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It’s been a busy year for a budding author. On Valentine’s Day, I released my new book, Blueprints of Mind Control. I have had the pleasure of talking about it on the following shows:

Thanks to my patrons over at Patreon, I have also started a podcast. You can subscribe on iTunes, Spreaker, or find it on other streaming platforms under my name. Thanks for all the support by being a patron, reading my column and buying my books. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t pinch myself to have a community supporting me as a writer and content producer. I have many plans here. I look forward to revealing them with you. Thank you.

My new book Blueprints for Mind Control is on shelves now! Paperback, eBook, or I can mail you an Autographed Copy

6 thoughts on “Live Interviews

  1. Kudos to James True
    Windfalls,treasurer troves,jackpots,bonazas,perpetual annuities upon You and your loved ones.
    That conversation going on when no one else is speaking
    Preempt it with Life is GRAND. first moment back in the body .

  2. Thanks for sending me the signed copy of your book so quickly! I am about halfway through it. Your perspectives are refreshing. I appreciate one of the themes running throughout the book, that none of us are fully awakened and that we have to treat our slumbering brothers and sisters with kindness. It can get frustrating when the majority of people around you react like programmed machines, but to know that we are not alone is comforting.

  3. Forgive me for not being entirely aware of your perspective. What is your take on the radical jew on facilitating this system we are surrounded by? Specifically the political, technological, and cultural system being implemented from the top down?

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