The Trojan Horse of Zionism

Zionism is a Death Star orbiting the forest moon of America. The empire calls its citizens anti-semitic monkey-people tainted with measles. We are told the rebels must be vaccinated from their own disease. Our madness is chained under the master’s desk. We smell the cigar smoke of Zionism wafting. Mossad has Trump’s head in its mouth. AmericaFirst wants him to step on the snake but the Zionists made him a saddle. America loves Zionism more than it loves Israel. We are programmed by a hypnotic number six million. If World War II was about the extermination of one race why did Hitler invade Russia? Hitler’s Mein Kampf revealed a disdain for subterranean nations living inside of what he called the Fatherland. Hitler’s first beef was with the French not the Jews. The mind control is so bad I have trouble even typing the word, “Hitler.” As if reading the amended plaques at Auschwitz makes me a bad person. Or consulting the world census makes me a perpetrator in genocide. We are punished and shamed for snooping into our own history. My last article on Judaism was flagged for a week by Social media. In addition, I have been suspended from my third social media platform account. The most effective mind control is a tiny gnat that lands in the eye. It teaches you to graze where the bugs won’t bother you. One tiny kamikaze insect is all it takes to move the bull.

If a country exploits the suffering of its people then that suffering becomes a kind of harvest. Could this be why it’s called a burnt offering instead of a satanic killing? No one honors the dead by exaggerating. Would we remember 9/11 more or less by curbing the truth or fudging the numbers? We believe in the chosen people because we would burn in hell for doubting it. We are too afraid to even ask for identification. The biblical chosen people could be Ethiopians or even Irish. The belief in a Zionist state is a religious narcissism. The only cure is to stop giving it supply. American Zionism is the enabler. Antisemitism laws are the flying monkey.

“A Jew is not a Zionist” – Rabbi Dovid Weiss

There is no difference between globalism and Greater Israel. Zionism declares every non-Jew in the world unchosen. Every Abrahamic religion has been told their book is sacred and true. If religions were planets, Christianity would be the sun, Islam, the moon. Judaism would be Saturn. Abraham’s hands turn the blades of a cosmic great work. It gives us the golden child of Christianity and the scapegoat of Islam. Both are manipulated by the hand of Sabbatean Judaism. In abuse, the golden child is abandoned for their failures while the scapegoat is neglected for their triumphs. Only the children of Saturn benefit from the sacrifice of the others. Julius Caesar was the messiah of Rome. Sabbatai Zevi was the Messiah for Judaism. Hitler was the Messiah of Germany. We are programmed to follow a messiah. We are programmed to ask them for deliverance. We are programmed to think we’re not worthy to do it ourselves.

We are born into a slow cyclone. Modern interferometry suggests the earth is stationary as the aether slowly rotates around us. God is stirring our magic potion for a reason. Once you know the recipe, the violence becomes predictable. Mankind is yeast rising up from his knees in the heat. Human slavery is a kind of hatchling. We were enslaved to each other long before we were enslaved to Rome. Liberation is a blossom that keeps unfolding. Our thirst stretches the tongue from its cave to taste the rain.

This week, Florida unanimously passed public school anti-semitic legislation making it illegal to criticize the Israeli people. Veterans who said Israel goated America into war with Egypt by attacking the USS Liberty could go to jail for their testimony. Ever hour another veteran commits suicide and the government wants to assure us none of them will be anti-semitic. We are creating yet another special class of citizen who will suffer on a golden pedestal. Anti-hate laws are the Trojan horse we wheeled into our city while marveling at how virtuous we must be for taking their gift. It will be night soon. The wooden belly of the beast will crack open and men will descend from ropes to slice open our throats. They have come for our voice box. I ask what’s the difference between “Trust the plan” and Stockholm syndrome. The answers don’t satisfy me.

Wikipedia says, “Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy.” When Patty Hearst was taken hostage at age 20 by the SLA she believed her captors were compassionate. She hung hope on the notion they would be moved by her pain. She projected a kind heart inside their chest so she had something to appeal to. Nineteen months later, in 1974, Patty was helping her captors rob the Hibernia Bank. A month later, Patty had renamed herself Tania and emptied an automatic weapon into a storefront window during a getaway. Patty Hearst was convicted for armed robbery and pardoned by Bill Clinton. The inventor of yellow journalism’s granddaughter was shown mercy for multiple felonies.

The FBI’s COINTELPRO program was installing domestic terrorist programs like the SLA nationwide from Berkeley to Mississippi. The Weather Underground and the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) were domestic training cells posing as anti-racist/ feminist/communist organizations. They recruited radicals from inside prisons and used media to arrange false flags attacks in Mississippi and Kent State. Mind control is the selection of gladiators for the Roman Coliseum. The civil rights movement we study today was installed by federal gangsters cashing in on domestic strife.

During JFK and 9-11 our nation was taken hostage by voodoo witch doctors blowing dust in our face. We react to the spell in a predictable way because we are well trained. A cobra with seven heads has been charming us from the beginning. Each strike of its mouth comes from a new direction. We do well to keep our feet off the ground and dance. The right caters to Zionism because they hate pedophilia and corruption. The left caters to Zionism because they hate to see suffering. We could point our weapons at the real Pharaoh anytime now. He is on the hill being fawned over by our wives and children while we tend to his land with our blood. We are epigenetically conditioned to serve the chosen ones.

Most of the nation trusts the government. Most of the citizens mistrust big business. Both seem to forget that the government is a corporation now. We trust our flag more than its people. We trust the stories of Paul Revere we heard as children. We trust we have the moxie to dump tea or to muster a militia in a dawn’s early light. We extend our trust to the government like a free handshake. We believe our shaking makes us more civilized. This belief is how they break a horse. The owner can stick his fingers in our mouth to prove we won’t bite.

It is illegal in Sweden and Germany to homeschool. This raises an important question. What’s the difference between a child detention facility and compulsory government-run education? In France, it’s illegal now to even question what the Holocaust really was and still is. The definition of Holocaust is burnt offering. The 6 million Jews number has been pushed in newspapers as early as 1915. Six is the atomic number for carbon, Carbon is what is left after a burnt offering, There is a single evil hiding inside Atheism, Zionism, Judaism, Catholicism, and Christianity that wants to send a message to God. It’s doing this through symbolism and human sacrifice. The legs and arms of this creature are American Zionism.

The brainwashing is worldwide and fulltime. There are not enough hours in the day to undo the empire’s dissonance. Europe is drowning in quicksand. America is up to its knees in the rising tide as we adjust to the smell. People don’t believe in humans anymore, they’d rather wait for a hero. This is what happens when you implant trauma from a seven-headed cobra. Behold the Trojan Horse of Zionism. The true history of the second world war masks a century of globalism creeping. Nationalism is attacked because it’s the only thing standing in its way. American Zionists claim being anti-zionist is anti-semitic. This is the perpetrator hiding behind the victim.

German historian David Irving has been imprisoned multiple times for researching his book, Hitler’s War. He has been removed from airplanes, denied at border crossings, and threatened with prison for researching world history. Every day, more of his videos are removed from the internet and banned from our schools. No one disputes Irving’s work. The Auschwitz Museum in Germany has verified his research for the British courts. Zionists don’t want the real story of World War II coming out. This is why they ended free speech in Florida.

The difficulty in speaking about a topic is directly proportional to its propaganda. Asking, “Is that true?” honors our history and never disparages it. Questions are the focus of our attention which is all a human truly is – conscious attention. Historical fascists insist we must not invest the effort to re-examine. They want the cake they were fed in school. Psychopaths treat their victims like sandbags. Psychopathy has dictated every page of the history book. It is healthy to start from a place of doubt and work our way out. Blaming nationalism for genocide is a cover. Use this as a cipher. It’s a clue to notice just how much effort is spent trying to shame independence. Ideas like nationalism are deadly to a global crime syndicate. America is an Achilles’ heel. This is why the American mind was subdued by a media cabal after World War II. They need us to abandon the concept of sovereignty. It’s confusing to hold truth now. They made it that way on purpose. It requires calories every day to withstand a storm of fairytales about a war between good and evil. It looks better in print than saying it was really the manipulated vs the fooled.

Asking if Israel has the right to exist is the same as asking if they have a right to do what they do to Palestinians. When we believe in chosen people we give them consent to remove the unchosen. We trust Zionists and their plans for America. We know not what we do. Congress has no war powers which means the people have no say. Florida has lost the first amendment in a unanimous vote and no one is complaining. Don’t forget what has happened to us. We rode shotgun in a van for eight years while we bombed seven nations with a Nobel Peace Prize for a hood ornament. That maniacal laugh you hear in the back is from people we pay with our attention and taxes. All of the guns are loaded for the next heist. The Third Temple and Iran are just around the corner. The Zionist plan has been in place since the Balfour Declaration. At this point, insanity is the only thing keeping us in this van.

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20 thoughts on “The Trojan Horse of Zionism

  1. Great article, but you did not tell who was inside the Trojan horse. The Jesuits created Zionism with dispensational futurism. What we are looking at is a Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy using the mask of Zionism.

  2. There exists a litany of barbaric murderous genocide to answer for. It spans the globe and covers centuries of inhuman psychopathic behavior. Not believing in God, morals, an afterlife or soul is as dangerous as it gets. It’s push back time but it takes the balls to greet death with a smile and an embrace. The Trojan horse is history repeating itself. Who then considers themselves worthy of heroism at this point in history?

  3. Excellent.
    The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it is profitable to continue the illusion. At that point, where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, (((they))) will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs.
    You will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

  4. What else is there to say? and what can be done on this road we are already so far along? You say it so well but you won’t win any prizes! We are so confused we cannot see a way out except to hold to whatever truths we are fairly sure about but can’t even discuss now with those closest to us. It must be getting near the final showdown????

  5. Jim Stone
    It is once again time to assess a situation in Gaza

    “Here it is, in a nut shell: Israel is without question bringing the rockets into Gaza and firing them back at Israel to provide justification for bombing the hell out of Gaza, and I have intrinsic proof. This proof is: If Gaza was sending rockets into Israel, Israel’s response would have been against rocket positions in Palestine. Instead, Israel has simply stated that since the rockets are coming from “everywhere” they are going to do punative strikes. And what did Israel blow up? Here’s the list.
    328 residential buildings, fishing ports, two universities, a mosque, several schools, three media offices, and three ambulances.

    Israel simply picked out nice buildings and blew them up. Here is the story of one:

    “Azmi Doghmush, a building owner in Gaza, says that he received a taunting phone call from an Israeli intelligence officer on Sunday: “Sheikh Doghmush! How are you doing?… Count down five minutes and watch my proficiency and accuracy in toppling your building, but keep 50 meters away.”

    I was screaming hysterically, this is a joke, don’t do it, this is foolish! He was honest, while my lifetime dream was turned into fallen dominoes” Doghmush, 50, said.

    The seven-story al-Qamar residential building in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood in the Gaza City was then leveled by six Israeli missiles.My comment: The nature of these Israeli attacks proves they know exactly who they are targeting, and the nature of the conversation proves they know they are targeting innocents. Israel is merely seeking asset destruction, and not launching a real effort to shut down “rocket fire”. You don’t blow up 7 story buildings that span an entire city block unless asset destruction is your only objective. This is how the nicest building in a particular neighborhood was taken out, one of over 300 total.

    If Gaza was fronting a legitimate rocket threat, the story would have gone like this: “With their perfect intelligence, SO GOOD they can call a land owner and tell him he’s toast, Israeli special forces entered Gaza and destroyed a weapons cache, which consisted of over 100 rockets and IED’s. They also captured 70 militants and their manufacturing equipment, and then subsequently destroyed the location where the rockets were being manufactured”.

    THAT is how a story line would go if Israel was not hoaxing the attacks against it’s own self. So what’s new in the world today? False flag rocket attack ALL THE WAY baby!”

    1. Breaks my heart what Israhell is getting away with, I feel for the Gazan people. It is so wrong. I hope to God we are waking up at a fast enough rate to stop the NWO but with the vast majority of politicians being predatory psychopaths it’s hard to see a way out.

      Trump is the biggest traitor of all.

  6. Well written Jarue. The average person still has a really hard time believing that there is some type of grand evil agenda. They just aren’t wired to accept something like that until their is some sort of trauma event(beheading the dragon, so to speak) that programs them to go “my god!”

    It makes me think, if you want to rule the world, you just need a plan so ambitiously evil that no one can believe it, then carry it out in broad daylight.

    Sometimes I play devil’s advocate and say that I don’t believe in any secret organizations. Instead, I tell people that when you just follow selfishness, greed, ignorance, hatred, envy, all those really good qualities, you don’t have to get organized. Selfish bad behavior leads to more selfish bad behavior. Evil sort of organizes itself. It’s homegrown organic natural evil that way, it’s too honest to be predictable. Therefore, more potent.

    I do see changes in perspectives of people, usually not on the spot. I never know what it is exactly that I said that stuck in their minds and get the gears turning. Sadly, you can’t really ask them because, they don’t know. They might think they know. They might be right. But neither of us know.

    I’d like to hear more about how you approach talking to people about this sort of thing? I think compassion is the key but I haven’t figured out exactly how to use it.


      1. So, avoid pointing fingers at something specific in front of nonbelievers. Point at patterns. Non-confrontational that way.

        Do you avoid having yourself quantified as a title as well?

        If I say: Kindness is good.

        Majority agrees.

        If I say: I’m a vegan musician and kindness is good.

        Majority says: hippie.

    1. The thing is Jeff when you play that devils advocate you really are helping the devil! They want us to believe all those negative things you say so that fits in fine with their agenda.
      I fell out with a friend for 20 years who I have now contacted again as i now see where he was coming from. He just spoke what he thought and eventually it got through!

  7. So very true.
    Most ppl are caught up in the endless side shows so as not to see the bigger picture…
    “It’s getting warm in here” says one frog to another…

  8. same brainwashing happening in schools of asia. history books have been edited. whats your email address where its possible to reach you?

      1. i wrote an email to you inquiring about how flat earthers predict eclipses. until eclipses are sorted out it is hard to take FE seriously.

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