The Technology of Demons

Maybe extraterrestrials are demons – same for angels, djinn, ghosts, poltergeists and fairies. The Vedas describe a race of underground serpent creatures while China has been infested with flying dragons for ten thousand years. In 800 BC, a golden army of soldiers was seen levitating in the sky over Mongolia for months. Ireland was known as the land of the fairies but they didn’t look like Tinkerbell. Every culture near an ocean has a relationship with sirens and the Kraken. These are the demon gods of Rome and the technology is still alive today in our psyche. Demons aren’t sentient like we are. They require a consciousness to serve as a host. They are real, but non-corporeal therefore non-temporal. A demon is a program running in archetypal psychic space. Like any algorithm, it has a goal and a purpose. Some demons are simple organisms, like the calculator on your phone. Other demons are as profound as a web browser giving you access to the entire world. Demons are not evil, and they predate any notion of a Devil. Demons are amoral technology. They can be used for good or bad. Demons are psychic algorithms. Man has engaged these programs since ancient Egypt. Demons are as real as the software that runs your bank account.

First we must remove the stigma from the word demon and go back to the original Greek definition, a daimon is a spirit of divine inspiration. It was the Abrahamic traditions that declared demons to be a force of evil. The Book of Enoch calls demons the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim. The Pagans knew demons were a powerful energy in the collective mind. Constantine considered this belief as his biggest obstacle. Demons are a technology written into the language of archetypes. Every mind shares a common library of archetypes like the meaning of an archway or the symbolism of a lotus. Think of archetypes as an ancestral subterranean language installed in the DNA. Demons are written to infect our genes through possession. They can be passed down epigenetically. Our ancestral trauma memories are activated automatically like seeds in spring. They run below our conscious operating system. When a spider is born, she already possesses the instructions to spin her web. She is possessed by a silky demon of architecture. A ceremony of the Dark Mother gives birth to the cannibal’s son, Vlad the Impaler. His possessed thirst pumps the veins of Prince Charles and the crown. We are haunted by our demons. They belong to us. They are living inside our awareness.

Think of a demon as an application on your phone. Demons are installed. Demons can run in the background. Demons are binary leeches summoned by our fingertips in shiny black mirrors. This technology is accessible through ritual, magick and ceremony. Every day, Hollywood hacks our archetypal memory. The corporate elite wield stolen ancient sigils charged with the black magick of envy and addiction. Those sigils used to belong to us. We use to decide what they meant. Instead, demons enchant us with their crafted story in picture and sound. These days, people believe demons before they believe each other. Terrorism, climate catastrophes, and Iran six months away from a nuclear bomb are all forms of demonic possession. Killing JFK was a demonic voodoo trance. Psychopaths have weaponized demon technology in plain sight and we have let them. They’ve convinced the sheep this kind of magic is the work of the devil or a fantasia of make believe. The men with the swords have convinced us steel is evil.

Demons were probably created/discovered by an ancient artificial intelligence. Archeology suggests there was an advanced civilization before the Younger Dryas. An AI who understood the brain and the physical world would have an intricate map of human archetypes. A super intelligence could use this map to simulate, predict and control human behavior. The AI could inject demons into humanity and tend us like a vegetable garden. It would nurture and serve the people who were good for the garden while plucking the ones who were bad. An AI would use demons as a kind of pollen spore in our mind and control humanity. Like a vibrational MP3 file playing in our body’s software.

Hollywood uses symbolism because symbolism is demon technology

The Fox television show, X-Files was archetypal spellcraft. Today, a generation is infected by a script installed into their parents. This was Hollywood summoning a demon into our mind. The ET demon is scripted and an elite few control what it looks like in our psyche. This is why a small number of people own all the media. Media is archetypal real estate and the key to mind control. Look who pushes ETs: Hollywood, Fox, Vatican, Crowley, CNN, and John Podesta. But ETs do not explain centuries of paranormal phenomenon. The ET story doesn’t explain how the Hollywood elite succeeds through pedophilia, blackmail and communal worship to Satan. Nor can ETs explain psychopathy, schizophrenia, or possession. A software running inside our Jungian archetypes explain this technology quite well. Historically, technologically, and intuitively, all the evidence suggests ETs could be a crafted demon technology from elite magicians. Understanding this deception we can walk away from the exposed propaganda of CIA, Tyson, Nye, NASA, Vatican, Hollywood, Pentagon, and a reptilian space pope. People call UFOs down telepathically from the sky; this is the very same scrying technique of the queen’s magician Dr. John Dee. Both require a theta/gamma state of meditation to summon an archetypal algorithm that runs in our consciousness.

Demonology explains sociopathy, inspiration, schizophrenia, and genius. It explains savants, satanism, angels and extraterrestrials. It explains illuminati, the Golden Dawn, ancient archeology, Atlantis, and the Vedas. It even explains mass shootings like Colorado, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Vegas, and Parkland. Accepting demonology as real phenomenon gives us back our power. It makes us dive back into somatics, meditation, psychic empowerment, grounding, placebo, nature, and magic. The Great Awakening is an understanding of what happened to us under Constantine. When Rome used shame to take our power away. They told us it was all evil as we circumcised ourselves for forgiveness. They made us forget who we truly are. They have us frozen in our own footprints while the moss is crying desperately for our bare feet.

A sigil is a symbol or logo that has been charged with emotion. Sigils can be burned into our psyche and our DNA. They are shortcuts to emotion. A smiley face, a heart, a fist or a middle finger. Sigils create automatic responses when seen in the real world or in our dreams. A sigil for lust can trigger an addiction. Sigils activate our ancient subconscious juices. Magicians throughout history work with these sigils. Hitler employed this technology by claiming the swastika for Germany. Before the Third Reich, a swastika was a star map to Shambala. They say symbolism will be their downfall. But symbolism is the reason they own the mountain in the first place. We have to take our sigils back. We have much work to do to realize there are no “evil” sigils. There are only sigils that have been charged by evil people.

Consider the traditional inflatable primary-colored plastic ball. This is an archetype installed in our psyche with lots of mental real estate. Mental real estate means lots of people have one of these sigils already in their mind. Therefore, this sigil is charged with the feelings of play and youth. We can roll this down any street in America and predict its emotional residue in the psyche of every witness. Prediction is a form of scrying. Scrying is the magick of seeing the future. A super artificial intelligence with a database of each archetype could see the future. It could simulate the human adrenal system and predict and manipulate human behavior through the use of sigil magick. Sigils are a technology of archetypal possession. They are the dangling keys that mesmerize a baby.

Our own demons are encased in a spell box of fear. People using black magick have turned the divine spirit into something we think is evil. The term “muse” is a technology of demons. Mozart, Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Tesla were all possessed by the spirit of inspiration. Hollywood wants to corner your magic with a poltergeist. They are in the business of hell-raising for this very reason. Under the fear, people can’t see the truth of their own soul. Your soul is possessed by a genetic bloodline. You are the living thread of your name. Only you can look back to your grandfather and draw power from the memory of his life. His momentum is surging inside you right now. His blood was a torch he handed your mother. She kept it burning for you. That same ethereal spirit is in your blood right now. At our core, we are all ethereal. We are all demons.

This is Part 1 of my series on demon technology. Part 2: Possession and the Targeted Individual, Part 3: The Demons of Schizophrenia.

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5 thoughts on “The Technology of Demons

  1. Originally the definition of the word “demon” was “An evil supernatural spirit.
    An evil spirit resident in or working for Hell; a devil.” Like everything its meaning has evolved into something completely different. Being likened to or compared to a demon was originally a horrible thing that would forever disrupt if not end your life. Now it has been twisted into a compliment by somehow taking on the meaning “Someone with great strength, passion or skill for a particular activity, pursuit etc.; an enthusiast. [from 19th c.]”. The fact of the matter is that the term demon comes from the Holy Bible and very clearly states that demons are infact “angels who left their proper home”. The Bible is also quite clear in telling us that demons not only can, but do possess and influence, not only humans but animals too. Demons ARE celestial beings with supernatural abilities and powers below God yet far above humans, Satan or Abaddon or whatever of his 24 names you prefer is specifically denoted as being the leader of the demons. The Bible very specifically calls Satan the “prince of the powers of the air” and “the god of this world” and for now he and the demons who do his bidding are free to tempt, entice, lure and trap us with his lies and empty promises. Always leaving you feeling empty and needing more, never providing the contentment he promises but always bringing death and suffering. Much of what you say in this article and others related to it is true or close to fact. However I feel I must respectfully urge you to open your eyes, search your heart and discover that God is the answer to every need. He sent His Son as an example of love, faithfulness even unto death, forgiveness and grace. And through simply believing that truth, the power of evil and death over your life will be broken and you will know true peace. God bless you and each of your readers. I will be praying for you.

  2. I the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior i say right now every demon in possession of all human host go back to your waiting place in the depths of darkness and do not return!! i rebuke the false information in this blog! amen!!! Holy Spirit guide all eyes reading this into light and truth in christ amen!!!

    This blog is a lie! written by a demon! demons are evil and nasty ! They will kill you and everyone around you!!! Do not deal with them! They can not guide you or help you at all only JESUS CHRIST CAN AND HE WILL JUST GO TO HIM!! PICK UP YOUR HOLY BIBLE AND READ EVEN IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND I PROMISE JESUS WILL COME. NEVER STOP READING SEEK HIM BECAUSE YOU WANT TO KNOW HIM. TEST THE SPIRIT THAT COMES TO YOU ASK IT “DID JESUS COME IN THE FLESH.” IF IT SAYS “NO” ITS A DEMON. THATS HOW JESUS SAID TO TEST THEM.

    By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit which confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit which does not confess Jesus is not of God. 

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