Dojo #38 – When Belts Breakdown

The belts were never an ascension program. Nor are they a way of victimizing each other. If that’s what we do with them, we are living in yellow/red belt victimhood. Green belts use yellow belt tactics all the time. These are places we come from. They are not who we are.

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Alex Attar
3 years ago

The intro alone has me so interested and remembering experiences i had on psychadelics. I was cracked open hard when i took way too much acid, i felt what it was like to be exploded, crushed and shocked with intense energy, at one point i was under the foot of a giant angel-like being, that looked like the statue of liberty, perhaps that was my manifstation of being under the foot of Babylon.

And wow Ava, what an awesome entry to the dojo. I love your openness and honesty

brenda leece
3 years ago

I’m at about 37:14 here and it makes me wonder about radio waves regards our senses known and unknown. I have had music come through the radio and move my body. I don’t mean when one dances that’s a “conscious effort” I can best describe it as instrumental empathy. Also no alcohol/drugs involved at all. Is that radio/airwaves or electricity?

David Traina
3 years ago

What a great dojo, thanks to all who shared it is very much appeciated!