Dojo #102 – Moderated by Lorna Hartley

3 thoughts on “Dojo #102 – Moderated by Lorna Hartley

  1. How to find freedom in an unfree world Harry Browne thank you Brent. My Childhood was sterling compared to my children’s and that’s what unsettles me. Thank you Alex for your input. Thank you Mike I find it hard to even listen to dojos I speak in as I am extremely insecure but I do believe more in my personality rather than my appearance but thank you for acknowledging my appearance as that meant ALOT. Rich you heard me!!!! You heard the heart of the matter. I think my children are so amazing and because of that I cannot bear the conditions I feel they’re subject too in my marriage. It seems I can tolerate poor treatment of myself as I was conditioned to do so but I cannot allow the children to get sub par standards and that has resulted in my being called a judgemental bitch however in my defence I’m actually very accommodating and naive and I think that’s been my shortfall. Whatever LOW STANDARD was set in my past I cannot allow it to prevail as I personally believe my children are EVERYTHING. I mean that in every sense.

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