The Litany of Space

The International Space Station orbits earth at two hundred and twenty miles above the sea. On July 16, 2013, the anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch, an Italian astronaut reported he nearly drown while outside in his spacesuit. On August 20th, the anniversary of NASA landing on Mars, Russian astronauts reported sea plankton on the windows of the International Space Station. Did you catch that? On the two biggest NASA landing anniversaries, two foreign countries hinted the ISS was an underwater hoax. Water is a sore spot for NASA because we keep finding space bubbles in their official ISS space walk videos. These bubbles behave as if the ISS crew were secretly submerged underwater in the billion dollar NASA training pool complete with an underwater ISS simulator.

The Apollo Program did not land on the moon. They did shoot video of the astronauts climbing into a rocket. Eight days later, those astronauts came out of a capsule. But that’s all we can say with any certainty. Understand that all six lunar landing missions occurred under the same Nixon administration. Also consider that thirteen thousand tapes of evidence are gone from the Goddard Space Center library where they should be. It’s not just the Apollo 11 tapes that are gone. It’s every Apollo mission. Even the original “moon” video captured in the lunar cameras is gone. All we have are the grainy captured radio transmissions. The Apollo 11 Program was a ritual sacrifice of the taxpayers, two soldiers, and one civilian. Months before the mission, Aldrin’s mom took her life with pills – she couldn’t face the fame of what her son was about to do. She knew it was a lie. You want to know why an astronaut battles depression? He is possessed by the demon of shame. This man gave his heart to a luciferian agenda and still hasn’t been paid. Buzz did what every soldier does for a country. He followed orders. Armstrong has turned into a recluse and the video analysis of his experience on the moon shows he was certainly lying about something. All veterans are trained to follow orders without question. Apollo 11 was their welcome to the machine. Trusting your government is the opposite of patriotism. Until mankind learns; these lessons will continue.

Most would get off the bus here and call NASA an anomaly in the system. But this is not an anomaly. This is business as usual. The hardest truth to swallow is admitting the wolves work in a pack. When you understand how the pieces fit, a new world reveals itself. There are so many warnings from my gut from deep space. The 4AM propaganda brigade has been ramping it up lately. The disinfo is both pressurized and coordinated. In the last seven days we saw news of the Mars rover landing, a solo hike across Antarctica, a private company fined $1 million for launching their own satellite, China landing on the far side of the moon and Saturn’s inner rings are slowly melting. A cabal could use deep space as a kind of inside joke where they talk to each other in public via cosmic propaganda. Like when a writer quotes NASA Scientist Lynn Rothschild about the ISS or when someone claims it rains diamonds on Neptune.

Think of the space program as a game of blackmail hot-potato for the international mafia. The truth begins when we understand nations collude like cattle ranchers sharing the same river. These ranchers manage us and our pastures with propaganda. We mistake a lot of hot air in our face for freedom on the open range. Make no mistake, the man under the big hat knows exactly where our minds are going. Our minds are orbited by trillions of dollars in space propaganda. True or false, it’s a steady blast from an air horn in a can. We barely question how the stories of dark matter and black holes boldly go where no propaganda has gone before. A black hole is a concept in math defining a region, not a thing. It’s a living irrational number. It would be solving world hunger by ordering infinity french fries. It’s impossible which is exactly why we call black holes “irrational” in the first place.

Kubrick was an illusionist and NASA is in the business of deceit. Understand the satanic nature of the cabal. Space is a ritual that calls a demon from the deep. Cultural spell casters have hijacked the collective imagination and funneled it into an archetypal mold. This is the calling of a psychic leviathan. The reason we know the devil is because he was planted in our dreams a long time ago. He was summoned from the plasma abyss of our brain. Deep space itself is a creature chanted by a clergy of magicians. The same clergy convincing us dark matter exists. We must consider the psychological implications of believing in a big bang and special relativity. These ideas are filtered by the same bent machine of academia and scientism. Science today is what we are told, not what we discover. That’s why it’s regurgitated from white chalk on a blackboard.

Consider the truth for a moment. The Saturn rockets were masonic obelisks made from the people’s gold. Between 1961 and 1975 our nation participated in the resurrection ritual of the phallus, the ancient Egyptian ritual of Osiris. In this rite, the body of Osiris was chopped into fourteen pieces, one for each year of the space program, and spread across the lands. The Saturn program launched its sword 32 times in a ritual of gold fire. It makes you wonder about rocket 33. Even the launch pad is a masonic ritual countdown starting from the fabled number of eleven. The first step is Ten. The hypnotic spell begins. Nine. We are ready for programming. Eight. We are buckled and strapped to the belly of a burning beast. Seven. Anticipation from the audience charges the fuse. Six. The nation is committed to a success. Five. Adrenaline adds to the plate like gravy. Four. Our hopes are committed to this ignition. Three. The rumble is real and intense. Two. Death has never been closer and we have never felt more alive. One. Liftoff. Emancipation. Resurrection from the earth.

The Saturn rockets were built with silver taxed from every man’s pocket. This makes each rocket a universal offering to Osiris. The ceremony is seen across the world and poured into every child’s eye. The Pope, our President, and all the news networks called a national prayer for the safe return of Saturn’s capsule. The entire world meditated on the rebirth of Osiris. Again. This is an ancient ritual stretching all the way back to the pyramids. Rocket fuel was all it took to bring us to worship Osiris. Under an arc of spent juice and white smoke; we believe in NASA. We worship the lords of the sky with our blind trust. NASA made us feel good. NASA is what we imagine government should be. Something positive.

It was 1986. I walked into the band room to see Mr. Carichio had rolled out the television cart from the closet. A dozen students were gathered around to watch the news. The Space Shuttle Challenger had just exploded during liftoff. Seven astronauts, including a social studies teacher, Christa McAuliffe were dead. I was a Sophomore living through a government space program PsyOp. The school made sympathy cards and the band played something appropriate at our makeshift eulogy. Nothing says the space program is more real than a dead teacher on the news. It cemented my belief in NASA which was already strong. How could anyone fake something so disturbing. Yet they did. Even today, six of the seven challenger astronauts appear to be very much alive. These are the consequences of pretending to launch people into orbit. When an empty space rocket explodes you’re left with seven bodies to contend with. No one would dare question the reporting of NBC or NASA. Afterall, we were mourning a nationwide loss.

The first Mars rover has been running miraculously for ten years now on the surface of the planet. It operates on 100 watts a day (about the same as a sewing machine) yet it weighs as much as a motorized scooter chair (500 watts). Its only source of power are two 100 watt solar panels that get about 4 hours of direct sunlight per Martian day. So far, the Mars rover has found an arm bone from a walrus, a two-by-four, several species of moss and lichen, and a small rodent resembling earth’s arctic lemming. It’s important to note that NASA uses Devon Island for training; home to the very same rodent they found on Mars.

I have learned and will freely admit I no longer know the true nature of this world. I only know what society wanted me to think. I keep asking myself, why is space so full of lies? If it is so fantastic and wondrous out there in the void, why are they lying about it? The average American had no intrinsic desire to win a space race in the 60’s. Both nations had reasons to install their own propaganda. Both were using the mystery of space to write their own script.

Two years ago I started a novel about satellites and artificial intelligence. It was my research into orbiting satellite propulsion and that turned me on that something about our world was fishy. We can bounce signals off a charged ionosphere. That means we can send satellite signals from the ground. Knowing NASA lies doesn’t mean space is a lie. But it does force us to ask why they lied in the first place. The answer may be the god Osiris. One thing the elite enjoy is a mass and sinister ritual. The similarities between NASA’s Apollo deception and 9/11 bear the same foggy signature. It leaves you wondering if NASA is inventing space or hiding it from us entirely. The only constant we can be sure of is they’re lying. Meanwhile, Antarctica has the highest average elevation of any continent.

Here’s what you should know. Special relativity was rejected by Tesla and by its very nature has no observable proof. The gravitational force we use to explain planetary motion is millions of times weaker than the electromagnetic force which is completely ignored. In the electric universe model there is no vacuum and everything is connected in plasma. We live in a region of the galaxy called the Orion Spur. The Birkeland plasma current connecting our solar system to the Milky Way galaxy originates from the direction of the constellation Orion. Osiris. Red-shift anomalies reported by heroes like Halton Arp show the expansion universe is simply not what we see in the sky. Furthermore, consciousness itself could merge with space if we drifted far enough outside the atmosphere. Who knows? We don’t know.

The Apollo program didn’t land on the moon. The agency we pay to teach us about the moon made up a story which leaves me flooded with questions. Why is the moon so much bigger than gravity says it should be? I see the sun on one side of the sky and the moon on the other but the light on the moon is shining from above. I am amazed I find myself questioning these things but I have to. What if everything NASA says is a lie? The true nature of our world is hidden from us by our very own space agency and we pay them $56 million a day to gaslight us. There is no video of an entire satellite launch. We have thousands of satellites in orbit but we never see pictures. It reminds me of the old Hollywood movies where someone is hypnotized by a swinging watch. The pendulum goes back-and-forth as the countdown in one’s mind begins. The subject is hypnotized by a spinning repetition. At the turn of the century they used the Foucault pendulum to in Science museums across the world claiming it proved the earth was spinning. This is not how atmosphere and friction work. The pendulum was provably false but people believe it because it came from the halls of science. These same halls brought us climate hoax. The same group that brought us the big bang theory. The same people insisting we are monkeys. Our world is infested with psychological alchemy. NASA is misleading us about Apollo 11. We are lied to by people we trust. This is happening to us. We are in an abusive relationship with a space agency. Accepting the truth is one small step for man. Let’s take it together.

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12 thoughts on “The Litany of Space

  1. We cannot verify that ‘space’ exists. Newtonian Gravity was superseded by Einsteinian Gravity – and has never been proven to be a force.

    And as far as NASA is concerned – NOBODY has left this place we call Earth.

    I challenge anyone to look again at the so called ‘planets’ – Mars in particular as it has been claimed that you can land there – and explore it. Looking through a telescope all you can perceive is a dancing glowing body of light. Not a round, solid object. This is true of ALL the so called planets.
    We are in a contained system – enclosed by the firmament above us. The longitude and latitude of this dome was documented in the Encyclopaedia Americana in 1948 (Volume 2) – and subsequently removed in a reprinted edition. But the proof of this is still in existence, albeit hard to find on the internet. After the Antarctic Treaty was ratified, no private individual can travel beyond the 60th Parallel – you will be met with military force if you attempted to. They are hiding the ice wall that is at the outer perimeter of the earth.
    I suggest you research Operation paperclip – explains who some of the founding members of NASA are.
    Research Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd – and his expedition in the Arctic.

    Eric Dubay does a good job, uncovering the heliocentric hoax.

    Take part in the Flat earth debate if you want to find out more
    or listen in at:

  2. Never realized how good looking Brian Cox can be. Talk about posterboy for astrophysics… He does have a feminine softness about him, but the elite seem to love that.

    Thought BC might be gay but apparently he has been married for years. Quick google image search on the wife returned pics of her decked out in beta kitten leopard print– from dress to shoes. Hmmmm.

    She’s also surprisingly attractive. And redhead. Dejavu… I’m getting a similar vibe to the flat earth chick that everyone thinks is a honeypot. See Netflix documentary, if you can stand the bullshit.

    Anyways, thanks for letting me ramble about strangers. Excited to find your blog!

  3. Great message man you laid it out very well. If an honest hearted person reads that and doesn’t awake to the possibilty they’ve been deceived all their life on the grandest of scale, then they are pereshing for lack of knowledge and God help them.

  4. Have you ever really looked at the idea of black holes with a critical eye? For starters, we don’t actually have a picture of one. Anything you see on the internet claiming to be a black hole is actually an artistic illustration. Most of what we know about them comes from only a handful of scientists. Stephen Hawking, who was either the world’s longest living ALS patient or nothing more than an actor if the theories are to be believed, contributed most of that knowledge. Indeed, the public’s entire knowledge of black holes comes from a handful of gatekeepers, and it requires an awful lot of faith to believe the gatekeepers are 100 percent truthful with us. It’s not like we, the public, have the tools and advanced mathematical skills to independently verify their claims.

    Anyways, the reason I bring this up is because the entire symbolism of a black hole sounds right up the cabal’s alley, doesn’t it? A giant destructive black sphere that tears apart everything and from which even light can’t escape. They certainly love memeing it in pop culture, from hit singles to CERN press releases claiming they can make black holes. It’s the way they meme black holes in culture that made me start questioning the idea in the first place.

    1. A black hole is the absence of light. 1 it would not look like anything. 2. Just because we know they exist does not mean we have the tech to take a picture of them

  5. thank you for being frank. I am more shocked that most of our race is so gullible. we should start by sending a probe over the antarctic – due south.

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