#346 – The Pied Piper of Abortion

The technology of eugenics and the morality of self-mutilation.

4 thoughts on “#346 – The Pied Piper of Abortion

  1. I really like the idea of sending flowers to people who have had an abortion. They need to feel the witness.

    You talked a lot about how our decisions affect our DNA and the DNA of our children. I was one of those folks who paid my pediatrician to poison my children. I was so happy to rest some of the responsibility for my children on the shoulders of a complete stranger with a framed certificate that I was willing to close my ears and eyes to reality in order to avoid full responsibility for my family.

    Now my kids are believers in the medical cartel. They are also young busy ambitious adults. The possibility that gubment is just enslavement and vaccines are at best a method for producing big harma customers for life and at worst an effort in worldwide eugenics is not anything that they have the time or head space for. It is much easier to label me a nut than to face the horror of that reality.

    So what advice do you have for someone who was waking up for the fifteen years that their kids were being fully indoctrinated? This is a helpless place. I’m sure the shaman’s advice would be to live my life and hope that they see me as an example to follow. But they aren’t looking in my direction anymore. They are living in “smart” cities with “cool technologies” popping up everywhere. “There is a company that is settling in their city to manufacture kosher pork in a laboratory! In fact, they can make ANY cut of meat from ANY animal with ANY balance of protein and fat!” (and I’m sure they can adjust the deadliness of those products as well) And another innovative company that can make amniotic fluid to develop a human embryo. “Think how many infertile people will be helped by this!”

    They are so deep in lies and ignorance that there is no way to get them out.

    It’s like standing on the shore and watching my kids in a canoe headed for Niagra Falls with no paddles.

  2. Too bad about the sound issue. Hope you can resolve it soon and bring us your (probably awesome) show asap. Smoke break first, is in order.

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