The Orifice of Disease Control

#237 – The Orifice of Disease Control

Friday’s show I presented the evolution of the NGO (Non-governmental organization) from its infancy in piracy to a global conglomerate traversing every government under the guise of public safety. The show traces the CDC, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and the entire World Health Organization’s commitment to monopolizing your immune system. They are competing for control of your body and they’ve already infiltrated your neighbors, parents, and co-workers. You are a domestic insurgent occupying your own body. Your skin is the inner sanctum of an underground rebel alliance.

The Center for Disease Control is more of an orifice. It’s an opening in a black hole where discernment goes to die. It’s a blind allegiance to witch-hunting and corporate insurance. It’s a eugenic program disguised as civil rights. Why would the same people complaining about too many people simultaneously champion the removal of mosquitos or HIV? Why would seven administrations bitterly calling each other incompetent frauds agree on the same man in charge of everyone’s immunity? None of it makes sense if you believe the government would never condone eugenics. And a golden pond appears when you accept the truth. This fort has always been the jungle. The walls don’t protect us, they simply help us pretend this isn’t happening.

I am no longer allowed to speak to you using Facebook, TokTok, or YouTube. If you want to see my work you can find me on Rokfin. This is the summer of tribulation as all the corporations begin a single push. Remember what we talked about with the Civil War and the draft. Propaganda is the only threat they have. Stay true to your gut. Ego, pride, and self-love are the only defenses you have. They are a vital part of your electrical immune system.

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Exposing the corruption of Covid-19 will be the path to the New World Order.


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1 year ago

Ego, pride, and self-love are the only defenses you have. Man that is beautiful, and spot on

1 year ago

Me likey the poetry