Dojo #39 – Snipers in the Trees

A most heated exchange finally came from Jason as the tribe kept hitting him in the face with boards. Still, much work was destroyed thanks to two snipers in hiding in the trees protecting Jason’s witness from cracking itself open.

6 thoughts on “Dojo #39 – Snipers in the Trees

  1. What a great DOJO. Best Dojo Ever! I’ve been there JD, and unfortunately after making a stance and not abandoning myself for a long time the other half was not ready for the vitriol and ran off and is still hiding under someone’s cloak.
    “It ain’t no good, starting a relation out of victimhood”
    “Trying to save the whole world is a lack of confidence in yourself”
    Don’t siphon of a triangle, be your own fountainhead!

    And j Day, why did Chris pull Salt from Deprogram?; because you were not secreting salt!

  2. I’m still pretty charged after the dojo, more than ever. Being that I am still figuring out where I fit in here, it was not a waste of time for me and I appreciate that I learned something about myself and how I have lied to myself in the past or used a “shield”. I also appreciate that you all were there and hope you can see that this was maybe a “white belt” lesson and not a waste of time.

    Much to unlearn! I love you all.

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