Dojo #73 – The Sovereignty of Illness

Linda shares on her sister and her role as support during illness. We review our role in supporting someone’s sovereign decisions and negotiate where and when to intervene. Moderated by Lorna Hartley.

One thought on “Dojo #73 – The Sovereignty of Illness

  1. Intense Dojo today Tribe, and prescient as always. It brought back a conversation someone had with me about dealing with frustrations of powerlessness. That person asked me to imagine a dying child on the side of the road, and the feeling of powerlessness of the spirit of the mother watching this unfold. The mother could do nothing but witness without a body. I could hold and comfort the child, even though I could not stop the process. It was the only way I could be the body of the mother in action until mother and child were reunited. I never understood the meaning of witness until that conversation. We are Angels in training, with Angel protocols to learn like not step in until ‘asked’, plant ‘seeds’ and witness. I see the Angel in you Linda, so beautiful.

    I now visit with my mother more often in Melbourne. I found it difficult to watch her body fail her and give her so much pain that her old self has retreated. The powerlessness has returned in a different way now. The only way through this is for me to see her as I would WANT to see her, not how she presents to me. Today I had a synchronicity of confirmation about that very thing listening to “Neville Goddard – The Law – Self Circumcision” YT. It was a reading about the true meaning of Circumcision of the Heart. We seem to all be going through this with the people close to us, especially children. Much love to you from out in the Dojo car park. Forbearance xx

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