Dojo #14 – Cold Showers and Freemasonry

The energy of hesitation before a cold shower. The idea someone could help you by deceiving you.

2 thoughts on “Dojo #14 – Cold Showers and Freemasonry

  1. I have been watching these intensley and as i was going to sleep last night, i had a strange visual of what i have seen so far in the dojo.

    While navigating this landscape of understanding we have all encountered an invisible object. We have tried to discern what it is…. freemasonry, the occult, satanic groups and so on.
    Events have made some of this invisible structure visible, like it shines such a bright ligtt that we start to see hand holds in mid air.
    When we try to show others, they connot see them yet.
    James has managed to scale this object and seen it has levels of understanding within it. He has tried to show others how to navigate it and painted those hand holds so others can see them. But they have to pass through levels of understanding to see it and grasp it.
    It’s like the tower of Babylon, but it is invisible. And in that vision last night, i seen Babylon inside that structure leeching the energy like a hidden reactor. James is fucking around with thier wires and showing us how all the cables going in there are filled with energy, and it runs on vitreol, and helping us utilize that power.

  2. Thanks for sharing your work Silver. Paul Laffoley has greatly interested me too, although i just cannot understand it well, i know there’s clearly something there.

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