Dojo # 87 – The Electricity of Sadness

Linda alchemizes a gear in her transmission she’s used to shed electricity. Matt brings himself back to the mat.

2 thoughts on “Dojo # 87 – The Electricity of Sadness

  1. Whoa Linda. Totally relate. And yes–welcoming the sadness–or fear, can be a great thing to do. “Bring it!” I say to myself sometimes when I have an uncomfortable feeling (often fear) arise. I have found that different tactics are called for, depending on the moment. Nothing seems to work 100% of the time because my clever self hatred will don so many different disguises. Sometimes the fuck off to that voice approach works too. Anyway–I so felt this even though I could not attend in person….

  2. Insightful Dojo. The electricity analogies are spot on, as always. In a short circuit, electricity seeks the quickest, least-resistive, unintended path back to ground/Earth/protective, comforting mother Earth.

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