The Field Guide to Edible Propaganda

#238 – The Field Guide to Edible Propaganda

Propaganda is anything that creates emotion. This can be good or bad. Helpful or destructive. We use propaganda to protect our children. We use it to overcome obstacles. Understanding how we use propaganda every day helps us learn to see it better in the wild.

Recognize the plating. Every narrative will have the same rhythm and hook. It will be spicey. It will be a cliffhanger. It will be simple enough for a child to understand.

Gauge your actor’s reaction to scrutiny. Truth has more patience under scrutiny. It will welcome the opportunity to prove itself as presented.

Organic information percolates from the roots up. It will ALWAYS come with a regional lens and scope first. Nothing happens from the top down. If it’s regurgitated, you know it is artificial.

Remember. This is a comfort movement first. Truth is a luxury for people who don’t mind sleeping in the jungle. Emotional camouflage is a law of nature. What is hard to accept is hard to perceive.

The propaganda of the mask covers the propaganda of the vaccine which covers the propaganda of the virus which covers the propaganda of the reset.

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1 year ago

I have been making the men from far away cry, and miss their mothers, with my long, thick gold braid. He is eastern European, deeply weary. Polite. And the braid warms his heart, and he takes the risk,, and inquires,, and I hold his gaze as the tears well,, as he remembers his homeland, and his mother, and sisters. I ask her name, and he speaks it, in her mother tongue. And we pray for his mother, and we pray for mine. We speak their names,, out loud for each other, and for her. Hearts swell. Cracks release the load of stoicism we both carry. I offer that my hair is gift from my mother, and she gave it to both of my sisters too!. We smile. . And then,, He asks, quietly,, if I wash it daily. Nonsense, and Of course not, I laugh And now, he has doubled in size, as he tells me, the women of the old country,, his women,, from His home knew better too., we nod at the devestating power of a shampoo ad campaign. I am the first American he has met, in all the years he has lived here who does not live in that propaganda. We are steeped in it, I say. Please forgive us, there are logs in our eyes,, and we are trying to remember to cherish what our mothers gave us.