Dojo #121 – To Medicate or Not to Medicate?

The group discusses pharmaceuticals. Moderated by Jeremy Stewart.

3 thoughts on “Dojo #121 – To Medicate or Not to Medicate?

  1. I have a story that wants to be told and it has an Aquarian flavor.
    I have a daughter with a condition called fibromyalgia that she has had for years. Her journey is long and documented in a folder she keeps. We began with homeopathics and alternative therapies. We did foot baths to stimulate her etheric body down into her feet, to ground her. Impatient teenager that she was, it was all to slow, so she went the conventional journey with prescriptions, support groups and even exploratory surgery to locate causes for the pain.
    Finally, she went to an acupuncturist (yes, needles) who explained in more detail how her electrical (meridians) body was misaligned to her physical body. Her electrical body was a whole head length above her physical body, hence the constant cold feet, the headaches and the non-localized pain (the electrical liver was not where the physical liver was and on like that). In short, she was in a constant state of partially ‘leaving her body’, which also made her psychic and intuitive about her environment. He also explained that this was likely a result of trauma, and that with treatment and re-alignment, the memory of the trauma could become conscious again to deal properly with. So, we were back at the beginning on this circuitous journey a whole lot wiser.
    Welcome to Aquarius, and stay in your cockpit. Love you guys!

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