His name was Ellen Page

His name was Ellen Page but that memory is proprietary

His name was Ellen Page and he mutilated his chest by cutting into his mammary glands with a scalpel and vacuuming out his breast tissue. According to social media standards, this ritual turned Ellen into Elliot. But fear not, for this self-mutilation by proxy was justified because everyone in the room was wearing a mask. It happened on a stainless steel altar. There were priests in white vestments. There were acolytes in scrubs. It was deemed legitimate by a committee under the guidelines of a newly-edited DSMV. And in recovery, as the anesthesia faded, Elliot’s past coagulated into hate speech. But his name was “Ellen Page.” And saying that will never be hate speech.

Elliot reasoned, “Identifying as a man has nothing to do with my body which is why I must mutilate my body to feel more like a man.” This kind of thinking is a manifestation of a fetish for self-mutilation normalized as an identity crisis. Twenty years ago the DSMV would have agreed. But that opinion has been stricken from the record.

Referring to someone by their prior self is called, “dead-naming.” But that’s not dead-naming. You see, when someone dies we’re allowed to remember them for who they were. It’s encouraged. We buy a plaque from the local trophy shop and mount it on the center of a park bench and decorate it with bronze stars. We etch their name as deep and as plain as we can to remember. No. What we call “dead-naming” is not dead-naming. Its invention implies memories are proprietary and the subject of your memory gets to change their file without your consent. It implies they can hold you liable for unsubscribing to auto-updates. It has become a punitive form of litigation. Dead-naming is when someone is punished for remembering the truth too vividly. Jordan Peterson was ousted from Twitter today for calling Elliot Page “Ellen.” This became illegal the moment Elliot mutilated Ellen. Dave Rubin followed Jordan onto the gallows and plead his case before the Twitter King. The ritual harkens back to the streets of Rome where a young boy would circumcise himself to win acceptance from his peers. This is how we survive in the alley. We mutilate ourselves to showcase our ability to ignore it.

“Ten to 15 years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to 20 times that of comparable peers.” – Dr. Paul McHugh – Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

The highest rates of suicide among transgender are among those who already mutilated themselves. Much like our Veterans, a slow and painful realization overcomes them as they realize what they did and how many people lined up to praise the happening. Each living carcass was hip-hip-hoorayed up the summit of a sacrificial pyramid. There is no coming down. Anyone questioning the ritual will be thrown into the volcano.

If Elliot truly identifies as a man and his biological body has nothing to do with his gender, why does he need to mutilate himself to feel it? Better question, why are punished for remembering his past? Or for knowing the truth of his genes. The truth reveals we profiteer from the distraction and are mesmerized by the peculiarity of the spectacle too much to want it to end. Its a metronome of sadomasochism.

His name was Ellen and there’s no going back for her.

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  1. The corporate minions are some of the deepest sleepers in this awakening. They need to understand ESG and Inclusive Capitalism. They are happy to use whatever pronouns are necessary in order to get a cubical by the window and not the bathrooms. Have you done a show on ESG or Inclusive Capitolism? If so, would you mind telling me where to find it. If not, have you seen this? https://www.coalitionforinclusivecapitalism.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/The_Framework_for_Inclusive_Capitalism.pdf

    1. ESG Score
      An *objective evaluation of a company, a fund, or a security’s performance measured against Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria 
      *objective: Uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices: synonym: fair. Dear Reader, please explain how environmental issues, such as “humans are the scourge of the earth, men can have babies too, one must only identify as a sex and that makes it so, and corporations should govern” are objective ideas.
      Written by Kyle Peterdy
      Updated July 7, 2022
      What is an ESG Score?
      An ESG score is an objective measurement or evaluation of a given company, fund, or security’s performance with respect to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. Specific evaluation criteria vary between the different rating platforms that issue ESG scores; however, they all fall within one (or more) of the E, S, or G categories.

      ESG scoring systems tend to be either industry-specific or industry-agnostic. Industry-specific scoring systems assess issues that have been deemed material to the industry at large. Industry-agnostic ESG scores tend to incorporate widely accepted factors that are meaningful across industries – issues like climate change, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and human rights.

      ESG rating platforms determine a weighting for each measurement criterion; then, they assess an organization’s performance against each criterion. An organization’s final ESG score is typically a sum-product of the criteria ratings and the (proprietary) criteria weightings.

  2. I was thinking there was Dojo tonight and I was going to say all this in Dojo but I think it was this afternoon and I missed it. In any case I have a handful of things to say here. First of all, it was I (GreenMtnGirl) who made the comment in regards to the possibility that Ellen was born male to begin with (unless there was someone else who said it too). I certainly didn’t intend to piss in your Cheerios (the cheerios being your show) James and negate the many wonderful points and overall excellence of your show. Obviously you put a lot of time and thought and effort into it, as you always do. While it is possible that my theory is correct, it does seem outlandish and farfetched. However, celebritards do funny things and maybe they would do something like this. As you stated today however, it doesn’t matter because the truth of the matter is, regular (ish) people transition too and mutilate their bodies and essentially dead name themselves. By the way, I appreciated the Fight Club reference that your title alluded to “His Name was Ellen Page”. These people are unable to accept themselves for who they are and therefore feel the need to change themselves in order to “be comfortable” with themselves, and they receive the blessings of society and “medicine” which pushes them even further into their madness. I have evidence of this in my own life as just the other day I discovered that a female (former) friend of mine “Monica” is now “Jay” and has cut her own tits off to prove it. She is also taking a horrifying regimen of testosterone “therapy” to seal the deal. I didn’t dare ask about “bottom surgery”, I don’t want to know frankly. She absolutely has a right to self mutilation. But what about her kids? Are they expected to just shift gears with her? One day they wake up and Mommy is now Daddy (they already have a Daddy but as you can imagine he moved out awhile ago)? It breaks my heart honestly, talk about epigenetic mutilation, these kids barely stand a chance against this rip tide of propaganda rushing through their lives.

    On a lighter note, there is actually a guy out there, rumor has it, who DID grow a penis on his arm and he had to cover it up out in public. I’m not gonna chase that link down right now, I have to get going on supper, but I’m not making this up I swear.

    Also, Avatar 2 is coming out soon, fyi.

    Lastly, as far as immersion therapy goes there’s this thing called EMDR, I forget what it stands for. The idea is that it stimulates the body bilaterally whilst the patient recounts the trauma that led to PTSD being an issue. It works, I did it after having PTSD from childbirth. So no need for VR, you can get these results without it.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and have great day!

    1. Hello, Elspeth, (and james too)
      RE: “Ellen” originally born as a “male,” – – now revealing accuracies there as the truth about Hollyweird has now been exposed and continues to unravel as it’s been happening all these years we are told, the “trannie agenda,” The Secret Societies, President Kennedy “speaks about,” as all that entails in order to be “part of the club,” as this baphomet worship is their god, again enlightenment that indeed, “All The World IS A Stage,” and this trickle down effect of “false idol worship” affecting the current wave of kiddosand supposedly this generational wave is born with a heartier DNA in that sense hoping they might overcome this deranged thinking ….

  3. The commitment to playing out this level of make-believe is biggest with the acting crowd. Most of them look like Hide-the-pain Harolds to me. The “great” pretenders:

    “Oh yes I’m the great pretender
    Pretending that I’m doing well
    My need is such I pretend too much
    I’m lonely but no one can tell

    “Oh yes I’m the great pretender
    Adrift in a world of my own
    I play the game but to my real shame
    You’ve left me to dream all alone

    “Too real is this feeling of make believe
    Too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal

    “Yes I’m the great pretender
    Just laughing and gay like a clown
    I seem to be what I’m not (you see)
    I’m wearing my heart like a crown
    Pretending that you’re still around”

    If it’s “dead-naming”, implying someone died, was there a funeral? Even people who’ve been murdered are remembered as they were. I cannot be made to believe this mandatory make-believe.

  4. On some fundamental level with our witness we all know, knew about the undercurrent of lies supporting the scaffolding which stands only with our silence. We know, we knew, that sooner or later good people must resist it.

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