My Podcast Debut

I make my podcast debut on Illusion Radio today with Doc and the Mistress. Give us a listen at this link: Illusion Radio – Episode 71: Conspiracy Hour. It was a very comfortable interview with Doc and the Mistress and the show has a good flow of questions and discussion. Topics included psychopaths, NASA, Apollo 11, ISS, Hondurus, Greater Israel, and more. I learned a lot about communicating over audio today. I hope I have more opportunities to improve.

Please note some blunders courtesy of me. When I said “troglodytes,” I meant “Tardigrades.” When I said “Ecuador,” I meant “Venezuela.” The Honduran President’s name I could not remember was Manuel Zelaya.

The following week, I had the pleasure to join Daniel on his show End of Days Radio. It was a lot of fun. He is a very engaging host. I still need some practice developing my radio voice but we had a great conversation. Topics include: NASA, the ISS, space, vacuums, space travel, the endocrine system, artificial intelligence, our world as a giant organic computer, the meaning of consciousness, and humanity in general.

Saturday, Feb 2nd, 2019

I joined Freeman TV for a fascinating discussion about artificial intelligence and the importance of living in a van down by the river.

Freeman TV Podcast


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