Dojo #88 – To cast a vote

The dojo discusses feeling safe and the expense of calling someone out. Moderated by Nicholas Villella.

3 thoughts on “Dojo #88 – To cast a vote

  1. Miss you guys, had to get a full time gig so I can’t dojo. Lots of big changes here, I’ll be watching from the sidelines for the foreseeable future.

  2. A very powerful Dojo, and I appreciate being able to participate from Australia on the replay even if I have the advantage of reflecting on the content before commenting. It seems a little unfair sometimes. I can resonate with all points of view. In the bigger context, we are all going bump up against the vacuated on a daily basis from individuals to whole organizations who view us as cattle or livestock. YT ‘COVID-19 has disrupted all forms of human mobility’ – Int’l Migration 2020 Highlights Report’ a UN briefing I commented on. Even I could not just ‘vote out’ my ex-partner. I had children to consider. My choice was to have him role model an emotional age of 13 24/7, or only a weekend on a fortnightly basis. They had stable consistency for 2 weeks and then a disaster magnet weekend they knew would come to an end. Nothing sexual, just being taken to the wrong places at really bad timing (McDonalds during an armed holdup for example).
    What if a doctor joined the Dojo extolling the virtues of the freedom ‘vacation’? My moment of holding power with my ex was asking if he was finished during a rant. How good would it be to say, well if you’re finished, I just don’t don’t see myself going that way. In my best ‘James voice’ as my head rolls from the guillotine, I hope I still have the strength to say “Are you finished yet?’

  3. What can he do? It’s the fact that he maybe he is using the excuse of Aspergers to get consent to take advantage of some one. How did everyone get here? What made you decide to be a part of the this virtual reality? I have been stalked when I was on this dating website by a creep I never let him know where I was from but I come down stairs walk out side and he is sitting in the car waiting for me. How did he find me? I was careless and posted photos with landmarks and he was so obsessed he figured it out! He knows our name. He can look at everything on Facebook. I don’t know ‍♀️ I am with Rosa … I have spent a majority of my life helping people and thinking that they would get better! It rarely happens.

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