The Technology of Belief

My new book is an appraisal of the technology of belief. There is a powerful science hidden in our life-force. These chapters demonstrate its effects through history from the Oracle at Delphi, Cleopatra in Egypt, Julius Caesar in Rome, the Messiah Jesus Christ, St. Peter the gatekeeper, Scientism, Zionism, The Apocalypse, Hades, and the New World Order.

There is a technology to belief. Ancient ideas have been unplugged and hoarded. We toil to complete the circuit. When a circle is fulfilled, the ground glows. Our shoulders buzz like filaments when someone shares truth. We are swimming in plasma. Our lungs are gills in an ocean.

Belief is the aether endowed by a flock. Our beliefs have been enslaved for centuries. This happens in religion, science, and politics. The power of belief is always mistaken for its costume. We only give credit to its props and choreography. It’s a statistical fact that half of all scientific research will be proven wrong within twenty years. Still, we believe in science. It was shown recently that two-thirds of clinical studies couldn’t be duplicated. Still, we give science every benefit of our doubt. We dismiss belief as childish. We coddle science like a pimp. We pretend all legitimacy is found on the surface. But below language there is sound. Below sound, there is intent. Below intent, there is the technology of a belief.

Table of Contents

Moon’s Field Notes • Oracle at Delphi • Needles of Cleopatra • Medusa of Gorgon • The Electric Cobra • Behold a Pale Horse Ass • Blackmail and Whitemail • Alchemy of Airships • A Smooth Criminal • Fire & Isis • The Satanic Messiah • The Trojan Horse of Zionism • The SDK of Magic • The Man from Katuah • Equality is a Bad Word • The Snake Oil Messiah • America Believes • Secretions of the Spider • Corporate Pride Month • Sins of the Father • Flat Earth Karate • Trumps Flow State • Billion Dollar Liars • Definition of Evil • CNN is the Government • The Prana Economy • Government is Mafia • The Wasp and the Caterpillar • The Second Coming • The Capital of Punishment • The Two Towers • Apocalypse Now

Reader Reviews

“Eloquent brilliance.” – “It is an amazing new form, not only art, but something more.” – “You have to read it for yourself” – “The way this man writes is so engaging you can’t stop reading!” – “James really hit it out of the park with this one.” – “It’s sooo good.” – “Imagine if William Cooper, Tolkien, and Bruce Lee sat down and composed a text.” – “This is the best book I have ever read in my life, every short chapter deserves a movie” – “You will get your rose-colored glasses completely ripped off your astonished face!” – “This has affected the way I see reality” – “The author infuses it with such humanity, such emotion” – “incredibly relevant and well written.” – “He’s like a sober, non-degenerate Hunter S. Thompson.” – “My new favorite writer.”


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  1. James uses thought provoking stories and quips to hammer home his thesis in a way no other current or past writer has done to approached his craft. You will enjoy the word craft and the enlightenment in equal measure.

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