Dojo #28 – What’s Worse than Death

Dagmar loses Whole Foods. Matt gets stormtroopers to buy his groceries. Jennifer heals her ancestor field. Moderated by Nicholas Villella.

2 thoughts on “Dojo #28 – What’s Worse than Death

  1. Wow, Matt, what you said at the end about Babylon and the mountain outside it was very close to a strange semi waking dream i had about a mountain and Babylon. In my vision, for want of a better word, i seen this tribe climbing a mountain that was invisible, the events that have happened recently made it more visible to those who can see.with their heart. That gave me tingles when i heard you mention the same thing.

  2. Forbearance here guys. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute. I wanted to work my way through these in a linear fashion with classic German efficiency, but I’m finding these are like the book you open randomly and the message is always perfect for the moment!
    Jennifer and Randy, my dad was in WW2 and was deprived of his freedom of expression. It falls to us to complete their unfinished business in integrity. I feel you! Dagmar, thank you for the deep feeling connection you have to your integrity. The Creator speaks to our core through our feelings. I love how you honor them! (Creator and core, which are of the same energy) Andrea, I’ve recently acquired a new perception of nature as well. Where I work there is a huge Linden tree I made it my ritual to place my palm against it’s trunk and ask it to send a message through the root and micelium network all through the realm. Sometimes long winded, sometimes just “May Peace prevail” Always it was doing something for ME haha!. This week there was a shift. All I could say was “Thank you for the oxygen” So simple, so about the tree. Perhaps the words for me will be something like “I can thank the tree for it’s gift of oxygen and I dishonor that gift by wearing a mask to limit the interaction (or it’s hard to thank you for wearing a mask for my benefit)” It’s a work in progress haha! Matt, you are a kick-ass Jedi young man!

    Love to all of you. You are loved!

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