The Technology of Magic

You are reading a page from a manual of lost technology that works like Amazon Alexa but far more advanced.  This technology doesn’t come in a box or require a monthly subscription. It listens for your commands right now as you read. This technology draws its power from the earth and tunes into your body’s antenna when you call it. This technology is magic.

The word Abracadabra is Hebrew for “I will create as I speak.” In Aramaic, it means “I create like the word.” Magic is a program launched from the voice box written in the language of sound. You are born speaking a dialect of music. Your gasps, howls, grunts, and sighs tell more than letters ever could. We are singing reeds from the womb casting the spell of “I AM.” Words crumble like sand in arid comprehension while our tone is a sturdy clay. We are castles of ego gloriously dreaming in the face of the tide. Our words say what we feel not what we think. Pluck will’s cord from deep in the belly. Give a boom to the voice that comes from your bones. You are an ancestral drum telling the future what will come. Your bloodline is the sacred spark in life’s quest for fire.

From this day forward, you are the alchemist. You take an oath that your tongue may only pass the truth. Sarcasm is a cackling hyena. You are a pharaoh who rises the sun with your palm. You are the message, not its reaction. Strike tones in the matrix with the power of your cords. The two towers in your throat are a magi’s lens. Vibration bears the fruit of colors. This is the body’s aura. Find yourself worthy of the coat of many colors so that you may learn to glow. There is too much darkness in this world to not do so. Aura lives in the eye of the beholder. It is the emanation of someone’s truth. This is the harmonic manifestation of logos.

Magic is an ancient API with a simple protocol. Magic hears your will and holds it accountable for its commandments. The user launches a new program by casting a circle. This is your holodeck in the aether. A circle is as easy as sweeping a broom to form a boundary. You clean a space to welcome something new. This makes a landing beacon for its arrival. A circle can be of any size or shape. Claiming space is how the alchemist draws power. The island of Manhattan was a ritual circle of water on 9/11. The homeowner in the suburbs mows a ritual circle of grass in the summer. Once inside the circle, the alchemist becomes a four-dimensional wand. Power is lost and gained depending on the desire. A man’s garage is a magic circle. A yoga mat is a magic circle. A cold shower is a circle. The cab in a carpenter’s truck is a circle. That place in front of the kitchen sink is a circle. A bathroom stall when someone’s drunk is a circle. The bed in your bedroom, your mother’s arms, your face in a cat’s belly. These spaces are circles where we power up.

Energy comes from remembering you are the most powerful person in the world.

Magic props are furniture on the set of a movie. The purpose of the prop is to convey the alchemist’s intent to the aether (audience). A prop represents a magical program you want to launch in the ritual. The ritual of lighting sage launches a cleansing program. It requires no utterance since it has been symbolically endowed.  If props give you belief you must use them. Belief is the motor of will. If a prop is contrived it will fail. This is why symbology is so powerful. As a meta-language, symbols have been charged for centuries by alchemists. Knowing their history enriches the quality of belief. Magic is the flow-state of belief. You feed it by tapping into the archetypes. A 60-year-old woman in St Louis believes she is the reincarnation of Cleopatra. She carries herself proudly through the mall in leopard pants because of it. She is a walking goddess in her belief. That energy comes from the archetype the Queen of the Nile. The power of masks, props, or uniforms plugs us into the archetypes. We stand up straight in their current. We shed what’s meek and stretch our wings with no fear of reproach.

Both fear and confidence strengthen our beliefs. My cat was an acrobatic ninja on our balcony. He would jump on to the handrail towering three stories over a cliff. His acrobatics sent a gush of adrenaline through my shoulders and knees. I pulled back inside and let him have the porch to itself. His belief gave him power. My belief took power away. Belief is vital to a trance.

Prana is life force. This can be intimidating to the starved. Enthusiasm is a measure of prana. When lost or stolen, pay attention to how it happened. The world is full of vampires cultivating nectar for slaughter. Be sure the draining of your power has your full consent. You are responsible for where it goes and what it’s used for. Consent is a vow of commitment for the alchemist.

Wishes are thought. Spells are spoken. How many of us voice our will aloud to the world? The language of magic is an utterance. Words are as sacred as we make them. Build up prana in the trachea by what you speak. Words are hieroglyphic sigils holding a power to unlock chemicals in a listener’s brain. Like the biology of amino acids, language becomes a chemical sandwich. Spells are meals served in courses throughout the life of an incantation. Tell life what it must give you to keep you satisfied. Make every molecule believe you mean business. This is what we do when we order a meal, save a life, settle an argument, sell a house, or escape a ticket. A conversation is the secretion of chemicals inducing a mutual trance.

Before you can cast a spell you should be sure you’re not living in another’s trance. Begin by asking yourself the question, “Am I sovereign?” Allow your body time to give you the answer. It may not be used to you talking to it. By talking to the body out loud you open a direct connection to your mitochondria. Your body is giving you constant feedback. Listen to your reflection in the mirror. The pain in your neck. The warm glow from your chest. Feel it from the ends of your skin. Are you sovereign? If you feel hesitation, ask again. If the answer is “no” you can fix it instantly. Tell your body you hold the reins. It will welcome you as captain. If you feel under attack or out of control you can recite the Shepherd’s Prayer (Psalm 23). Jesus is a power station of ancient technology. His archetype has an aura that you can access 24/7.  Jerry Marzinsky documents this in his study of possession. This prayer activates the built-in recovery program to protect you while your system is restored. You can take back the wheel whenever you are ready.

Make the language of your spells your own. The vibration of magic is more important than its syllables. Be sure a confident wind rolls through the twin towers of your throat. Study conscious language to improve your spell’s energy, frequency, and vibration. Remember that words aren’t spells. It’s what the vocal cords do with words that make them spells. Your imagination is powerful. You play words on your vocal cords in your head when you read. You are doing it now as you read. Your vocal cords are the magic, not the words. Tell the world your will. Dictate the delivery schedule. And so it is. So mote it be. Command the aether like Zeus from the atop Mount Olympus.

Alchemists step out of compulsory education dripping in mind control. Many of us spend our lives in a trance about our own currency. We’ve been taught from our youth money is evil and repulsive. We’ve been taught our own time is worth an amount of that money. This is a trance inserted by wizards who want to control us. If you’ve struggled with money use this spell to break free.

Step 1: The Bible doesn’t say money is the root of all evil. It says, “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” Having wealth is not evil. Sweep that mind control out of your circle.

Step 2: Money is an energy current. Currency is a 2-way street. Do you feel worthy of your own value? You have the ability to output fifty amps but your psychology only thinks you’re worthy of three. Stop cheating the world of your potential. You’re not being humble by being meek. You’re being selfish with what you could be giving back.

Step 3: Shock the world with your current. Output who you are from the ground of your body and voice. Erupt like a volcano of plasma. God trusts the potential he gave you. There are no mistakes from the factory. Your blueprint is accurate and you are being held accountable for how you use it. The stage is yours, you are wasting time wondering if you should be up here.

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15 thoughts on “The Technology of Magic

  1. Thank you for sharing this!
    I just discovered your website and have to say, I’m blown away. This is truly astounding work. I’ve been trying to raise this kind of awareness by aestheticizing the hidden, unpalatable facets of our world through fiction… and can only tip my cap before your straight forward way of spreading truth.

    Much more effective

  2. JT good job, when I asked for the second time, I heard ” I am sovereign ” bonus x

    Ps can u also register me, if you recall I had trouble with the site reg process

  3. Thoroughly enjoy your style of writing: comprehensive, invigorating, and efficient. This material resonates very strongly with me at this point in my journey. I will be purchasing blueprints very soon. Thanks James!

  4. powerfully eloquent piece o’ prose, amigo.

    cool little trick learnt once from a wise one, advanced in the art —
    7 syllables instead of 5 : a-bu-ra-ca-da-bu-ra (bu sounds like boo)
    bring the sounds from your belly, repeat until you feel it in your bones.

    enjoy 🙂

  5. I am sovereign, but the Lord is not my shepherd. If the Lord was my shepherd, then I would be just his sheep to be ruled by his staff and broken by his rod. Isn’t this like the crook and the flail? There’s no sovereignty in being a sheep. Your ideas about mind control have helped me to have new perspectives on Christianity and Christ. I don’t see Christ as an archetype of power like I used to, but as a program for being a submissive, sacrificial lamb who can easily be led to the slaughter.

    If the state (Rome) and the priest class (the rabbis) condemn you to death, you must let yourself be tortured and killed. I get the sentiment of Christ as power, but how do you reconcile the reality that to imitate Christ is to be a willing victim of the state and the priest class? I see Christians as a people who are powerless against today’s state and the priest class like Christ was, and the most helpless against the mind control of the state and the priest class.

    1. I don’t think one can be sovereign and also a sheep. But many who write to me say they are attacked. After reading the work of Jerry Marzinsky I have found this prayer is helpful in hundreds of prison cases where demons thrive. You are tapping into Jesus the archetype. You are surrendering yourself to a higher power as a last resort. Many prefer to live their entire lives in this state. That is not for the alchemist to judge. Free will to not use free will is the meaning of free will. I hope that sheds more light on what I mean. Thanks.

      1. Thanks James. It does shed a lot more light. It’s been a while since I prayed to Jesus, but I do recall that many years ago when I had nightmares of being attacked by the devil, I would wake up praying out loud. So it does work.

        You’re right that it’s not for the alchemist to judge. it reminds me of stories of healers or shamans who take the time to understand the person they are helping while working within that person’s belief system.

        The more I think about it, it was always me exercising my sovereignty in some ways even when I was living in a state of surrendering myself to a higher power. I was using my free will to not use my free will.

  6. Great article James!!! Came along for me at the right time. I love the way you write and the things you write about and the newness you bring to old issues. You are my go to truth guru right now.!!

  7. Two things jumped out at me from earlier posts on Twitter today (that you took from your article here) that I completely disagree with, and I have been pondering them all day:

    1. “Stop cheating the world of your potential.” In my experience, this is backwards; the world cheats me of my potential, every time I turn around.

    2. “You’re being selfish with what you could be giving back.” I don’t give back anymore because the world doesn’t want what I have to offer. I’m done hitting my head up against the wall.

    So, I return to my pre-Doctor-Lambeau Good Will Hunting existence. Thanks for making me think. I’m getting even closer to where I need to be.

  8. While I was reading your books I asked myself if I was sovereign and the answer was NO.

    I love this article, it spoke directly to a project I’m doing right now in a tentative way.
    This time the answer was YES and I applied this piece –

    Stop cheating the world of your potential. You’re not being humble by being meek. You’re being selfish with what you could be giving back.

    My body heard me and dropped false modesty to know ‘I can and will do this!’
    Thanks, James,


    1. “you’re not being humble by being meek. you’re being selfish with what you could be giving back.” Hmm. I gotta think long and hard on this. Being humble takes energy. Being meek takes none. imo. I like being meek. They shall inherit the Earth or so Matthew says.

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