Epstein is Killing It

When evil is called good, we have psychopathy. I see it in the villagers who grow angry when I call out the deceptions in the Epstein narrative. People are convinced his arrest is evidence of dark to light. Someone said, “It is necessary for the whitehats to lie about Epstein so they may lead the public to the truth.” I’ve heard this argument before, but this is publicly-sanctioned deceit. This is what angry villagers tell themselves in denial. First, they claim lying is necessary. Second, it implies lying exposes the truth. What makes this thinking so evil is how good it feels when we do it. We’ve been primed in the illusion of cops and robbers. We weaken by running back-and-forth between two towers. The more spectacular they make their evil, the quicker we run to their good. We are fish in a barrel waiting for the jumper cables. Evil hides itself in the necessity for good. We are told the truth would break the public so we must protect them. How would this quote break the public if spoken?

“My fellow Americans. What you’ve always known is true. Politicians are evil and do evil things. One of these things was JFK. The other was 9/11. This ends now…” – Donald Trump

The narrative has to be entertaining to be effective.

Pushing the idea we need evil to fix evil is evil. This is how we got here. It’s why our country is bleeding. Don’t let people tell you we have to be evil to be good. That’s literally the definition of psychopathy. Yes, literally. I know that word gets thrown around a lot.

No one needs Epstein to gently lead them to 9/11 truth. We are being pushed into a corral that’s been staged for eleven years. That means we are listening to people who let Epstein run free for a decade to keep doing what he did. That’s not what good guys do. Not even close.

The truth is sinister. We are watching the dinosaur media die naturally as the new guard rushes in pretending to expose them. ABC, NBC, and CNN shriveled away years ago. The new media is more nimble. They slow-roll tropical island sex cult narratives with In-and-Out Burger commercials thrown in. The new media is Candace Owens staging yet another hate crime streamed live in 8K from a coffee shop. The new media is the same as it’s always been. Belief addiction.

“I hope people realize Epstein was arrested 11 years ago. He ran free for over a decade until a government-sponsored fake suicide allowed him to avoid justice.” – The Truth

We are living in the land of messiahs. New archetypes are rolling off the line and each of them is made in the same factory. Gepetto is a spider weaving the silk of people. He spins Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Bradley Manning. He spins Davig Hogg and Greta Thunberg. He spins Adam Schiff and Gavin Newsom. He spins QAnon and Trump. Every one of these figures has been hatched from the same giant spider.

When will 9/11 truth come out? It continues to be buried by the same media pushing Epstein.

We have to make 9/11 truth a litmus. If the media won’t answer they are feeding you propaganda. The truth of Epstein is the same as the truth of California. these are controlled burns. We make a grave mistake pretending 9/11 was over. Why would it be over when no one was punished? Why would the trauma programming stop if no one complained? We helped make 9/11 profitable through our complacency. We are in the bottom of a pit begging our captor for a basket of lotion so we can sell it to each other as freedom. There’s nothing dead about Epstein. He is alive and thriving in the zeitgeist as expected. Meanwhile, no one is talking about the inside job. If Trump was really about 9/11 truth, Donald Rumsfeld would have been in jail seventeen minutes after the inauguration.

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10 months ago

James lately on ur live streams u have been stating that evil is not something that exists and is just a fabrication of man to use as a way to avoid taking responsibility for their outcomes in life. I want to hear ur take on the entities which plague ppl and push them to hurt themselves and others. Do u not think those entities would fit the description of evil? Do u not believe in the works of Jerry Marszinsky? Please reply to my email @ harper.edwardi22@gmail.com

Lydia Roosje
Lydia Roosje
2 years ago

Snowden in his book doesn’t question the official narrative regarding nine el-even, so there’s only one conclusion: he’s part of it.
I have to admit our adversaries are smart bc for most ‘normies’ (a stupid q term’), this reinforces their idea that there’s nothing to see there.
As often, I totally resonate with your perspective!

2 years ago

Epstein found dead at 630 am on 8/10/2019 – – 6+3=9/ 8+1+2=11 19

Dunno what happened with epstein but lots of 9s and 11s…. I just know how these creeps do business and it looks like their m.o. rt there…..

carolyn gutman dey
carolyn gutman dey
2 years ago

James– I am not sure how this connects to what you just wrote, but I am finally diving in to Tracy Twyman’s work a bit, after hearing about her for a couple of years now and not feeling the nudge to actually read it. To dive in, just this morning I followed a link in one of the chats to quotes from “Clock Shavings”, and it has the text of a channeled session from 2002 with Baphomet. Here is the part that cracked me up! :

Tracy: Do you hate anyone who loves you?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Why?

Baphomet: DUALITY


Well, there you have it! Duality is a bitch. That is the core problem.

I wrote to a friend (who has met Tracy, and studied her work) today:

ME: “I really think the problem is that we can’t handle the energy of love. Love is WAY WAY WAY to intense to “handle” because it is everything! It is the source energy, the intention, the will, the impetus for God to split himself into TWO in the first place! (*note: I hardly ever refer to God as “him”, but when I am writing I often write words that I don’t normally say, because …. well, it feels like a subtle form of channeling when I write… like i am being told, “use that word” in a subtle way. )


ME : Creation is a GIVING. This is love. So this giving, when we experience it even in such a totally watered down way, distorted, muted… as we do today….. we still recoil. I mean, Baphomet seems to have real issues with bloodlines and such. I get it. Programs. Archetypes. Entire codings for realities exists in the blood.

But really it comes down to fear of love.

Can Baphomet just CHILL OUT??????? haha That is what I would ask “him” if I was chatting with him on the O. board.

Or, maybe I would freak the fuck out and run. Who knows.


All I know is that love is the way out, the path, the way in, the only way. It resolves and dissolves…. like water itself…. can’t we just wash away all this mess?

Resolve the duality.

“Do you hate anyone who loves you?” Baphomet: YES. “Why?” Baphomet: DUALITY.



How do you recommend I approach Tracy’s work? What should I read first? What can you tell me about her that you think I need to know? Not HER, but her work. I really don’t care about her personal life. I am just interested in the content of the channelings and such.

[and now I go on about my favorite author, Jane Robert’s]

I still can’t believe that so few people are aware of Jane Robert’s work. It amazes me. Sigh. Why are people drawn to the “dark” channeled material so much more than the …. reasonable ones? I call Jane/Seth channelings reasonable, because they are.

Actually, what is important about the Seth material, in my opinion of course, is that they cover the metaphysical BASICS and don’t skip over that. It paints a picture of how reality works. First. This is its first goal, really. Not to explain “what happened when” because once you get how time and space are malleable and all about perception and personal interpretation…. well, then what Baphomet says seems much more…. relative… there are so many timelines. So much to choose from. We are not hemmed in like we think we are.

The idea of “one self, one lifetime” needs to go. A more mature view of reincarnation needs to be presented. This is what Jane Roberts does so well. It frames things in a larger, more multidimensional way, and history —- “big history”, i.e. the Bible, the bloodlines, the archetypes, the “gods”, the “lords”, the epic battles, the resets, the trauma and drama —- it all becomes PSYCHIC HISTORY. This is why Jane titled one of HER books (not channeled) “Psychic Poltiics”. Basically, “Soul Politics”.

I don’t know what I am trying to say. Just that I am trying to reconcile the importance of researching all this “dark stuff”, because i do think it is essential information in many ways, with keeping in mind that the SOLUTIONS (if we dare enough to aim for them) involve …. why, yes! not hating on those that love you!!!!!

Poor Baphomet…. it’s like “he” is the nexus point for where duality hurts the most. Where duality is your tool of choice, but it seems to not be a choice, it seems like the only choice at all. Where hate and love are hard to distinguish? Like a conjunction in astrology, the energies are SO CLOSE TOGETHER that they cannot be differentiated easily, it all blends, and one can’t distinguish love from hate because hate feels like love and love feels like hate. “

Anyway, just thought I would share this as your article made me think of this somehow…. how good and evil are so “blended together”…… we must distinguish, without descending INTO duality, but transcending to a “birds eye view” of duality. Where we can see the trees from the forest, see good and evil, and see how beautiful and loving creation really is.

From that view, one doesn’t feel love as pain? Perhaps?

Michael Calhoun
Michael Calhoun
2 years ago

17 minutes. I see what u did there.

2 years ago

It’s ringing a bell but I can’t remember which one. Can you explain? Please and thank you.

2 years ago

Truth is vitamin “SEE” for the Soul…and nobody delivers it better than Dr. True!!