Dojo 90 – Vitriol and then some

Moderated by Brent Scheneman.

5 thoughts on “Dojo 90 – Vitriol and then some

    1. Brenda, so agree.. been thinking same thing. Elizabeth, you’re amazing.
      Thank you for your help yesterday.

      ALSO, I appreciate so much, the BOTH of you!! Brenda and Elizabeth,
      and what you EACH bring to dojo.
      Lovely ladies.

      ((Just new in website, clicked link, saw comment, had to chime in 🙂
      So, hello! , And thank you .
      Much love to you each of ya!

      1. I’m glad I could help you figure out what the technical problem was Amy. Welcome to an incredible space where we learn so much from each other. I look forward to being a witness to your vitriol. There is a lot of support from all the caring souls in here to help us shed what we no longer need to carry buried deep inside of us.

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