#005 – The Technology of Magic

The word Abracadabra is Hebrew for “I will create as I speak.” In Aramaic, it means “I create like the word.” Magic is a program launched from the voice box written in the language of sound. You are born speaking a dialect of music. Your gasps, howls, grunts, and sighs tell more than letters ever could. We are singing reeds from the womb casting the spell of “I AM.” Words crumble like sand in arid comprehension while our tone is a sturdy clay. We are castles of ego gloriously dreaming in the face of the tide. Our words say what we feel not what we think. Pluck will’s cord from deep in the belly. Give a boom to the voice that comes from your bones. You are an ancestral drum telling the future what will come. Your bloodline is the sacred spark in life’s quest for fire….  Read the article

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