Dojo #74 – Seeing Cannons

We celebrate our life as we grow yet curse it as we die. But these curves are the arc of life.

3 thoughts on “Dojo #74 – Seeing Cannons

  1. Some information about vax protocols and side effects not reported by MSM discussed on YT “Seek Truth TV with Dr. Metasebya Solomon and Louis Jefferson”
    Skip first 5 mins.

  2. So much appreciation for all of you and your courageous spirit that you all share. What I’m seeing happen over long periods of time is the slow usurping of our spirit, soul and now the body, but not all will acknowledge that progression of claim over us. I realized from this discussion that the protocols I mentioned in the comments yesterday about Angels/Ancestors, ‘asking’ is not the right word since it assumes we have no power in that moment. What they want, and frankly what we all want, is acknowledgement. If I AM a spirit with a body, I have no other recourse but to acknowledge there are those that don’t have one. My Ancestors if you will. It’s never far from my consideration when making decisions. So instead of ‘asking’, acknowledgement that they will have a presence in my day that I will be alert to, is enough. So when someone says “What are your thoughts on this?” it’s the acknowledgement that opens the door to the conversation. “Do you have evidence?” all the better. This means no-one has lost their power in the exchange.

    Even when it comes to the ‘face off’ between the intelligence of my body and the intelligence of the government, I will not muscle test the product with a question. I will make a statement. ‘This substance/procedure is beneficial for my body’ and the body will test weak or strong to that STATEMENT. My body will have it’s day in the court of public opinion that will have to be acknowledged by everyone present, regardless of the ultimate outcome. That’s my hill. God Bless the Dojo.

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