Christmas Parade

I have a box of snapshots taken from a Christmas parade. Glossy smiles I caught perching on a horse and buggy. Groundhog people rose out of a basket of blankets to wave wishes and throw candy. Let’s hitch our wagon to their enthusiasm. We don’t need a ticket to dangle our feet. The smiles from the crowd form a lovely train for two hobos with a camera. No one knows us and no one cares. Keep waving while I hold open my shutter. Here, I give you a perfect grass saber. Squeeze it taunt, like a reed and blow it a firm kiss. The kazoo of green zaps storm clouds from miles away. See the eyes of our horse watching? He can feel what you saddle. Be sure and think him a tale of love dipped in happy. He will carry us proud through this Poinsettia parade.

One thought on “Christmas Parade

  1. You are good for my right brain which gets a bit frozen up sometimes with this left brain job I have. All these last few post have sprouted some seedlings of the imagination and longing to again work with children.

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