The Orion Nebulous

The first recorded practice of genital mutilations comes from Land of Khemit. Circumcision was a right of passage in ancient Egypt as late as age 13. Pharaohs are depicted as showing no fear when they participate in the mutilation ceremony in public. Egyptian males of all classes participated in this ceremony with little more than a stone shard as a scalpel. This is textbook trauma bonding at its deepest level.

The individual mutilates himself as a sacrifice to the groupmind. He encapsulates his promise of loyalty into a contract of blood that can never be revoked. An experience for all to see so that no one can question it. It is a form of group love, and hive indoctrination. The virtue and pride bestowed upon him is a living currency he will exchange with his community for years to come. He will be rewarded for abandoning himself and his personal sovereignty.

At the time, Egypt was living under a mythology of two warring brothers, Osiris and Set. Set murders his brother and casts his body parts all across the land. Isis gathers every piece of her dead husband’s body. Everything except the phallus. The story gets stranger when you consider the constellation Orion bears a phallus hanging from its belt. And at the very tip of this belt is the Orion Nebula. The closest living active cauldron of new star formations.

What happens to a man who gives away his nebulus. The very arrowhead of his manhood? Is he still a man or a member of a hive that owns him? What happens to that piece of him that’s never recovered? How can we be seated deep in the trust of our own bodies if we’ve cut off our own nerve endings and fed them to the fires of a biological incinerator? Why do we really do this?

Western society normalizes male genital mutilation on the grounds it is sterile (rational). Eastern society normalizes female mutilation on the grounds it’s evil (emotional). These practices are at the very heart of their control mechanism. Genital trauma is one of the ways they separate us from our own bodies. We lose the connection with our cellular memory as a result of the most sensitive part of our bodies being violated when we are most vulnerable. The wisdom of our past is covered is scars and forgotten as meaningless dreams. This is the cult of the phallus. This is how they control humanity.

Our planet is under the control of an elite few. They are practitioners of the cult of the phallus. The time has come for the people to awaken. What if all of us were the Dalai Lama? Capable of remembering our past lives. Think of the advantages we’d have being able to carry our life’s earned wisdom through death’s tunnel of light and out the birth canal of our new mother. Remembering who we are as we download into our new fresh bodies. There are a few families in the world that have this ability and knowledge. These families protect these techniques as their secret. The gnostic families worshipping their own superiority as they keep the world in darkness. Rise up fellow creatures! We will find their secrets. The giant is awakened.

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