Possession and the Targeted Individual

Do you believe the reports of targeted individuals (T.I.’s)? There’s plenty of evidence to prove they are real. Consider it the DARPA project of the American mind. Tragically, all victim reports are automatically dismissed as psychological. The truth is too uncomfortable for society. I present two facts: 1.) Government mind programs are real and hide in plain site under the label of schizophrenia. 2.) Demon possessions are the misunderstood technology of ethereals.

It was a late Friday afternoon in January 2017. Esteban Santiago, age 26, walked ceremonially into the Fort Lauderdale International baggage claim. With clammy palms, he grabbed the grip of his handgun stuffed carelessly into his genitals. Esteban had been targeted by CIA for several years now. At this point, he was simply running their program. He was the only one in the airport who knew what was about to happen. Esteban heard his own bell toll as he unstuffed the instrument of destruction. He shot five strangers at medium-close range and wounded eight more. He wanted every shot to be efficient, courteous and deadly. After he spent the smoking chamber, Esteban got down on his knees like a defeated Samurai and waited. The voices in his head were gone. Hot wet blood pumped the fresh action through every artery and vein. His receptors were reborn in a whole new trauma. It gave way to a polar shift of chemicals. The CIA voices would no longer be the center of his universe. They would have to scream over the ringing in his ears. Esteban had graduated from the T.I. program into a chance of life in prison.

Parkland School shooter Nicholas Cruz was a targeted individual. If you listen to the dispatch audio, the LEO’s knew Cruz by name, not description. He confessed the demons told him exactly what to do. Losing his mom doesn’t make you kill seventeen people in kevlar and a gas mask then walk to McDonalds. The physical stamina and eyewitness reports of multiple shooters makes it out of the question. Sadly, T.I.’s are diagnosed as schizophrenic before anyone bothers to weigh their story. Cruz and Esteban are both from the same Miami/Dade district. Both reported hearing voices in their heads. Esteban was convinced it was coming from CIA technology. Cruz was convinced it was coming from the devil. All of their crimes happened under the watchful eyes of Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Who do you call if a federal agency is targeting you and the local police are corrupt? How does one survive when no one believes you? How long before you start listening to the voices? The mind breaks much sooner than we think.

Denver’s Scott Ostrem was a healthy eighteen years old with a hobby for fitness and camping. One night, he ingested sixteen doses of LSD at a party and dropped his psychic guard like a pair of trousers. Each protective layer of identity melted into a puddle of wax. Every person at the party was concerned. They stood over his beached lifeforce marooned with no shields. No one saw the dangers from their own aura drip. Each of us carry epigenetic passengers that cling to our spines like hobos. These are ethereal stowaways living in your DNA that we call demons. Scott lost a lifelong battle he could have corrected with a force field. He was never the same after that party. Scott grew reclusive through the years. He would later agree to a demonic exorcism from a priest. But an exorcism only gives it birth.  Scott became possessed in 1988. On Nov 1, 2017, Scott casually walked into Walmart and shot three people.

Waid Anthony Melton had been hearing muffled voices since he was 17. He was treated for schizophrenia. In 2018, while Waid was working at an Albuquerque warehouse store, he shot and wounded three people. The voices in Waid’s head told him he had telepathically instigated a shooting that occured a year prior. Waid’s employer owned the warehouse in Texas where the shooting occurred. This is an example of how the archetypal demon possession can sympathetically resonate from Texas to New Mexico. Kristine Peralez, the Texas shooter Waid referenced, said her life had been threatened for over 15 years. She apologized in a premeditated confession video saying she had been pushed too far. She died after shooting and killing her manager and wounding an employee. Waid killed himself after six cell phone conversations with police. Both demons fed off the same trauma echo. They resonated in sympathy like a tuning fork and a tone. More and more victims all carrying the same root curse.

In September of 2013, less than two miles from the D.C. capital, Aaron Alexis a practicing Buddhist from Texas, shot and killed twelve people at the Washington Navy Yard. Alexis had been hearing voices through the walls. He had described it as portable microwave technology deployed against him. He changed his living arrangements several times and reported to the police that he was being followed. They were disrupting his sleep with radiation beams that could penetrate the ceilings and walls. They were sending voices into his head. He went to the V.A. for help on two occasions but was told the cause was psychological. This treatment cemented Aaron’s possession. The world locked Aaron in a room with the truth and no one could see it but him.

Florida native Myron May was a former prosecutor turned targeted individual. He resigned from a good job to work with private investigators to expose his attackers. May was hearing details about himself broadcast through his walls. They would tell him what he was doing and mock him. Just like Aaron Alexis, he was convinced it was some kind of energy weapon. And just like Esteban, his ability to sleep was under constant attack. Myron walked into the FSU library and gunned down three victims. Every targeted attack deprives a victim of sleep. Ethereal possession happens when our defenses are down.

The Tennessee shooter, Emanuel Samson heard voices that convinced him he was linked to mass shooter Dylann Roof. Roof claims he was spurred by the Trayvon Martin incident. Roof inspired another shooter in Ohio via written letters. All of these shootings spread like an archetypal pathogen. Trauma demons can work like sleeper cells. The sympathetic vibration wakes up each victim like an undead zombie. Possessed Squirrel Hill shooter Robert Bowers listened to noises in his head that told him his people were being slaughtered and he had to act.

In 2012, Raulie Casteel shot twenty three cars along the I-96 corridor. He explained the purpose for the shooting, “was to get rid of the demons, so to speak, the fear, the anxiety.” Just like Esteban in the airport, Castell couldn’t take the voices anymore. For three years, men from the Army were stalking his movements with military helicopters and attacking him with advanced technologies. They caused his wife to miscarry twice and they were currently attacking their daughter.

All of these cases can be attributed to a government black-budget operation or a personal possession by an archetypal demon. Every case describes real events experienced by each shooter. Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Many of these shooters also reported seeing demons. We should believe them. They are seeing trauma echo from the body’s DNA. What they call demons are ethereal vibration from epigenetic shock. Schizophrenics, mescaline users, and demon-whisperers all see the same reality and it’s drenched in the ripples of lingering pain. In some countries, schizophrenia is nurtured by a village. In America it’s used to pull a trigger.

Electromagnetic ethereal warfare is already a real thing. Sound can be made into sound bullets and aimed like a laser. The human skull is a parabola dish antenna capable of reverberating a signal. Low frequency ELF GWEN towers have been built across the country long before we read about 5G. Voice-of-god technology has long been deployed in the desert. T.I.’s contact me privately on Twitter. They tell me their crazy stories and I am often left speechless. I struggle to tell them I believe them. I don’t want to lie. The story is hard to swallow. It makes the neighborhood a dangerous place. I tell them I am listening though. My gut reminds me a psychological gaslighting program would look exactly like this. If a T.I. confides in you, don’t lie to them if they ask if you believe them. Nothing causes more harm when you are being gaslighted then being lied to. They will feel more trust by you being honest. T.I.’s need honest desperately. Our world is full of lies. We are all targeted by the dissonance. We can all relate to their pain.

Targeting the body is done with energy, frequency and vibration. The same tools we can use to heal it. The body electric is a three-piece band. Our lungs are its pipes. Our heart is its drum. The brain plays the strings. The body’s song cycles between 1-16 revolutions per second. We long to be in sync with ourselves and each other. Any rhythm can be subtly influenced by non-sympathetic vibrations. We can be led by the discomfort and subconsciously change our own tune. Like the body, the Earth has these same three rhythms. The Schumann fundamental (7.83Hz) is the rhythm of her breath. The second order is the rhythm of her heart (14.1Hz). The third order is the rhythm of her thought (20.3Hz). Imagine you controlling all three frequencies in your own body. Your breath, your heart, and your mind. You could tune your body in sync with Earth’s song. Your mind would pulse the very same frequencies of thought.

If you are a targeted individual or suffering from voices I won’t tell you you’re not alone. The truth is you are and both of us know it. You have been abandoned by society’s fence. Your ball was kicked over into the woods and no one is coming to get it. I hear your story and see a familiar pattern in each case. The secret is to find your power. You can stalk your own body and see the shadow of these demons. Survey the perimeter of your lifeforce like you just inherited a new kingdom. Move your awareness over every part of your skin like a record needle. Survey the castle of your organs with the light of your attention in a ceremony. If a demon is hiding, he will do it behind some convenience or utility. He will fill your pocket with rocks so he can offer to take your bags. Look for him where things are easy. Find him in the last place you’d want to look. Demons are a genetic technology. We are possessed and rendered helpless by them because no one taught us how it works.


This has been Part 2 of my series on demon technology: The Technology of Demons, The Demons of Schizophrenia.

My new book Blueprints for Mind Control is on shelves now! Paperback, eBook, or I can mail you an Autographed Copy


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3 months ago

I am a TI living in Rochester, N.Y. I have been targeted since childhood by individuals associated with the University of Rochester, L3HARRIS and law enforcement agencies here in Monroe County N.Y. , and the RPD.TIs need to know the flawed individuals targeting us are also TIs and are therefore also vulnerable to influence. I have used various measures to counter their evil attacks. I have used EMF shielding, such as EMF hoods, copper shields and not sleeping in the same place, in fact I sleep on the floor so I can move my position several times per night. I also use psychological counter measures such as playing multiple radios simultaneously on different channels in my attic to confuse and harass their willing coparticipents. In my case my harassers are demonically possessed individuals by the names of U.S Army Capt. (Reserve?) Michael Anthony Elliot Jr. , his underage formerly pregnant daughter Emily, Dr. Florian Jaeger (Neurologist UofR), his willing students (David, Daniel, Douglas, et al.) and other individuals who have an association with UofR and law enforcement. I encourage all TIs to write down the information you are hearing to ascertain details regarding your attackers so you can hopefully identify them as I have done. Also use investigative tools such as BeenVerified to research details concerning their enablers. Keep guard over your thoughts. Always embrace respect for human dignity, and use humor to disarm your attackers.

3 months ago
Reply to  T.T.

Addendum: I should have written ‘rogue law enforcement officials’ as it is clear most police officers are good and honest folks. Very few police officers on the local level are involved in DARPA or CIA programs. Also it should be noted Dr. Florian Jaeger is quite notorious and a national figure since he was the subject of a massive EEOC prosecution which hit the national news stand (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/university-of-rochester-professor-florian-jaeger-sexual-harassment-allegations/) . Low and behold reptilian mutant Jaeger ends up off the hook with a promotion to full professorship and bailed out with a 11 million simoleon settlement! The reason why? Answer: DARPA.! I haven’t the exact link but this guy is a total psycho with a history of psychedelicdrug use while fostering a personality cult among his students and subordinates. The guy is like a freako notorious miscreant out of a television miniseries! But the joke is it’s all freakin’ REAL!!!! On the otherhand, Jaeger’s totally mind controlled brainless homosexual pedophile robot with a twice pregnant underage daughter, Elliot, can sit in front of a window all dam day long playing bathroom fat audio recordings without missing a beat! This is the kind evil crap my government has perpetrated against me! Tme to reclaim America and our government!!!!


[…] Quelle: Possession and the Targeted Individual […]

1 year ago

how do you shut them off? seams technology oriented….

Keith Lankford
1 year ago

The targeting program being carried out against whistle blowers, activist and civilians is just an extension of the WWII NAZI program of experimentation, torture and mind control used on civilians ran by Josef Mengele. This is probably a result of Operation Paperclip and the integration of these NAZI scientist into the American Government and NASA. It is apparent that members of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies are involved in this criminal activity. One must wonder if these groups have been infiltrated by terrorist agencies like ISIS or Al-Qa’ida which have formed Terrorist Cells within the USA government itself, the widespread knowledge that HLS, FBI, DOJ, Fusion Centers, Police, Neighborhood Watch, citizen corps, freedom corps, etc are taking part in this as well as many corporations that activity participate in this program or censor information about it in order to maintain its secrecy.

With documentation, evidence and intelligence agency professionals that testify of the targeted individual program, it can no longer be denied. Any agent or officer that questions this can only be seen as delusional. The denial of this program is commonplace in the law enforcement community where agents have the highest suicide rate of any profession as well one of the highest domestic abuse rates, it is unthinkable that these officers are not required to have semi annual mental examinations. When one shows that they are willing to hurt themselves or others, action must be taken to assure they dont.

The Persecution of Innocent Civilians has grown dramatically since the passing of the Patriot Act and the creation of the Corrupt FISA courts. State and Local Police, FBI, Fusion Centers, NSA, DOJ, Homeland Security, Citizen Corps, Freedom Corps, Infraguard, National Neighbourhood Watch and many other intelligence agencies are involved in the targeting program that targets innocent Civilians who are never afforded the right to a trial.

Senior NSA veterans J. Kirk Wiebe and William (Bill) Binney speak with leaders of the “Targeted Individual Community” about a new scientific attempt to understand victims’ claims of electromagnetic assaults and related covert harassment. These former NSA whistleblowers and current American heroes answer questions from prominent targeted individuals about the new “Global TI Survey”, which was launched on June 19, 2017.

CNN “NEWS” https://www.targeted.one

Credible Sources:
This list shows 33 Medical Doctors, PhD Scientists, and former government agents that agree with our claim, that the U.S. government is using an illegal program of microwave targeting against civilians. We encourage and support all Whistleblowers to come forward with their information. Some of us are proud Whistleblowers and Political Activists, and would gladly do it again,

Dr John Hall, M.D. and author
Dr Katherine Horton, PhD Oxford Univ. Scientist
Dr Robert Middlebrook, PhD Professor
Dr Harold Mandel, M.D.
Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D.
Dr Max Williams, PhD, Professor & State Dept
Dr Barrie Trower, PhD government Scientist
Dr Michael Hoffer, M.D., Univ of Miami
​​​​Dr Colin Ross, M.D.
​Dr Ed Spencer, M.D.
Dr Sue Arrigo, M.D.
Dr Douglas Smith, M.D., Univ of Penn.
Dr Terry Robertson, M.D.
Dr Robert Duncan, PhD former CIA engineer
Dr Doug Rokke, PhD government Scientist
​Dr Eric Karlstrom, PhD Professor
Dr Nick Begich, Scientist
Dr Paul Batcho, PhD government scientist
Dr Paul Marko, PhD Psychologist
Dr Robert Steele, former CIA analyst
Dr Ben Colodzin, PhD Psychologist
​Dr Curtis Bennett, Professor
Dr Corkin Cherubini, author
Dr Sean Andrews, Scientist
Willam Binney, NSA Whistleblower
Kirk Weibe, NSA Whistleblower
​Karen Stewart, NSA Whistleblower
​Carl Clark, CIA Whistleblower
​Kevin Shipp, CIA Whistleblower
Mark Phillips, CIA Whistleblower
John DeCamp, Army intelligence Whistleblower

TONY FARRELL Principal Intelligence Analyst with South Yorkshire Police

The Ted Gunderson Reports

William Cooper

“Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” This ban on torture and other ill-treatment has subsequently been incorporated into the extensive network of international and regional human rights treaties. It is contained in Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), ratified by 153 countries, including the United States in 1992, and in the Convention against Torture or Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (the Convention against Torture), ratified by 136 countries, including the United States in 1994. It is also codified in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, and the American Convention on Human Rights.” ~ Human Rights Watch on the international illegality of torture

Noni Mausse
Noni Mausse
1 year ago

Targeted Individuals are not demon-possessed, their Fusion Center led InfraGard stalkers and persecutors are.

james wells
james wells
1 year ago
Reply to  Noni Mausse

i am a targeted individual help me im a seeer flatliner eccaction asap

Noni Mausse
Noni Mausse
1 year ago

Victims are not the demon-possessed, their organized stalking harassers are. Fusion Center led mercenaries (Infragard, etc.)

Chris Kirby
Chris Kirby
1 year ago

I been a targeted individual for 5 years I know exactly what you’re talkin about I experienced it on a daily basis gang stalking and gaslighting I’ve even been drugged these people that do this is sick criminals

Gary Ortiz
Gary Ortiz
1 year ago

I’ve been targeted for 13 yrs. I live in Olympia,Washington . need info. on protection!!!

Heather Bell
Heather Bell
1 year ago

I have been a targeted individual for three years. I want to share with everyone that placing a large quartz crystal and sodalite on the back of your head will drastically reduce the ability to hear the voice. Please share with everyone suffering.

1 year ago

It’s a living nightmare. Slowly stealing my hearing and eyesight, threatening me with losing everything I love. I plead before The Living God through faith in His Son Jesus Christ daily to be spared. It comes back relentlessly. I am desperate. It is trying to crush my love, my kindness, my sweetness and my gentleness with daily torture. It is beyond comprehesion the absolute shame, isolation and degradation I now feel. It is merciless and simply the very presence of it is nauseating and evil. I cling weeping to the feet of The Lord, begging him to allow me to keep my family who have slowly become exhausted by my unending pain. It is determined to take everything from me. I hope it does not succeed. I read and re-read the following Scripture.

Many are the woes of the wicked, but the LORD’s unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him. Psalm 32:10

Please pray for me as I need every bit of love and help I can get. Thank you.

2 years ago

Don’t blame an exorcism for someone going nuts afterwards. It is the people using covert technology to torture people who need the exorcism. A TI getting an exorcism might be helpful clearing bad energy out but they are being covertly tortured by satanists.

2 years ago

Heavy metals like mercury, nanoparticle aluminum, probably aid it transmission. get them slowly and carefully out of your body…..

2 years ago

Doesn’t have to be a demon that possesses you.
Can be a human or a higher dimensional entity.
The human might have a natural aptitude for this or more likely, a magician who has learned the technique
It’s appalling how easy it is for these guys to nudge your consciousness aside and borrow your body (on a temporary or permanent basis)
Very few of us are able to resist these non-consensual takeovers.
They’ve done it to me, my partner, my neighbour, my chiropractor, the woman at the post office etc
It’s dreadful.
That’s why Springmeier said the Illuminati teach their children not to assume that the person they are talking to is who they look like.
And that could be the reason why some people seem to have a personality change overnight
It’s because the original soul has been booted out and replaced by another.
There are people out there in the public eye who have been soul swapped but how can we prove it?
Yup, the invasion of the body snatchers is not fiction.
Check out the work of Karla Turner who got killed for blabbing about this.
Possessing a person is very easily done.
It’s so subtle that very, very few are aware of the switcheroo

It’s shown in Alita Battle Angel
There’s a guy called Nova who lives in the floating city who can possess any person’s body in the dystopian city on the ground
There’s a scene where a muscleman drops to his knees when he realises the person talking to him is actually possessed by Nova

B.C Productionz
B.C Productionz
1 year ago
Reply to  anon

I think what they do is aim to get the person dissociated first so they can do the switcharoo much easier at least that’s how it happened with me. Its very weird talking about it but im confident I have locked my body down from demons. Just time to get them out of the mind which can be tricky, my brain has become a sensor for frequencies

2 years ago

I recommend Shakuntala Modi’s ‘Remarkable Healings’ for info on demons.
Her technique for dealing with them also works
I know because I’ve used it quite a bit
But you need to give the demon a bit of the ‘how’s your father’ chit chat first to soften it up .
When you catch it off its guard, then apply the technique
It’s very important not to fear these guys and you can’t pretend because they can read your thoughts

I recommended the book to a healer friend.
She read it along with ‘Memories of God & Creation’ which I had also recommended to her.
Then she incorporated that technique in her sessions with clients and gave me some feedback on how well it worked.
There’s a protection prayer in both books and Memories has a prayer for invoking the violet flame.
They are very powerful prayers

It’s not just demons who hide inside us
If you are unlucky, you could be harbouring tulpas that someone has sent you 🙁

Here’s an article describing psionic attacks by government agents:

2 years ago
Reply to  anon

As they warn in the TV shows, don’t do this yourself at home. If you are able to use Dr Modi’s technique, you irritate the hell out of the bosses who’ll come after you hammer and tongs. The poor healer got out of her depth and had to give up her healing practice.

Yup, if you can do that, you’ll also need to up your game when more challenging stuff gets thrown at you.

I’d say the best defence is to pray to God for protection and guidance although even that may be dubious advice because there are these damn negative entities who self proclaim themselves to be ‘god’ and take advantage of such calls for help to enter your personal space and screw you up. Perhaps the only safe entity to turn to for help is your Higher Self. Yes, call to your Higher Self – that’s probably the best advice I can give when someone gets into deep doo doo.


[…] Possession and the Targeted Individual […]

Zackary Hill
1 year ago

For me they just follow me it’s funny they can’t get a more hard core guy to fight me So they follow me with many white cars with 2 bikes on the back and many other things

2 years ago

The Uber driver killer in Kalamazoo also said a devil took over his body when he killed six people. https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2016/03/accused_mass_shooter_says_he_w.html

2 years ago
Reply to  James True

Yes, I was shocked when I first read that article that so much detail was included. I’ve dealt with the author, Rex Hall, in other matters; and he is a rare ethical journalist. He’s moved on to another field now.

2 years ago

I wonder if an emf shield while sleeping or playing classical music would deter the attacks?

2 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

No it won’t.

2 years ago
Reply to  anon

Here is a defence against psychic attacks which a friend taught me (with some tweaks from me). He swears by it though I hardly ever use it myself

Visualise yourself inside a shiny golden egg
Give a bit of space between your physical body and the shell of this egg.
Think aura size
Close your energy doors and keep doing this exercise occasionally
Now where are these energy doors?
They are on the shell of the egg
There’s one which faces your navel (aka belly button)
Close this door.
Think of it being bolted, barred, padlocked etc whatever suits your fancy
There is a corresponding door on the other side ie facing your back
Close this door – this is one which is usually favoured for launching attacks on you.
Think of 2 circles at about the level of your shoulders and hips.
There’s a ring of energy doors situated all along those circles.
If you consider the Earth with its equator being at the level of your belly button, those circles are the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
Close all those doors.
Finally there’s a door above your head and below your feet.
Close these doors.
Voila! Done!
You can enhance the power of the protection by opening a door (suggest the one facing your navel) and asking the sun to send its energy into the ball for added protection
Remember to say thank you.
Then close the door.
Once closed, they should remain closed though there are entities who can open them from the outside.
But if you attract such attention, you probably also know how to deal with such issues……..
And now and again, go through the whole exercise
Good luck.

It need not be psychic attacks that’s bothering people.
The Schumann resonance has been spiking a lot lately and most people feel the effects of this mechanism which was designed to throttle human consciousness
And of course, there’s the electromagnetics which have been going wild – the magnetosphere is diminishing and it’s pretty erratic
Some people find a perverse enjoyment from these effects, claiming they are experiencing psychic attacks.
No such luck.
There’s a lot of bad stuff going and that’s what they are getting but there’s no telling these delusional folks.

Here’s some info on the Schumann resonance

Earth is a prison planet. Not a playground. Not a school
A prison planet and it is linked to multiple control mechanisms and has several control mechanisms built into the very infrastructure of the planet itself
Saturn is very closely linked into this
It is part of the control system
One of the things Saturn is responsible for is keeping down our consciousness, using the moon, as a way to manipulate the Schumann resonance
The Schumann resonance is not a booster of human consciousness as many people popularly believe
It is a throttler of human consciousness
If our consciousness spikes, its job is to throttle us down into a controlled manner to prevent us from totally breaking free
It’s been forced to hike higher than it’s ever been due to natural raising in our consciousness
But it has not yet released its hold on our consciousness
We are looking at ways in how to decouple human consciousness from the Schumann resonance without creating an adverse effect such as killing us or rendering us completely insane
Because as anyone who has studied deeply into the Schumann resonance knows, without the Schumann resonance, we tend to go completely nuts
This was built into our brains in order to add an extra layer of control over us such that leaving or freeing ourselves from the consciousness suppressor would literally kill us or make us totally mentally non-functional

8 months ago
Reply to  anon

pretty sure when i was ‘accessing’ that there is a method similar using welding – or maybe i just welded my self, visually, into a cage that i cannot escape?

Gary Ortiz
Gary Ortiz
1 year ago
Reply to  Heidi

tell me how

8 months ago
Reply to  Heidi

viking-z.org. didnt welhelm reich have some mechanics?