Dojo #89 – Moderated by Michael Wachter

4 thoughts on “Dojo #89 – Moderated by Michael Wachter

    1. Aspergers is on the increase. It;s been normalized and even celebrated as just a different way of thinking. I would agree if a different way of thinking did not lead to the absolution of responsibilities and permanent disability clasification. The connections I have observed through life experience are highly controversial and uncommon in the general population. I do stand by my claim that ‘witness’ is not a function anyone can expect under these conditions. I’m also certain that nearly everyone, by now, knows someone or has a family member with this condition and we are all taking a board to the face. The Dojo will resurrect like the living man I’m sure.

        1. I’m talking about the events that transpired from #84 through #88. Dojo #84 is where people raised their hands if they felt reservations about another Dojo member. I saw that as people trusting themselves and their intuition, a good thing. I’m a dowser and I trust the messages from my body fairly easily. For others who are new to it, it might need some time to sit with it. That’s all I have to say.

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