Dojo #15 – The Energy of Beholding

We discuss the difference between listening and beholding. We talk about projection and co-created fields in other people and ourselves. We outlined how apathy is a gauge for your own feelings vs a projection from someone else.

5 thoughts on “Dojo #15 – The Energy of Beholding

  1. … Am i the only one here commenting in this space? Anyway i am going to keep doing it because it helps me process my thoughts about each session.

    I think what James ended on is so perfect. We already speak the language, but we just have to start noticing it more and pay attention.
    I remember reading about the language of the birds, if i remember rightly it was a secret language of symbols. Perhaps sigils that speak to feelings more than words can ever can, like the first languages that actually had power.

    I feel this dojo is a means to help reclaim these powers, and the first steps for me have been openness, not judging, contemplation and then practice. I feel next i can perhaps work on beholding as i feel that is something i find very hard to do as i naturally become unbalanced in other peoples presence.

    When i read this back i notice it might be a little incoherant, but that is part of the processing for me.
    Love you all

    1. I think you’d have better luck commenting on We are migrating everything over there right now. I read your comments here though and will eventually re-migrate them to later.

  2. I really like what Benjamin said about the masculine and feminine, and he touched on the Baphomet which is both sexes, like the 2 towers can represent. Personally i am a more creative person and sway towards feminine energy, so i need try to do the opposite and work on that male energy more, and i feel that is working so much to balance me out.
    Thanks everyone for sharing.

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