Dojo #38 – When Belts Breakdown

The belts were never an ascension program. Nor are they a way of victimizing each other. If that’s what we do with them, we are living in yellow/red belt victimhood. Green belts use yellow belt tactics all the time. These are places we come from. They are not who we are.

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brenda leece
25 days ago

I’m at about 37:14 here and it makes me wonder about radio waves regards our senses known and unknown. I have had music come through the radio and move my body. I don’t mean when one dances that’s a “conscious effort” I can best describe it as instrumental empathy. Also no alcohol/drugs involved at all. Is that radio/airwaves or electricity?

David Traina
29 days ago

What a great dojo, thanks to all who shared it is very much appeciated!