Dojo #118 – Moderated by Nicholas Villella

Nicholas disabled the chat feature for today’s Dojo and reminded everyone of the importance of each belt. Moderated by Nicholas Villella.

Chat History: Chat disabled by moderator.

One thought on “Dojo #118 – Moderated by Nicholas Villella

  1. Beautiful. I love you guys. I have something to share about pacing. I’ve been a single parent of two since they were 7 and 2 and now are adults. At first I almost burned myself out trying to maintain a semblance of order in our living environment that would reflect the efficiency of my German ancestry. I learned two things from reading biographies of outback women who lost their husbands and still managed vast hectares of cattle grazing land by doing what’s necessary and delegating. I just had a rented 1/2 acre block for most of our lives so whatever adventure project couldn’t be grown, I paid someone to build for me. I also lived by the seasons. Spring was given over to yardwork, Summer was heading down to the river and reaping the fruits of the garden. Autumn was indoors preserving and finally Winter was the only time the house was ship shape inside for us to enjoy. It’s also the time I spend more time online. To everything there is a season, do what’s needed and delegate. No need for beating ourselves up that all is not perfect all at the same time.

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