Dojo #228 – Biting Mercury

Zara is it just a coincidence that no one has their video on just curious
there are no coincidences cool you guys were waiting that’s cool that’s what I was doing sometimes maybe I thought I might have
locked it like somehow lock zoom out of video or whatever yeah
whoops oh he didn’t lock us out
cool I’ll be right there hi everybody
hi everybody hi everybody
[Music] you guys want to talk about tonight
everything everything that’s a lot we’re gonna have to extend the meeting I
I sometimes wish we could uh it’s me too me too most of the time most of the time
me too me too triggered just kidding so triggered
I can hear James getting his ice water I got my ice water and pour in my carpet
right now hey does anybody want a MOD tonight
other than gnome oh come on it’s not hard you you see it
done I’ve seen it done what do you do do it James you’d be mine you define it you
know if you want to be mod you could be mod and instantly say all right meetings over [ __ ] you guys if you want
that’s mod has mod runs the beating mod is Dom I think Debbie should do it
Debbie would be a good Dom she’s like shut up James
hey I just got here already picking on you
there’s a good obfuscation there James let’s let Debbie do it
you were in the in the cockpit you had all the
all the points waiting in you and you pulled Debbie out you said no no no no Debbie Debbie will James I don’t know
how to do it like I told you my technical difficult like what am I even supposed to do
um you just uh welcome to Dojo welcome to Dojo let me
mute everyone good to have you guys here good to have you guys here well okay well either you do it or I do it we
can’t both do it I don’t want it you do it you sure
three all right guys good to be here thanks for being here
um I do want to encourage you guys to consider uh modding um I think it’s just a good a good use
of electricity it also allows you to uh uh to play with the dojo more
which I think can be constructive um especially if you’ve been here for a while so um something to consider
uh but I’m happy to mod I’m honored to to mod tonight and it’s good to see you
guys um I don’t see any hands up I don’t really have
uh uh topics um
yeah I’ve been sort of reclusive but it’s not really like uh an emotional thing it’s just
I uh sometimes I start to write code and then I get quiet because I’m it’s really
fun enjoyable thing to be reclusive like that uh so it’s even harder for me to mod all of a sudden uh but but I’ll do
it and I’m glad to do it and I see there’s a hand up and coincidentally it’s James York so go ahead James
well it’s about not getting asked to mod sometimes I want I’m kidding
um so I don’t really have anything like Dojo related but there was something that
um was kind of on my mind like well and I I put it in telegram just as like
it’s almost like bait per se and to me I was trying to discern it today and it
felt like kind of yellow belt be because like I put it in there kind of jokingly
like hey like yesterday uh CERN said they turned on the LHC and uh now today
uh we blew up the George Guidestones and I’m like ugh I’m like
I I I I started to feel like I’m over it even before I uh clicked on the story but I’m like all right I’m gonna try to
do it I’m gonna try to participate a little bit here um so I did I threw it in there and like
you know it got it actually got kind of the proper reaction that I would expect from like a dojo crowd
ish um but then I started thinking about like
well what is that and why and why do I even um involve myself with that
kind of crap because it almost feels like
it almost feels like Chum for the yellow belt you know like we’re chumming the water
for the yellow belt and uh I’m hoping somebody can correct me on this or like help me discern it because
I didn’t really know where to go with it today um like well it certainly feels like
something but it always feels like something to me before I discern it but seeing how is we have a dojo meeting
tonight maybe somebody can uh offer some insight into that
I freaking love this topic um does anybody have anything on that
are you bored I’m always bored Jen okay first time
yes very good inside very good Insight so many points I can’t do it I cannot jump
in and try to Chum the Sharks I’m like take me to the beach let me just go get
lost and looking for pretty seashells I just ugh I don’t understand
wanting to get the crowd going in that way I just
there’s so many other things to do sorry I feel like I’m just [ __ ] on you and I’m like why but why
uh I don’t know that’s that’s all I asked there’s a good luck out there
thing here happening there’s different I want to jump in here because I read that and I don’t know
whether I read it before or after and our power went down very briefly
and my internet didn’t work and I thought I wonder if that’s the reverberation from a certain experiment
but that’s all I did I was like I wonder if this matter related so I thank you when you post anything
like that I I look at it and I just let it sit there and see if I notice anything
so that’s what I noticed today and also the Johnny’s dog
but that’s another story thank you okay not everyone’s in telegrams just so you know I don’t know
what that means oh done if you want to do that I’m just I’m just saying that not everyone in here is in Telegram
oh well Johnny I guess if John is Johnny here because I don’t want to tell his story
anyway we’ll see if that comes up so well or if I open the topic but no I
don’t even want to touch that topic I’m still livid um I got Victory all about how people
treat animals and um yeah
but I can let that go and I can take my hand out and it wasn’t Johnny that treated it
badly as the person that bought it from well either talk about it or don’t
thank you either one it’s cool either one’s fine I just I don’t know what you’re talking about so okay well Donny
had I think 20 puppies he had two lizards of puppies beautiful puppies Pyrenees puppies
and a man bought one with his feet but can’t uh it’s Tommy’s story I can’t tell
Johnny story I’m sorry okay so anything on James York though what James York was talking about
Elizabeth yes back to the CERN and him posting it it’s just it’s not upsetting
when you do that I think okay more information to look at or not
it was it a game changed I didn’t feel like it was a game last night you were
just curious to see what people thought of it and I didn’t reply but
did I misunderstand what you were saying that you did it as a
as a game well well maybe a little bit um well what I’m saying a little bit is
uh I feel like I was even throwing a little Chum in the water for the dojo Kickback because you know there’s a lot
of different uh Perceptions in there there’s a lot of different people in there and um my perception of it I’m not
sure is exactly uh what everyone else is and I’m not sure that exactly what I was
trying to say came across in there I almost felt like I was throwing in like I’m saying Elizabeth uh a little yell
about Chum in the water because that’s how I feel like it reads sometimes like
okay like uh certain turn on the LHC okay so what uh okay it’s like uh George
Gladstone’s uh we’ve got uh one of its legs blown off today okay so what and I actually
there’s a person in there spectral she joins us sometimes she’s one of our friends she actually uh kind of gave
some nice rebuttal and she was like [ __ ] those stones like it’s really cool that
they put uh stones out in the middle of nowhere so that people can throw their voice against Authority and I I thought
that that was a really cool way to look at it but uh no I’m just saying like it’s just interesting to see the
different opinions that uh that come out of the same story so why I’m bringing it
up is because well I was even interested in my own electricity on how it felt
today you know um is there such thing as yellow belt Chum in the water and I
think there is and I just was wondering how you guys felt about that I was excited to hear the Georgetown
um guidepost got whatever they’re called I’m sorry I’m really really stoned and
so being articulate is no longer something I’m very good at but I was
excited I thought yay well maybe you know maybe something really is going on because I don’t know what’s real or not
anymore except what’s going on with me and I know the power went out and I noticed my
internet went down two separate occasions without the power going out and I just oh okay I feel good world is
shaking up yay because I’m I’m always saying but beam me up Scotty
and Scotty’s not beaming me up and I’m not sick and I’m not dying but it’s like what the
[ __ ] are we living for watching all of this when I can go into my own world
yep it’s pretty stoned but it’s I’m having fun painting I’m making my own
life joyful and so when I see the George Georgia Guidestones is that what they’re
called those things with how they want to decimate the world coming down it’s like Yay some some side
is winning which side is I don’t know but I’m glad to see those suckers down if in fact they did go down
because who knows anyway here we go I’ll be quiet now
I can say something on the dojo Kickback uh I tried to post in there
uh when we were right out there talking about hospice there was a new kind of Dr
kevorkian-ish headline and um going the New York posts the way that
the headline read it seemed like it was a joke like it was some some young person that uh had some illness that had
gone on forever and then they it was like they had a party and then they said they had enough and I actually looked at it I didn’t
read the article when I posted into the kickback whatever but I got zero response from what I could tell I mean
there were so many messages after when I went back again and then I kind of realized that it doesn’t like I have no
way of telling who actually comes to the dojo that’s in the telegram group
so I don’t know that was just like a I I don’t know if I really that telegram
group is for for me I wish there was a way to talk to the people from the dojo uh specifically instead of just like
look at me and sort of that’s my I have something important myself too but that was aesthetic what
James said oh gotcha Brandon so you got another
topic um yeah is there other hand saw I I think
we’re still on this and and I’m just acknowledging that I got you man I appreciate that uh I think no this is
probably related right uh sort of yes and no uh just on the on
the guidestone part I did see the story where someone apparently an explosive was set off at the Georgia Guidestones
and one of the tablets was [ __ ] up uh that’s the short version of it uh and the only thing that struck me is that
like I think this has been around for a little while now and it felt like they got a lot more witness over the last couple years
um and so it just felt appropriate that they would suddenly be involved in something um like they just kind of Drew more you
know Prana into themselves and someone went and reaped it in some form or another yeah um so uh I thought that was kind of cool
actually because for the most part they’ve been kind of lame to me they just they don’t I don’t know they just
um so uh and then the other stuff I have about is about other stuff so uh we can finish this up great I’m gonna throw
down on on this uh two exactly going off what noon just said because uh first of
all I think the Georgia Guidestones are really cool um because they elicit peculiarity from
us in to address James’s point I don’t think it’s really Chum I think it’s Chum
if you if you feel that what you’re bringing to the plate is to the buffet is a throwaway it’s like bringing a bag
of bite Size Snickers to a potluck you’re technically you did it right like
you you did it you showed up and you and you brought something but but maybe what you brought feels kind of chummy but I
want to remind everybody that regardless of what the issue is regardless of what’s been thrown on the table what’s
really happening is is that people are coming together and they’re eating but
what they’re eating is news they’re just eating things that are new and the entire purpose of the eating ritual is
really to give people an excuse to interact with each other and so I’m just trying to say that most of the time the
subjects that we even bring up are really props but we tend to to really take them too
seriously but there they’ve always been the MacGuffin the the little mitt bring Soul the the trinket that that’s that’s
just needed to tangibly the Talking Stick right it’s not that the Talking Stick has this secret power from Thor
right that has all these things in it it’s just the excuse that we have to to Interchange and so I think the more
sacred clown posture about these things James is to enjoy
throwing uh things in into the table because you think that people at the
potluck would go holy [ __ ] who brought this either in a that’s really deeply
good and nutritious way or in a holy [ __ ] that’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had but it’s fascinating it’s
totally fascinating and then you would be there going that’s that’s where I brought them that’s why I brought him yeah salted leech dongs I didn’t even
know they had such a thing but [ __ ] salted leech Stones who would not want to just experience that their assaulted
leech dogs and I brought them in a plate right now next to cheese so the excuse
is is the subject itself the the connection that you make towards humans in this process is really what’s
happening Luke’s we are change technically pushes fear but really what
it’s doing is it’s giving the audience an opportunity to to eat each other to converse to have a prawn economy in
exchange with each other to feel the Brethren trip or the unity kind of like what we talked about before so in a lot
of ways I think it’s a throwaway and it’s a sacred clown you could sort of use that to your advantage because it’s
just a prop it’s a toy gun it’s not a real gun and you know that and can play
that in relation and that’s completely what I was trying to say is that the mere fact of blowing a leg off of that
Tower and why I called it Chum was well it’s Chum right let’s get some people
together to have a conversation about it and I’m not even saying it’s bad I think it’s a good thing I think it’s it’s a
good thing like yeah we see these stories all the time and it gets us together and it unites us really but
it’s just fun to see it so I was just seeing what everyone else thought about it yeah and it’s interesting to watch
that the people that typically bring food to the table such as really graceful or Robert safer for example
that’s what they did all day and you know that because their video came out a few hours ago so you know as soon as
they wake up they’re like oh [ __ ] I’m gonna do a video about this and those things take a long time so you know this
morning they were bringing home the bacon they were prepping the kill for
the table tonight and that kill would be this subject or this piece of furniture and how they’re going to present it is
really more about what attracts us to these different voices including you versus what’s actually true or what we
even know to be true right it’s more the posture that’s elicited from from the event anyway
um I think it’s cool to think about stuff like this because we lose ourselves by taking the prop too
seriously and we find ourselves by realizing none of this stuff we can prove is true anyway but how we interact
with each other how we can enjoy the story is something else Alberton Georgia is actually a massive uh stone quarry uh
no one likes this in the chunk Community but I really think that the reason why
the Georgia Guidestones are there is a very boring reason uh those guys have some of the biggest stone cutting tools
in the South it’s the only source of Carrera marble uh our own version of Carrera marble that we can find and I
they make more tombstones than anywhere else in Georgia and I think what you’re looking at is is that they like to test
their equipment they like to make [ __ ] because they have to make sure they’re stone cutting and they’re etching and all their waiting tools work and they
need an example of something large that they could use to kind of showcase that as you build up business you no longer
need the Showcase and if you apply mystery and anonymity to a sculpture you’ve just turned it into something
magical why because no one’s claiming The Prana credit saying we’re the ones that did it because of that the product
credit ends up being a potlatch stored in the center of the Guidestones and we’re seeing that now it ends up having
this larger footprint because none of us actually claimed it and said that’s mine and we were just doing that to test out
the new font cutter that we have we have a serif font cutter in our main CNC now
that cuts through [ __ ] Granite it can do an inch thick serif face of any type
size uh larger than 152 points in stone and people were like no wait it’s like
yes way I’ll show you and all the characters would need to be in all the languages to Showcase that
the CNC works this is a very boring explanation isn’t it no one would want to eat this or share it with others or
take it home in a doggy bag right this is like oh it’s kind of a boring Buffet today yeah tasted Bland everything was
Bland there was no leech dongs in it right so this is part of the communication thing which means it’s not
really a truth movement as much as it’s a comfort movement and I mean that not in a critical way we’re we’re here to
have fun we’re here to enjoy our meals right and I think we see that truth a lot uh coming through here
that’s all I got to say on that anyone else on that on that one for James open witness for James oh no I
just want to talk about the Guidestones real quick because Elberton or whatever it’s called I was there last last year
and I found it way more fascinating all of the Just dead marble on the sides of
the road all over the place it was insane the the Guidestones for me
personally they’re surrounded by the way by a Cyclone Fence it’s it’s hilarious
driving up to it but it’s driving through the town and the windy roads and just seeing all of this discarded Earth
just just Rubble that was way more fascinating to me than the actual stones
but that’s it a friend of mine sent me
a friend of mine sent me today the link of the Georgia guidestone that they were
blown up and I said I guess it was a Taliban you know they like to blow up things
um I’m not the news guy anymore maybe earlier but like if we can unravel these
things more when we look in the past as we actually see it guess what happened
there and my first opinion was a Taliban stuff and to the dojo thing I think the
kickback except of the name it has no it isn’t related to the dojo group to the
frequency here I’m honest I use it to communicate with suck and some people
sometimes but I’m not involved too deep on this like you said James there are
much two levels of people in it too much stuff and when
I look at what happened here what we are talking here about it nearly had nothing
to do uh with the dojo here and the dojo group that’s my how I see these things
and I want to make a pause when if you want to take off this topic because I
won’t change the direction but I give some room to clear this so I mute
now clear the palette and I just wanted to
say one thing really quick about the dojo Kickback group I’m glad it’s there I’m a big fan of sarc I just think he’s
really just a sharp guy um I wish he’d come in to Dojo but
there’s not an expectation I have of him if I could have my druthers that name of that group would not be Dojo Kickback it
would just be really just anything else because it’s not actually related to the dojo
additionally I’m not in that group anymore and I just want you guys to know that it’s purely 100 has only to do with
the stalker issue I had and I had to leave on very uh salacious
terms in the group with typing because I really wanted to send a message that this person who’s already said they’re
not sorry for for violating my property here uh I want them to know that look
this is not going to work so I just want you to know that there might be a weird thing about well James isn’t in I just
want you to know what happened with me that I still uh love that group I wish that that telegram was an option for me
right now but right now I’ve decided to uninstall Telegram and to step away from that but it’s purely because of this
stalker issue and has nothing to do with the group and I’m noticing now that when
we’re talking about things that came up in the dojo telegram group it’s now irritating me because I’m not in that
group and so I’d like us not to do that because I know I’m not the only person here that’s not watching telegram all
the time so that could be interpreted as James is trying to shut down the telegram group and I’m not I just want
us to know that this is not a group where we can freely move topics between Telegram and here that that’s never
going to work it’s okay to bring something up but you need to do us all a favor and present the plate properly
which is to say I brought up a topic today in telegram group about blah blah
blah and someone said this and someone said that that’s a great way it’s a very valid topic please bring it but uh just
just remember that too so um anything about the dojo telegram
group did you buy anything
all right Mo go ahead my friend cleanse the palate okay thank you yeah
in my situation now um I’m in a kind of loop
I wouldn’t call it a nightmare about this uh like a weird Beetlejuice fantasy
where I live you know I told you before I was caretaker for my dad for an office
you know like a male set of problems with their brothers and sisters I had
then you know after the time everyone every one of my
sister of my brothers and I have one sister want to be on the pedestal you know I’m in charge now I’m in charge now
and uh actually uh now it’s so no one talked to no one anymore
from them my sister spoke with didn’t don’t talk with each other
and I’m like the [ __ ] Switzerland you know but everybody talks to me are in contact with me and a long time ago I
quit those things tell him this and tell him that they are so I’m out of this thing and um like in the caretaker time
uh every uh heavy decision was lean on me at that
time and now I told you for last uh Wednesday my
father-in-law died and I’m in the same situation
otherwise but like the same you know um his son he’s actually a good guy but
he has no electricity to be in charge he won’t do it he can’t do it he’s glad
that I’m there you know and this thing turns in a
Rocky Horror Picture hyena freak Show you know
um it’s weird how people are who are who were thousands of kilometers far away
can make trouble here in Germany you know my uh my mother-in-law is African
but my father-in-law was a German guy and everybody in Senegal now want to
hurry you know yeah we might we must make the funeral they want to read Quran
in the mosque and so but in the Islamic tradition you can make it when the body is buried you know but he is
you know why you want a Muslim way uh when he he’s not a mother you know and
his funeral is next week and every day we get calls from Senegal
bringing problems now that we have trouble you know my my wife has
discussions with her mother every day um they won’t make things things happen but
her son um yeah he’s like a chilling guy and I’m
uh unfortunately or fortunately I don’t know I’m the one who must hold the piece
together here you make the Diplomatic work between wife and mother between
brother you know at the situation with my father it was easy I was his son son you know
I’m the one who can who can say in the
easiest form I’m out of it because I’m out of the ring but when everybody is
out who’s in you know um yeah I’m now in a situation I I’m
bathing in vitriol every day you know uh it’s a weird stuff and a great struggle
uh one day we call you know the the sister of my mother-in-law
my wife spent his um first eight years when her mother was in
Sweden by her aunt and she really lived like a nightmare Cinderella like life
with her she’s not cool with her and the and the her out of the one every day she
calls and he she will be in charge she will take control and
will say how things go work and her little sister you know they have this
politics and my wife has other politic and uh it’s just no compassion for anyone
around here and it’s strange man I I don’t know I want to tell you know
Friday was topic related because ml told story and I feel very related to it and yeah I
want to speak out that maybe in a week or in two weeks I tell you a different story when the things when the waves go
down when he’s when we have the funeral when he buried to Earth
um when we give him to the side back but
this week’s it’s rough but it’s really rough
um yeah that’s about all I want to say
is there a source that you feel is draining you more MO please again because you’re a source
where you feel drained more than in other places other aspects whether it be person or subject or topic or anything
like that everybody makes a topic about teams uh
the the anger is a big from my wife who I want
the love to the system for my mother-in-law and her sister is so you
know and they give you know about at my father’s situation
for me was easy to say okay I’m in charge but nobody is because it’s my father and here I must climb up the
ladder every day you know the I have described discussions with everyone I
want to make compassion for their situation for no one is easy I
understand the point of my wife definitely but I know uh the
relationship between sisters and the other relationship you know and she
um her aunt is uh the oldest sister in the family like the mother
20 years older than my mother-in-law like not really like sisters she she’s
like a second mother and um it’s the big up and stones
uh I yeah you know like yesterday it was we
talked it was easy everybody calmed down today again another call came from Senegal and
every time it released in a big discussion uh we take my mother to us
because she won’t stay alone at home you know and that makes the situation easier
we are all together the children are everybody’s here and the situation are
between I am yeah uh I feel like I must
be in like an octopus or spider to have eight arms to hold everybody in the
hands but I can’t and I like you said the energy of Prana is not Limitless you
know we are like better if we must rest not sleep and charge up and down and that’s uh the hardest part
but uh um you know I have been so long in the
pit in my life that I’ve uh give have trust in life and Flow State and in the
end when you give oh you come back to land even in a few deep oceans
um that I learned to be thankful when you even if when you have no reason
for when [ __ ] goes down you know and that’s one thing that holds me uh up on
water with my nose and mouths for seconds uh when I
go forward I will come back to land uh now I feel like an ocean sometimes
drowning you know but I have no way to go forward there’s no other options
otherwise yeah and I know it will be good everything take time but when you when you’re in
the hurricane it’s not not easy with uh there was a speed and so on yeah I
want to share with you why like you know one thing I’ve said to you
earlier you know you studied philosophy you know and make a whole turn in your
life Navy and so on Wilderness and now you have like Plateau you on full we are
in a philosopher’s School of um of advanced Scholars that’s uh that’s
the mystery of life that’s a great thing and um this Dojo here even if you are
thousands of kilometers far where you are near nearer to me to minus my nearest
unfest we say here and yeah that’s the reason why that’s why I want to share
thank you everybody for your time and listening to me thank you Moe you know
one of the tactics you’ve got down really well which is the Flow State and
it served you well I’ve seen it serve you well before and it’s great and I know you’re not actually asking
for advice and so in addition to the witness I do want to offer one more thing which is that
when you see your wife being destroyed by the words of her family member
what you’re really seeing is is that your wife has a deep vulnerable love for
the person that is destroying her right now with words
and it ends up being a uh a kind of gratitude gold mine for you
because you get to look at the filter of the love that’s being exchanged through
the vitriolic poisonous hateful spiteful feelings or words that are being
broadcast between the two that ultimately it’s an agreement between between two people
that have a deep connection that says I am vulnerable to you therefore you have to be careful about what you say to me
and the other one’s like well I’m vulnerable to you and you’ve never even acknowledged how vulnerable I’ve been to you the whole time both these things are
are deeply loving forms of of expressing uh a commitment and a uh uh
a meshing you know and there’s a lot of gratitude and Power in there there’s a lot of comfort to be
able to sit in there and watch that happen and to watch that interaction and
it doesn’t have to feel draining because you’re just watching people uh really
just participate in their favorite form of exercise with the person that they love
they’re they’re penetrating and venting as much as they can because they trust this person so much to be able to have
this kind of exchange and it becomes a beautiful dramatic sometimes even erotic process
when you watch this I’m not trying to get weird on you but I’m trying to say that you may have noticed that sometimes
you will get turned on when your partner is upset I’m not saying that it’s a real thing but but it does happen and I’m
saying that I think you’re looking at the same kind of energy the reason why you’re turned on that your partner is
upset is because truthfully what your partner’s shown you is just how vulnerable she’s been to you this whole
time just how gentle and how vulnerable her genitals are her the field of her
genitals have always been exposed to you in this very uh dangerous kind of way
and that would make sense that that would uh make you feel excited you would
feel uh honored you’d feel and so when you’re watching these battles the Battle
Star Galactica in your living room what you’re really doing is someone’s giving you an intimate seat into their cockpit
as they’re battling these deep deep kind of emotional Wars you know and it
becomes something you can engage because you now see it as very much constructive it’s not destructive it’s constructive
that’s why I’m engaging to this don’t say I want to be outside of and like you
said uh you know in the I see the light in the dark so it’s the Deep law
underneath of all these interactions and I want to add I appreciate all witness
advice or anything that comes from Dojo um from everyone so feel free to say
what you want to this right on yeah open witness for MO
yeah I have something it’s frustrating to
hear someone say that they feel like they have to do anything ever so I’m always listening if someone says I feel
like I have to I feel like I have to um because I feel like I have to a lot and that’s one of the things that bugs
me the most about life is feeling like you have to do something because that’s not really a flow state
so and I know you want to be a part of this and you have to be part of it it’s your family but when you say that you
have to be the glue or like you’re the one that keeps it all together
I wonder what it would look like if you if if you didn’t feel like you had to keep it all together for them
like it’s really hard not to be the fixer when you’re the fixer when you’re the
one because it gives you a lot of oh makes me feel good my whole family comes to me
I’m not maybe I’d choose the wrong word when I decided to uh do things that I
want to do things I see somebody have to do something then
I decide okay no one do something and it’s not so that I’m um always the poor beer you know the
honey beer and so on I have a lot of discussions too and sometimes I go out of the ring to because that they feel
the absence is like a ping pong of things I’m interacted in every way of action and that’s uh I I’m not the only
go to make jokes or um uh happy that oh everybody wants to be happier oh well no
not this time that’s certainly not the way to fix everything either is just by being like Oh it’s gonna be okay no it’s like no I
can help even just being the one that gets all the bad news in your all the horrible [ __ ] that everyone has to say
can feel really good as the person who is like an example for a few days I have
a discussion with my wife where she says something to her mother and like come to
her and she said you know that was awful what you did say I’m you man I have to I
have to tell you these things I have to tell you that when I see that in my view
you act wrong I have to tell you that and not all you did well or something like that
um do you tell the other do you tell the other family members the same thing or do you and your wife
I learned a long time ago not to keep things inside me you know I would get
canceled or something like you I would get sick when I have to tell something and I keep it inside and you know
everything’s fine I’m not that kind of person anymore we all learn these things
and I have decided myself I can’t do that not even for for the other ones it’s for me Self Protection you know
true it’s true um I have kind of a keep it in kind of person but not in a unhealthy way more
in like a let me think on that for a little while it’s not reactionary it’s like yeah sometimes it’s good when you
decide when you decide you know it thinks for me it’s good so but when
you have to say something and you don’t that’s then I’m healthy I think yeah it’s hard you know a good good times bad
times there’s like a roller coaster and uh like I said I want to share this moments with you not uh not only things
that I have accomplished or something like that yeah but yeah I guess I just think that
you and your wife probably have a special Allegiance and everybody else is like extended family and you two have
decided that you’re going to be in this together and so maybe everyone else should get the same kind of access to
you that your wife gets maybe they don’t need to hear that is because maybe that’s what’s so overwhelming is like
you feel like everyone needs to know exactly what everyone else is feeling and you’re in charge of the transparency
but maybe let them be in charge of it you know he is only her mother me and
her stepbrother it’s the the circle is not so big the the the Betrayal come from outside like I said
thousand kilometer per way in car in form of a telephone call you know that’s the weird thing of this that’s the
electricity comes here and make a big hurricane it’s a weird stuff and yeah
thank you Jen anybody else
quickly I just want to say that I mean I appreciate MO uh if and if I understand him correctly
saying that he feels like he gets some of his power from being open about the way he feels with things that
I I feel like uh I have a tendency to try to want to be an open book it’s an inclination of mine but oftentimes I
worry about what I’m putting on others by constantly needing myself to be understood but uh
that um it’s a relief to hear Mo talk about uh him getting some power from that as well
yeah you can be insecure and so therefore you over share and then people if they’re not tuned in
to their radar they will think the overshare is a sign of confidence when in fact you’re insecure because you
don’t feel like it’s you’re allowed to hold anything from anyone else and so you just want all your cards on the table
I used to think that that was Brave but then I realized actually that was me saying I was afraid of the River card
I I was afraid of getting in the hand and and actually playing
um and so the way I would fix that is to go into every poker game and say hey everybody I think we should just be
honest and I’ve got an Ace and seven and you know let’s just take turns winning let’s see how this tactic works and
sometimes that tactic works sometimes but most of the time it doesn’t and then I get to walk out and pull my pockets
out of my pants and explain how I was robbed and it was so unfair and I went in with all this honesty and integrity
and look what happened to me this is such a rip-off I can’t believe that this world even exists are you going to stand
by and let this happen to you that was that was my entire teenage years it was
let me build this Ruth Goldberg device and see if I can make it run can I get
Perpetual free energy off this device called whining off this position and posture called
victimhood and it it’s not really profitable for me some people you go really far with that
really really far so I’m not even trying to knock that I’m just saying that for me it hasn’t worked out
is what we’re all I think most sounds a little more assertive with it with his method than I probably sound with mine
I want to ask you something you know it’s not that I’m an open book like I said earlier when we have Ramadan and
our related ones come I am very excited you know I it’s only when I decide I
want I have to say something then I do it but when I when a group um some in some
you know like I told before I I live in the severe of Babylon I can’t be a open
book you know for you James if I was near you you never run out of her that’s
my uh that’s my kind of job and um I can’t be
an open book when I be too open I have to take the consequences to be silent is a part of
my job to know where I can say something and why I can’t uh I I’m not doing it
every time right by uh like a gas pedal I learned to when I step on a gas and
when I go break you know this kind of thing
I think not not saying something can be very powerful sometimes
you know especially when you when it’s automatic you just wanna
release in that moment if you go against that you can always let it out but that
there’s a lot of power in that sometimes you have to close your mouth to make a pearl yeah the power of the secret
creates that field around you where you feel you feel empowered because you know
something other people don’t it doesn’t matter if this is nefarious or you think it’s nefarious or if you
think it’s innocent or you it doesn’t matter this is just a simple how energy works and if you’re approaching the
situation from 40 percent you have no choice but to know and to feel wholeheartedly that I have 60 left
and how do you know that because you’ve spent so many calories making sure that you’re only going to show 40 percent
and so you end up preserving that you end up saying hold back guys you guys come here now you guys are my core I’m
not sending you out there for the hot and tots we’re going to let the new guys go out and have their shot at the hot and tots you guys are my core you’re
staying here you now feel really good and anyone looking at you is like God
he’s not afraid of hot and tots or nothing he’s having a great time in there I hear music right and that
attracts people to your posture and the MacGuffin which is the furniture of what we’re talking about suddenly goes away
and people change the subject because they just want to get on that same posture Vibe it’s like how do I get on
that posture vibe that you got you’re like I just Flow State baby 60 percent that’s all you got to do and then people
start to learn that too and it becomes the new Norm in your home and next thing you know everybody’s like super freaking
lit in your house because everyone’s resonating with each other and how do we do that holding energy back
it’s like the antithesis of what the empath has been sworn on their sacred
Crusader mission to save the world the empath is being told no you’re going to
[ __ ] it all up you kidding no I want you to go bury this take your treasure and bury 60 of it
it’s hard work for an empath very hard psychopath no problem they do that all
day long that’s why the empath finds it so hard because I’m not a psychopath I’m a psychopath yes you are
you’re the polarity of a psychopath same thing
open Wednesday one no go ahead my friend
uh so a quick update on kitten I just wanted to let you guys know that the uh
transition of the kitten into the house has been amazing and I mentioned when I was even considering the adoption that I
thought the kid might be able to help with some issues with the other cats and the dogs and it’s worked in ways that I didn’t expect like one of the cats that
was overly timid with the dogs for no reason watched the kitten like just be around the dogs and not get mauled and
is now hanging out with the family again kind of thing so it’s just it’s been so Random uh and cool
um but the main reason I’ve raised my hands actually I just wanted to talk about some of my reactions to your stream uh today uh James because I’ve
watched a lot of detransition interviews uh by this dude Benjamin Boyce who’s just
badass he’s like the the like if you anyone is ever having issues about trying to understand that issue I can’t
recommend his interviews enough about detransitioning um and uh that one of the slides that
you had talked about how the online factor is such a big deal um and that plays over and over and over
and over and over again in all these interviews and again these are just D transition interviews that’s one snapshot image of the process that we’re
talking about here and where it can go um but that comes up over and over again as far as how they get access to it and
how the kind of reward Cycles start to get built up through it
um and the grooming for a lack of better term uh can often happen through that
um and so particularly when you were talking about the notion of the high energy like being an expression of the
over energy that initially I was having these weird reactions because like even now we’re starting to see that autism is
there tend to be higher on that spectrum of autism the ones that are doing the transitioning and I think a lot of it is
it’s weird like the vaccine issue is involved because it’s in in my opinion uh my belief is that it is injuring some
of these kids and their ability to interact socially um and the same way we all have when we were growing up in an adolescence and
everything but there it to a more extreme version because they are actually autistic from the damage and
then they’re offered this Panacea of we’ve got your answer and and everyone will suddenly react to them in a way
where it is the answer like it isn’t an actual answer for at least a while I’m
not saying it will be permanently an answer but for at least a while it is a [ __ ] answer uh it’s weird but it’s
not like I couldn’t see where the higher energy part was because what I’m seeing is mostly it’s an it’s a lower energy
crowd in a way it’s a people that are struggling on a more basic levels right they’re shedding electricity just to get
by a normal life there to me they would have to be lower energy uh by that
by that disability in a sense um but at the same time recently I
randomly stoned across a video of some channel that shows interviews with people that were alive in the 1800s
um and one of the guys that was uh one of the clips they showed was a cousin or a brother of Wyatt Earp that was also a
law guy a marshal uh and they were asking him about his job and they were like do you think it was more difficult initially he was like yes and they’re
like why and he’s like well you know back then everyone was way more honest like you could live up leave a pile of
gold in your house with the doors wide open and it was as safe as a bank and so the guy was like well then why
was your job harder back then he’s like oh because I had to do everything I was the Jailer the detective the agent the I
did the whole the whole thing and when we look back in the past we
tend to lionize that type of thing as like this amazing high energy state but
I wonder if it’s if that’s actually just a state that’s closer to that whole needs of shelter comfort and security
and all that which is actually kind of basically a lower energy State and so what you were sort of arguing in the
sense that we are overall in the arc at a higher energy point and we’re now expressing it in these weird ass [ __ ]
ways because we don’t know how to deal with the energy I can see that in the nature of the transgender stuff but when
it comes to the individuals to that fractal I kind of don’t it’s almost like a paradox because they’re they’re the
opposite of that they’re they’re the lowest energy they’re looking for a life raft and suddenly someone is throwing them something that looks like one and
on a short-term basis it kind of is one which is one of the reasons I think it’s so attractive uh but in the long term as
other slides showed it’s really not um so anyway I just that’s
well um I think the reason why it it looks like they they have lower energy
is because all you’re doing is watching them shed all the time and the only way you could watch them shed all the time
is if they had a an abundance of energy that Wyatt Earp’s time didn’t have
before right so you’re watching their reaction too holy [ __ ] I gotta get rid of this energy
like as soon as they wake up that’s that’s what they instantly think is I have to drain all of this right now I
gotta get rid of it what can I do and they look in the food court for where they can drain energy and boom the
answer is right there it’s like staring at him right in the face the dysphoria
could be teenage angst but just like we have the
think about how many times the newest diet now fixes everything that was
broken with the diet that came before it and now this diet is the number one answer and it’s never been tried before
no one’s ever thought of this it goes completely against the opposite of last Summer’s diet which was completely the
perfect solution that blew away all the other diets in the past and what you’re watching is is that that we’re not out
for Solutions we’re out for answers that we get to go home and in Sister Solutions that’s what we’re hungry for
and it shows that showcase of where the energy appetite is and how much we’re
willing to to actually claim hence the detransition if people don’t know that
word detransition is someone that has either been on hormone blockers or has actually been presenting themselves as
as someone different and then they decide this is [ __ ] up I don’t want to do this anymore for whatever reason that
that’s just what that what that term means and I’ve I find this subject fascinating I could do a whole other
episode about it I don’t know if I will because it’s just a really tricky subject to talk about but I think a lot
of it has to do with the Animus in the anime that are deeper sexual attractions
that we have towards the other sex come from a purposely ingrained built-in uh
compatibility match that we have and so we end up feeling attracted to that
person and that the exact same way that we would have this uh jungian archetypal relationship with our sacred feminine or
the opposite of our sex that all you’re doing is watching all this electricity so [ __ ] strong that it’s literally
manifesting in the world and it doesn’t have to be real it doesn’t all it takes is belief all it
takes is electricity and you can make it whatever you want you can make a hyena penis out of a vagina
and all it takes is just a little bit of stretch marks that’s not even a joke that’s like legit nature it’s so weird
open witness on this one
I’m glad you brought up can you guys hear me um yep okay
hang on I’m glad you brought up the sexuality or
the masculine feminine because I feel like that going back through my lifetime
everything’s going to always relate back to me because I just think about myself all the time um and and who I chose as partners in my
youth and even still now like I always tried to stay away from the Macho Man
and it wasn’t because I was a feminist I’ve never related to that either but it
was that I wanted more of an even playing field like I had enough masculine energy that I wasn’t looking
for that and someone else and um I think that’s very much playing into what we’re seeing
now is um everyone is there is more energy because we’re understanding that we have both the
energies in US and um so you you see all of this stuff about
the Divine masculine and the divine feminine I think that’s why um
I think that’s why all of this is playing out in the way that it is because people realize that uh
yeah I’ve already said it I’m just gonna repeat myself now but does that make sense that
um yeah well that’s all I’m done um open witness on that Charlotte
I think that many of us aren’t even willing to talk about it
and I think because of that you’re watching a whole generation that is having all this giant allowance that
they didn’t have before and we’re watching them spend it sometimes pretty [ __ ] poorly
and one of the reasons why they’re spinning it so poorly is because no one’s willing to talk about it
no one’s willing to discuss discuss these kinds of things and it it ends up uh creating
I think the reason why Herbert Hoover was a cross-dresser
is because if he created the idea that he was a
cross-dresser he would create a secret between him and the rest of the world
and it was literally a way of hacking his system to be able to keep up a boundary or a
defense or a secure immune system field
and I think in a world that’s attacking your myocardial wall that we’re being human trafficked in yellow shipping
containers and we’re being subjected to a a really gross menagerie of everyone
pretending that everything’s normal you will see these kinds of things
manifest in the individual and those manifestations will flux and
change based on the Tremors of the propaganda of the time
and if that doesn’t work anymore if the trans agenda fits and everyone is
now cross-dressing in public we will create another psychic [ __ ]
deviant way of creating privacy in ourselves and it will be even more uh salaciously
uh volatile then the trans agenda will be and it
will be more because of the the mechanics of fashion that even when we go retro and we try
and bring back the 70s we have no choice but still trying to amp the 70s more so
that it’s not the same thing so yes we’re retroactively using the fashion but we still have to turn it up
how do we turn it up everybody’s a [ __ ] drag queen everybody’s a druggie everyone’s uh uh
no one’s anything whatever that you have no choice because of the
laws of thermody fashion thermodynamic fashion you have no choice but things will only
get weirder things will only get more [ __ ] huh because that’s what we demand because we
keep insisting that we will never [ __ ] talk about this and so people
end up finding the internet I didn’t say that today but most of these spikes occurred with the invention
of the internet people found this genre to put this electricity into because no
one was saying a [ __ ] word that’s really I think what what causes this Brew to ferment and for the for the
new the new alcohol to to turn open witness on that
well and the people that a society in general has appointed to generally be The Gatekeepers that should say
something to the person have been told that all they get to do is affirm like or they get like literally like
sanctioned uh professionally it’s insane like it’s it’s like you want to talk
about the upside down man we’re there uh on that one it’s kind of similar that if I do a video tomorrow explaining how
mundane Alberton Georgia is and that they only had to move those Guidestones about 60 yards like and they had a giant
truck and all of it was free that that video would get like zero hits and no
one would give a [ __ ] about it it’s the same thing I I would be starved because I wasn’t feeding the vernacular properly
the fashion of the vernacular really really steers this more than we think and if everyone was keeping 60
then all of these things wouldn’t be true say just be Furniture they’d just be macguffins out there that none of us
were actually taking seriously anyway everyone would become a sacred clown then the amazing amazing to see
Brandon go ahead okay I’m not exactly sure if uh
this is I don’t think I needed one advice or anything but I just did something today where I I went against
my instincts as far as how I feel about like the modern medical situation or
whatever and I guess it’s creating a personal vitriol of getting the Lexicon correct
basically uh I’m in Columbia now and I found one place that supposedly does the
smart protocol for mercury amalgam fillings being removed and uh
the the first interaction like the consultation didn’t go exactly as
smoothly as I as I liked when when you go into like the check-in space they
also have like a sign where they’re you know advertising Botox so it’s not
necessarily like the the sensor balance Center or whatever is not
necessarily like aligned with my ideals but anyway I went and I I sat down for
the consultation and they looked at my teeth and uh the person spoke English so I was able to interact I had my wife
there so she did some talking on the side um basically they demanded
that have x-rays done which you know to get down here I walked
through the X-ray machine I was running late and I didn’t really have time to opt for the like to opt out and I didn’t
really realize that I could opt out going forward I think I will try to take advantage of that but basically I ended
up getting strip searched anyway because I have like a hernia or something and they it showed up and they needed to
like see it or whatever so anyway basically I went to I I did a little bit of
research supposedly now they have digital x-rays which
has less radiation than what the typical film x-rays
and I sat down and you know my wife couldn’t be with me for
that part so this was at a different place not at the clinic where the
Dentistry would be happening but basically you know I was by myself and the person
is telling me to like sit a certain way and bite down on a certain thing or whatever and I’m like probably on
understanding 10 of it and so the for the first x-ray was a panorama where
they basically scanned your 360 skull
uh and I ended up having to do that one twice because I was not in the right
position the first time and after the first one I really just wanted to get out and just run out of
there but I’ve come to realize that this mercury in my mouth can cause a lot of potential problems so
I I’ve you know I I was like I’m gonna be willing to do X-rays and then after
the second Panorama they take me to a different room which I had no this is
one of my issues with my wife that she like they gave me the script for what the x-rays were going to be but that
didn’t get translated to me so I didn’t really realize that it was so involved but they basically said
uh I asked the woman I got my phone on it and I had it Translate more X-rays and she said yeah 16 more
which then I was like uh wow I had a
second instinct to just get out but I I figured okay well she did she ended up
doing two and then I was just like wait I still have some kind of sovereignty here so I just I started typing again to
translate you know I I I really only have two teeth that have fillings and that’s only the only teeth
that have uh that I I’m willing to have work done on them so basically I instead
of walking away with uh three well it would have been 17.
but since I did the first one twice I would have been 18 I I was able to get out of there with
I guess four scans you know I just they said I’m gonna ask the doctor and then
we’ll come back and it seemed like the doctor never responded but she’s like so
which one of those ones and and she pulled up the Panorama which shows the the teeth anyway which I could have just
said you know I’m I’ll walk away now what I said was I already paid I don’t care if if you just do the two I just
want to limit my exposure and and she was like which I thought was really I was impressed that she said no
it’s fine uh if you only have two more x-rays then we’ll give you a refund for whatever else and uh you know I I was
able to kind of assert myself but it seems like that first dentist Dentistry Clinic
I don’t know they they had like this whole other thing that they you got to see a periodontist your gums we need to
do a deep cleaning with the ultrasound and all this other stuff and uh you know I know that the person was like an
entry-level person that I was dealing with as far as the consultation so I just know I’m happy that I have you know
these scams in my own email account now and I just have this like further
mission of trying to negotiate someone that will just work on
the teeth that have the Mercury and not try to push other kind of procedural
stuff on me and hopefully sooner rather later and here where it’s cheaper but uh yeah I
don’t I don’t know if this is proper to proper conversation for this setting or
whatever but I just I did feel like a very strong like you’re you’re you’re risking your
life right now potentially unnecessarily because if I was not dealing with the initial
Dentistry clinic and they said we need to see how deep the feelings are
otherwise we can’t start operating and since the one tooth that has a feeling is cracked we need to see if what nerve
damage is going on and if there’s too much nerve damage then we have to do a root canal which I said no definitely
not I’m not having a roof now but uh you know I I I walk away with it kind of
like this kind of like a moment where I just have to put things in the hand of God and just hope that you know my my
own body or whatever is not gonna deteriorate because I I subject to
myself to radiation like willingly but yeah that’s that’s my story from today
man that’s a to me that’s a lot because it’s they’re like right up in your in your body and
you’re the you’re the primary caregiver and they’re gonna find that annoying that you’re trying to be the primary
caregiver but you but you held it sounds like you held that and that’s that’s fantastic
and I I I would even argue that that the radiation that you incurred is
actually going to be fine because it’s because of this Century that you’ve been giving it as far as like what was
happening and how it’s used and things like that there’s gnosis in that in that uh x-ray
and now you have that so the exchange it was an exchange you know it’s like how
much are copies a dollar are you [ __ ] nuts yeah do you want a copy or not like all right fine here’s your dollar but but now you have coffee right so
uh open witness for Brandon I do yeah only because I have really
really a lot of teeth Karma and so I admire that you actually went to a
dentist because that does not seem like it’s in my cards because I am not
willing to put myself through that torture so good for you Brandon that you
did decide to to take care of that and
mate now I have mercury and I’m almost 70 and I’m still alive my whole body is
not working my teeth aren’t working like they would like to be and my nose might be a result of the Mercury I don’t know
so maybe getting that mercury out is really important but listening to your gut
Helen you get the [ __ ] out of here is probably more important
um so just trying never to not listen to that gut because that’s my personal opinion is I wish I
had listened to my God more often so this is definitely resonates because
getting braces having my molars removed having fillings was all against my gut
as a child and you know now I have the agency and the means to potentially undo the damage
of the Mercury but yeah what James is saying it’s like I I have to make these
like really difficult decisions about what I’m willing to subject myself to to
uh to remove the Mercury I’ve had all these ideas of just yanking the damn
teeth out myself after like hearing what I heard from this first clinic and I
thought oh well if I have the x-rays then you know maybe I’ll have a little bit more knowledge of what to do you
know uh but it is it’s it’s a really tricky thing I think the dental school
system is the same as the AMA and I have absolutely no trust in either one of
them you know they told me when I was 24 get to motor wisdom teeth taken out all
that [ __ ] I don’t think is is important I think it’s just part of the vaccine [ __ ] and
um we’ve all been [ __ ] so well yeah sorry go ahead the other thing that
might be helpful is I’ve learned and I don’t know how true it is but I do use it and I’m still alive and then despite
how I look in my teeth I’m actually pretty healthy and functioning is I do
take a bath with Borax that’s all bad borax and epsom salts at
least once a week it’s supposed to pull out all the toxins in your body all the
metals or help you so there may be Alternatives that just it’s kind of like uh producer movement
how bad is mercury is it really that bad I used to play with it when I was a kid
broke a thermometer and my father would teach me well you ‘ll be my bare fingers so
a bad Mercury visits it more [ __ ] it’s just being infused into our brains I don’t have a
clue okay so personally when my tooth cracked with the Mercury yeah it seemed
to cause a bit of uh like ins Insanity almost basically like I wasn’t able to
sleep for like two weeks like I think I actually swallowed a huge chunk of mercury and it probably or inhaled or
whatever the means but that kind of that kind of game and and since the tube
is still cracked you know it gives me even more worry because it’s you know it’s like it seems
like it’s more exposed to be for me to be swallowing it or and inhaling it or
whatever else um but yeah I mean for my son I haven’t let him use a pacifier at all
I hope to never have him see a dentist me and my wife argue about him using a toothbrush I think that salt water is
fine I am familiar with Borax and have tried to use a lot of it in different ways uh as well so uh it’s just kind of
like I just know that if I if I drink water if even if I just become a water faster for the rest of my life
I have to you know until time just takes the mercury into my system one way or
the other like it’s still going to be like an ongoing thing so I I do have a like it’s like the people that have
these ideas about the cathedral like Tesla Tech and all this stuff like it seems to be very reactive with
electricity and stuff like that so I I don’t think that it’s all BS that mercury could be harmful for us but
that’s just my opinion no I agree probably not all Bs but then also don’t forget the power of your own mind it’s
more powerful than anything else to destroy you or to heal you and
that’s where the captains so you decide you know I’ve decided in this ship the
Mercury’s stuck forever even though I mean it’s cracked too and it’s a mess it’s been so I told them that it was I
haven’t seen a dentist since 2004 and like the assistant like she started like
being like she seemed like she was scared of looking in my mouth but yeah I mean I have a extreme
aversion but like I said once this one cracked I just it’s a difficult decision yeah I get it I just keep remembering
your gut your heart and and and you’ll you’ll be fine if you listen to yourself
don’t forget about ASAP don’t be too quick to trade your evils
sometimes that’s the thing too I’m sorry I don’t I don’t Aesop fables
yeah he stops fuels one of them was um don’t be too quick to trade your evils I don’t remember the story but I always
somehow remember the morals and uh that was one of them like you just you know just you’re trying to fix this
one thing and like you’re in Colombia yeah yeah my wife is uh
it’s fun yeah like we are on a farm which is great but it it’s like we are
like we’re right next to Medellin she was born in Medellin and it’s it’s like there’s a
lot of like the next the next lot over this like farm and there’s a farm there’s this a baking lot and then
another Farm kind of ish thing but then if you go like two over there’s an
electric fence and a security gate and condos and stuff like that this is uh
this is a family property that it’s free to stay right now but the real hope is to get like further further much further
away I’m not very comfortable here and my my Spanish is not great and it’s really more about like maybe having the
opportunity to have our own land this place has a lot of meaning to her because her her great grandmother and
her grandfather and you know they like there’s just the same plantains that you
know that were here you know so it’s it’s good to be able to be here for a time but it this is I mean I’m coming
from New York City which is definitely on the the smart and surveillance City
thing or whatever but it’s it’s it’s even though this is Columbia it’s still
very much here too uh so are you just there for your for your teeth or are you do you
guys go there often no no this is this is potentially permanent um as far as as being in the country I
got my resident Visa via my son being born from her
and uh the hope is the Hope was really to be like more towards the Caribbean which I love that area but uh but I
don’t know like maybe like like if I could walk to the beach in two hours I think that’d be great like it but uh
maybe just being in all the way in a mountain completely remote or I don’t know I have
this idea of just I don’t I I don’t think I could pull it off necessarily I don’t know I’ve got a lot of wear and
tear and stuff like I don’t know if I’m the the the what’s a Tarzan or whatever it said just
but I had this idea of just like really trying to get lost like not owning anything just go somewhere where there’s
nobody and I don’t know that’s like that’s like basically based on the fear of
everything that’s been happening but I feel like it kind of makes sense and there’s some weird stuff here
politically with a there’s like a socialist president that’s been put in that’s also a psyop his name is Petro
the the US dollar here has now hit the all-time
high today uh he got elected of two weeks ago or whatever but you know
someone’s one of my neighbors told me in New York City he said like Babylon is
going to follow you wherever you go like and it does sort of feel like that today was a beautiful day like there was a lot
of clouds put not on me but uh Juliana since she she got here about five months
before me and it’s rained almost every single day like and then and we look up and we see the we see the clouds being
formed if you know what I mean you know it does feel like it it might be
impossible to hide or whatever well would Tarzan go to the dentist that’s
what I want to know well that’s the thing Tarzan wouldn’t have gone to the dentist to get the
Mercury feelings I wouldn’t have gone to the dentist to get the Mercury killings but I I gave my agency to my parents for
whatever reasons I mean I guess respect and trying to be the good kid or
whatever I I did a lot of things and a lot of things happened to me on the
count of them and now that I have the opportunity to try to right that wrong
like if they take the Mercury out and don’t do anything else like I’d be totally fine with that if if they say
that the one tooth they can’t work on it all that has the crack two because they would have to do a root canal if they
did that and they’ll just take the Mercury out of the other one I might still utilize the clinic but it seems
like I might have to find uh alternative dentist but I do believe that there’s
got to be people that that have realized that mercury is not healthy for people
and I don’t know I don’t I don’t throw out all of humanity as everybody that’s a dentist is an evil MFR or whatever
so I have a lot of vitriol uh with all the stuff I’ve done to my mouth before I understood more about teeth and what
some of my issues were I mean literally just me grinding my teeth at night instead of wearing a mouth guard is
probably why I have a couple root canals uh that had nothing to do with actual damaged nerves it was just irritation
you know that kind of thing so I I have a lot of personal intro about that stuff but I will say in general As an
interpreter that worked in a lot of Orthopedic fields and watched people make decisions about whether to choose
another Babylon intervention or not um it’s just
most of the time if you’re not having a problem and you ask Babylon to fix a
future could be problem you’re really just asking for problems right now because when they anytime Babylon goes
in with a medical intervention there’s a chance they’re going to cause you problems that you weren’t having before they started
um and so I when I started thinking about the the root canals I’ve had the
wisdom teeth out I’m sure I have feelings from when I was younger um I kind of made a deal with my teeth
that I would just stop [ __ ] them up like I would give them a chance to like be teeth and like regenerate and do
stuff and and kind of be cool with me not [ __ ] them up um and that’s worked pretty good so far
um but I guess the main thing I would really caution is that like Babylon not only battle on medicine not
only is it amazing at finding problems where there are none and trying to offer you a solution
if you go in with not a problem they will just by accident create one it’s
not even necessarily in the level like they can literally just create one because you’re there asking for anything
I hear you though I hear you but what I was trying to say is when the tooth cracked and I ingested the Mercury I
felt the problem like it’s not it’s not an invention that I heard that mercury is bad for you and I want to get the
Mercury out my point is if you get the if they even if you go for the surgery
it’s just as possible that you re-experience the Mercury by the surgery exactly that’s why this this Clinic is
supposed to do a procedure where they ex they basically isolate just the tooth
that they’re working on and remove it safely and then they I I think I could
actually probably try to opt out of the the porcelain if I found the right dentist or whatever else they would try
to refill it with uh but I I like I said it this is just me but my personal
experience is that I think that uh that the Mercury thing is a potential uh
just like you say with the vaccines causing autism or whatever I agree with you that it’s a potential I don’t I
don’t deny that at all but I’m just focusing on potential no no but like I said it broke and I I couldn’t sleep for
like two weeks so it wasn’t a potential and there’s still more there and there’s another tooth that has it and the other
thing I want to mention actually which goes back to something James said maybe three dojos ago about he was researching
uh intercranial bones or whatever I think that a lot of this stuff is
actually causing people to have vision problems and also probably uh
intelligence problems because when the wisdom teeth are supposed to come in your jaw is supposed to grow and when
your jaw grows your skull will grow and I think just like people always say this
generation what the hell is wrong with them or these these young folks or whatever and and it really is I think
the AMA or Babylon medical system or whatever like these kids are Under Fire to such an extreme level that they’re
wearing glasses and they they’re like in it stroller yeah and I never saw
anything like that when I was a kid yeah I I agree it means me too go ahead James
sorry well I don’t want to jump on on your point James and and I I don’t want to disparage anyone who wants to have
positive thoughts about Mercury um I was with data
data growth lost both her breasts and I I really think it was the fillings if she
wouldn’t have gotten her fillings out the moment she got her feelings out all of her cancer went away
but they had already taken her breasts at that point and if it makes you feel any better
Brandon I think that swallowing that mercury is actually safer for your body than keeping it pushed up against the
nerve at the bottom of your root because Mercury is a messenger it’s literally the only electrical conductor
that’s a liquid in room temperature and I don’t want to know what they had
to [ __ ] do to make the Mercury even stay solid in your teeth that it would have to be a completely separate thing
that’s added in there to keep it that way but there’s power in Mercury because
Mercury itself is not inherently evil and Brandon I encourage you if you’re going to go through with this I would
encourage you to tap into that mercury to the messenger and everything that you that you eat is
going to be touching the Mercury and it’s going to go directly into your system much as if you were to inject it
intramuscularly that’s what I think Mercury fillings are doing they’re moving information from what’s in in
your mouth directly bypassing all of this beautiful filtering that we have in
our mucous membrane right our digestive tract that’s why it’s much safer to swallow
that mercury than tape it to your teeth and walk around like oh this is fine
that’s the messenger issues that I think so many people are having do I think Mercury is inherently bad no
but if any of us actually had Mercury installed in our teeth in a religious
ceremony where we charged and and fundamentally called forth the power of
mercury to be installed in this as a messenger no we had some dude that drove a Porsche
that said I get to make [ __ ] thirty five hundred dollars today off this guy’s [ __ ] teeth
and that’s the message that was injected that’s your dentist and he’s a vital
part of this thing you call Healing so believe in your doctor
don’t buy the truth or [ __ ] that everyone’s out to get you don’t use your gut to gauge the dentist who’s
there ask yourself do I trust my life with this guy and if you do then do
fully trust him that means if he wants you to wear a mask you wear a mask that
means if he wants you to have an x-ray you you listen doesn’t mean you have to obey but you listen to that advice
because you want to install the trust bridge between YouTube and have that interaction
and I think just even saying I’m concerned about these x-rays sets up your immune the immune system more than
we even know right now to where it’s like okay I’m ready for an x-ray and the spleen’s like well wait what’s
good so it’s gonna be okay explain we really need to get a picture of this just uh just hold general quarters posture two and go and now your body’s
ready for an x-ray and your body can do the same thing by be ready for mercury but it’s going to have to hold that state for the rest of
his [ __ ] life right and all the messages that come to you are going to travel through that
mercury so it’s not inherently bad but it is creating a fully sound powered
phone directly from the outside of your body into the inside of your body and it’s weird because the blood vein
barrier or epidermis every single other part of our body tells us hey no no you
want to get something in the body you put it in the [ __ ] mouth like everyone else you put it in the mouth and let it digest you don’t [ __ ]
stick it in a needle in here you let it digest slowly we’ll decide if we want it because that’s what your body does it
decides if it wants it so swallowing that mercury 99 of it just gets pooped
out your body’s like I ain’t touching this you nuts I’m not touching that so that’s actually a better place to
keep it Open Mic anyone else open window sorry
uh well James the only problem is some of that could be inhaled and that could
be the problem when they remove it too but I think if you inhale it to your lungs that’s when you can end up having
like it it might not necessarily go to the digestion I can go through the respiratory tract
well I didn’t even consider that it could be turned into a gaseous form somehow so again yeah I I’m more trying
to just talk about the posture of it Brandon I I know that you’re the best Captain to decide exactly what’s best
and as long as you have full electricity when you’re making those decisions that’s absolutely the right decision
every time all times including my uh including my friend who lost her breasts
there’s no [ __ ] way I could have changed her mind about that there’s no [ __ ] way because you know how I know because I
[ __ ] try [ __ ] try and during covet she had two masks on
she’s still there anyone else
can I just ask what is dojo at seven o’clock every Wednesday and Friday now
instead of 12 30. uh we do Wednesday night Dojo from 7 until 8 30 we’re now a
minute over and then we do Friday afternoon JoJo from 12 30 to 2 and that’s pretty much been our schedule so
we got a day Joe Joe Friday and a nightclub for Wednesday okay cool thanks
all right guys thank you so much for a great conversation um I’m wide open about Mercury by the way
I’m just telling you what I’ve experienced and I can’t actually prove to you what I know happened to Audrey
but man my gut [ __ ] tells me that’s what it was that’s just that’s what it [ __ ] was
but my gut’s not your gut right and Dr Tom Cowan thinks the Blood band barrier is
probably a myth I’ve never heard that that’s fascinating Robin I’ll have to check into that all right guys let’s unmute say goodbye thanks for being here
stick with your crap Brandon good night everybody everybody
love you all bye everybody good night

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