple of God. Apart from Him we can do nothing. I love you James. You have helped me to understand and opened some thought paths. I did not intend to get all preachy there, but I see so many people going straight to hell and they don’t care?? I know Jesus has been misrepresented by so many. He is real. Not just some archetype that Jung defined. I don’t agree with Jung..He is part of the problem. His nephew has been used to manipulate and control the whole yeah, not a fan…its like Christian psychology..?? Military intelligence, jumbo shrimp… I pray the Lord bless and keep you. Phil.4:6-7..

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