A Real Struggle Sometimes

I was expecting something big to happen on the eleventh of November. Not just from the White House but from my own predictions about the Ritual of the Phoenix. Not that things didn’t happen on the eleventh. Ripple (XRP) tripled in price. This is a cryptocurrency whose founders visited the White House a few months ago.  It’s one of the few blockchains that that has a centralized architecture. In many ways, Ripple is the worst of modern banking combined with the best of cryptocurrency. If there is going to be a new phoenix token, it makes sense to make it Ripple. Overall, the market took a dive that lasted three days. There was no rise like I had predicted. I was sent a photo of an 11.11 Phoenix in the aura borealis caught rising in the dawn. There were some unusually high solar winds reported in Norway.  But I am back on the ground today wondering where we all are. I climb underneath the house where no one can see me as I wonder secretly why hasn’t anything happened more bigly. Down here I can say out loud how much I dislike slogans like “trust the plan.” I have always pushed against the danger of trust congealing into apathy. It makes me wonder sometimes if this is a truth movement or a belief movement.

Before someone demands more patience, please consider that it was impatience that brought us together in the first place. It is a healthy question to ask if we are winning. How many truthers did we send to Congress? How many would stand for JFK? We the people are the most powerful branch of government. But we fight against false narratives that slaughter us every day. I question how much reality is even real lately. Half the people I connect with could be some form of artificial intelligence. My own country’s space agency has forced me to dismiss everything they produce as propaganda. This weekend, over coffee, I considered the legitimacy of energy weapons used for eminent domain in California. I only find comfort in my direct personal experiences now simply because I don’t have to scrutinize their validity. I trust my track record in the quest for answers. But lately I don’t feel like I am winning. The sun is white now, not yellow. History seems more of a mobius strip. I have serious doubts about satellites. I know every book has been tainted and do my best to translate what was hidden. We are awash in a deluge of new information and propaganda. I see us cling to each other’s confidence like soggy refugees. For certain an old reality is drowning around us. We send doves out to look for signs of life. Hope is a necessity now as much as it was the last curse remaining in Pandora’s box. There are so many compartments to the truth movement. It reminds me of how splintered we are as a community. Lies are trauma programming; cruel and systemic gas lighting. Our minds are a thousand plastic cups drowned in the same river. Seeing the truth clearly is a real struggle sometimes.

Today, I am grateful for the truths I know. I am grateful for the truths that are yet to come. I am grateful to be connected with others who work as hard as I do to lift the veil. I will keep working this puzzle with enthusiasm and importance. Truth is my favorite quest. I take deep breaths and remember to be grateful for where we are now. Outside my window the first snow of the season is falling. This poem is from my new book I am grateful to share:

Can you hear the snow’s quiet trumpet?
The silent song serenading the gray.
Cold flakes fall in the ballroom of winter.
As gravity tickles lose their gentle curtsy.
Witness wet chastity dressed for a wedding.
A feathery waltz upon soil’s massive ache.
Her frozen crystal in timeless perfection.
How wickedly jealous the fire must be.

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5 thoughts on “A Real Struggle Sometimes

  1. We can’t trust any of the Luciferian elites. They have had full spectrum dominance over our hearts and minds for thousands of years. Here is a crucial piece of the puzzle that can make things clearer for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJhkeGjMQMU Going down this rabbit hole was a bitter pill of truth to swallow. It might make your struggle even harder, but I think it will make you stronger and more determined in the end like it did for me.

  2. I feel the same way. I fight so hard to stay encouraged and think, what’s the alternative?
    So I find myself remembering ancient text, scripture Psalm 118:8 “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.” I always heard that man will always disappoint or hurt you. I am sure we all could share stories of disappointment and hurt by those we thought had our backs or those we loved. And so, as I journey along in this current timeline of “reality,” I too feel the disappointment of where we are as a country or a movement around the world and then I turn to God. That’s where my hope and trust is. And you may not believe in God and that’s ok. I am just sharing my experience in hope of giving someone out there “hope.” Cause if we lose hope the enemy wins. So I go to scripture to edify myself and remember what has God done for me in the past and that helps me go on. All I can do is Trust God and not “The Plan,” because “The Plan,” is mans plan for Humanity. While I do agree with this “Plan” it still has brought me to this point of frustration, where I think many of us might be. So I have a plan of my own that I will do the best that I can do to love and care for my family, my neighbors, my community. To be the “Salt & Light” to those who are down, to help when I can, and encourage those who feel lost. I think it is there where our power lies. I have been unplugging from all the chaos, news and alt media only taking it in doses because I feel it is a distraction. I have been spending more time in silence and it is there where I find my peace and at times wisdom and clarity to navigate these stormy waters we are sailing on. That is also my prayer. I pray for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and clarity daily. I hope no one gets offended by this post. I’m not trying to convert anyone. I am just sharing what helps me through these uncertain times and can only hope that in my sharing it may give someone a little hope. Peace.

  3. Take a closer look at the President’s body language on the recent trip to France and consider the cancelled cemetery event. I believe something big was planned for 11/11, but the plan was foiled.

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