Dojo #103 – Moderated by Nicholas Villella

Dojo #103 – Moderated by Nicholas Villella

5 thoughts on “Dojo #103 – Moderated by Nicholas Villella

  1. Linda I hear you. It’s like that in my area too. In fact thanks to your sharing and the responses it certainly cracked something in me as I realised how I’ve been “defeminized” not only do I feel the lack of a strong masculine to support me but also the masculine in my life has my/his children victimizing me. I refuse victimhood I know given an opportunity I have capacity to shine “electrically” speaking my issue seems more in my retardation inasmuch as I take longer than anyone I know to “catch up” to the point that I wonder if when I figure it out what if everyone else is right and I’m simply a dud. Still I’m wondering if I could be a great dud.?! I’m not usually sexist but I’m wondering if woman do fair better with strong male influence. I was better off when my father was still alive. Anyway again thanks Linda your sharing helps me so much and I resonate with it and it helps me to stand a little taller every time.

  2. WOW! Amazing discussion people! Antonio thank you for your comment later in the dojo…the Babylon comment. Nailed it, at least for me. And I cannot condone any comparisons regarding who has or does not have however much electricity–can we really know???

  3. Beautiful vitriol about authenticity and sovereignty in this Dojo. Babylon does not belong to us, it never did belong to us, and it never will belong to us.

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