With hands free my words can drip from this pen. From the peak of a mountain of consonants I can vowel at the moon. I hunt in the crook of many fingers. I am a word caster of light. My photons land deep like throwing stars. My touch is the circuit of mood. These thumbs can hitchhike over the ocean. These pinkies can swear in the secrecy. These rings can have and hold. This middle one can curse the traffic. And underneath a pointer steeple sits a church of fingers. Nestled in two palms on a midnight Sunday rests a candle. In our grip we share a single light spread around this congregation. We count each bright digit like a game of this little piggy. To ten and back again. We hold our hands free.

One thought on “Hands-free

  1. Ah, so beautiful, I've missed it. As a matter of fact I was just thinking about you this week & going to come here to ask when you were going to post your writing for us again & voila here you are.
    Nice to see you back.

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