#345 – Clowns of the Blue Kachina

The technology of sacred clowns. The Hopi prophecy of the Blue Kachina is the story of clowns from space who woke the world. Maybe the Blue Kachina is here already and we call it Project Bluebeam.

3 thoughts on “#345 – Clowns of the Blue Kachina

  1. Love you James. Love anyone who can make me think. Don’t always have time to listen in your entirety. Have always wondered about the Blue Kachina. Love the indigenous. Never believed in others’ translations of what things mean. The Blue Star is astronomically truthful, not sure about the rest.

  2. Hi James, I have a couple of questions and this is the only format I know to reach you, hope you see them.

    Have you done a piece on the Constitution?

    And do you fit in the experience of empathy in your work? Realizing that often what one thinks and feels may not necessarily be one’s own thoughts or feeling. Also here is another aspect I have learned the hard way under “giving your power away” but also absorbing other people’s energy. Here is an example. Sometimes as I serve the public in a retail job, there are attitude challenges. An energetic sparring going on beneath the service. And I used to suffer from not being able to feel at peace after the person left. I mean it could be a trite snotty tone or something that I did not appreciate. It took me years and a teacher to tell me I had taken that person’s energy and I needed to either send it back or somehow transmute it. And I am so grateful. Because when I do it, I am no longer bothered by the initial incident. And I am no special saint or something because I am sure I cause such things in others also. I know I do, or I even just let my anger out at the big business constructs that don’t want to help customers but make you do the work and intentionally hide from directly supporting the customer, you know telephone numbers that lead in loops and circles, Robot chat or robot AI voice, and when you do get someone they don’t really know, And HOURS OF YOUR LIFE ARE JUST GONE in the attempt to resolve some issue!

    And my big question, have you looked at and spoken or written about the use of energy weapons focused on humanity? such as frequencies and so forth… You did mention cern, I believe.

    I ask from the place of wondering how we hold or stand within our emerging sovereignty while maybe being under the influence of this type of mind control tactics. Or is being aware enough?

    I actually partake assistance, … I don’t know exactly how to describe this to you and all, but there is a healing modality out there that “supports / protects” also using frequencies deliberately with that intention focused upon the person making the request.

    I had been so tied up in knots and brought down over the c19 bullshit, and so enslaved, and made myself so powerless and afraid (she could say with hindsight) that I was looking for rescue. So I finally chose this assistance. The ultimate purpose is to assist in bringing one to the frequency levels that allow ascension and the higher self. (I may not even be describing this correctly). And because of your teaching I SEE and realize how completely I was giving my power away, You also call it unloading, and what that looks like, and why I am doing it! It is liberating to see this and know this.

    Also I am one who can “feel” things, energetically, but at the same time I am not able to identify the source or the intent or purpose unless it happens when I am intentionally aligning. And also in the beginning of the frequency focused “healing” boy I could feel those sessions!

    So this “rescue”, my believing in this helped me calm down long enough to begin a whole new level of inner searching / realizing or whatever. And here I am.

    It is nice to be able to share here. I would have emailed the questions but the guy below says it does not work. And I am one blocked from making comments or questions on youtube. So here I am! And I am hoping your books on mind control will have some of the view points I am hoping for….


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