Trump’s Flow State

Flow state is when you stick your hand out a moving car window and let it swim in the airstream like a dolphin. You are in effortless creation with the world. You’re no longer thinking; you are experiencing. Your identity as a noun is transformed into a verb. Even you don’t know what will come out of your mouth next. You have no fear of the freedom of flow. Flow state is the optimal mode of trance. In a flow state, you tap into the environment and find abundance. In a flow state, awareness is a surfboard.

Everything we do is a trance. Alertness is a trance. Joy is a trance. Destiny is a trance. Apathy, fear, guilt, and self-hatred are trance. Some trances are good for you. Some drain you like a battery. All of our energy goes somewhere. We are corralled by the fear of our choices unleashing a plague of locusts. In our hearts, we check each of our purchases at the exit doors of a buyer’s club. We’ve been taught to treat our own vibration like a shoplifter as all of our profits are lost to control. This breaks flow state. Mistrust is a hefty tax to the life-force. Everyone is afraid of being the person who sucks at karaoke without knowing. But that person has an abundance of flow. The ignorance makes them invincible. Trump has this flow state. It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday and Trump is a nasal-ridden goose singing Billy Joel. And in his mind he sounds perfect.

We forget politicians don’t always speak to their constituents. Trump’s success is letting him speak directly to history. Trump wants a legacy that’s bigger than all the elephants. His ego is the best thing that could have happened to America.

People hate the invincible for being invincible. 

I hope the media says Trump will be going down with Epstein. It would make all sides dive into this story and focus on what’s happening under the surface. It would show us all how the world has been forced to turn against us. I watch to see if MSM even tries to link Epstein to Trump. If not, this proves they don’t want their zombies feeding on this kind of meat. It could prove invigorating and break the trance they’ve worked so hard to install. It’s illogical to see Trump in bed with Epstein on this one. There is too much evidence pointing in the opposite direction.

Back in 2015, onstage at the annual CPAC conference, Trump said something very interesting about Bill Clinton. “Nice guy,” he said. “Got a lot of problems coming up, in my opinion, with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein. Lot of problems.”

Epstein’s boss, Les Wexner, was a fashion mogul for Victoria’s Secret, Limited Brands, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Wexner’s foundation created a bridge between Israeli politicians and Harvard. The truth is a wet snake under a loosened rock. Epstein, Wexner, and Seth Klarman, all drip in the slime of Israeli deep state. These men operate through charities like Ohio State’s Columbus Foundation, OSU, and Gratitude America, Ltd. They have lesser children working in investment fraud and mass media. Soldiers like Robert Maxwell and Steven Hoffenberg are Epstein-funded media operatives and investment fraudsters. Epstein wasn’t an investor as much as a slave trader. He’s been traced back to the Imran Awan and Dynacorp as early as 2007. These links make Epstein’s case potential good news for an America controlled by blackmail and addiction. Why was Trump willing to lose $9 Billion in support to tell America our elections can be rigged? Why would two Republican Jewish billionaires turn on Trump after he gave them Jerusalem? This is what the Israeli Deep State looks like. This is how deep their pockets go.

It’s impossible to criticize Mossad in public. People are simply too brainwashed by the myth that supporting narcissism and genocide gets a golden ticket to heaven. To my critics who say I’m anti-Trump, anti-Christian, anti-Q, anti-jew, or anti-American – you’re peeing in binary pajamas. I have always been loyal to anti-slavery. I have always been anti-corporation. The District of Columbia is the opposite of both. Every sentence I write continues to bring us back to sovereignty. This is something we lost in the Civil War.

The Epstein case won’t solve government. But it can solve ignorance if we push hard enough. Solving ignorance takes a strong ego. This is why society keeps the ego under quarantine. When you have a strong ego like Trump, people don’t have to like you. Your behavior is no longer motivated by external forces. Freud insisted every man wanted to have sex with their mother. He shamed his ego on paper and academia praised him in their books. This is why we flog ourselves in public. Shaming the ego makes us controllable.

Trump is an alchemist, not a politician. Picture how expensive it’s been to hate him. Picture the size of the container of spent lifeforce from the Love Trumps Hate campaign until now. Every day, haters spit spent tobacco into the jug. Trump hate is painfully slow dehydration. Every day the jug gets heavier from the load. That weight was lifeforce a long time ago. Now it’s a tax paid through lips forced to spit the name, “Donald Trump.” From love trumping hate to loving Trump’s state, ego and supremacy combined can save America.

16 thoughts on “Trump’s Flow State

  1. James said: “We forget politicians don’t always speak to their constituents. Trump’s success is letting him speak directly to history.” I really liked this line. This woke up part of my mind, helped me see something I hadn’t quite seen before. Politicians speaking to history! Of course!
    That really resonates with my bones and cells. I am going to remember, now, that they are always speaking to history, and never to people. All the successful politiians, at least. They are aiming their words at the aether. The people are conduits, and amplifiers of the message. But the target is the aether itself, they are well aware that that is where real power propagates.

    I think that all along, this is what has been happening. That is all they have been doing. Talking to history. That is the primary reason they speak at all!

    They literally create a historic narrative from behind the podium, by speaking it into existence. Literally shaping history with words, with sounds, with s-words they wield over us. Yet we don’t feel the cut of the sword because we are numbed by the very words and sounds themselves. The script itself has numbing agents in it. We even start to think the words are “beautiful” and “wise”, as we are cut down to size.

    The audience is a prop and a tool for propagation of the ideas. The ideas are embedded in the script as taken-for-granted ideas. It is the ideas we never examine that hold the most power.

    The politician is there to initiate and direct the script. Like an obedient caretaker, they do their duty. They merely insert data into the etheric medium of the mind and they work to keep that data alive and propagating.

    That isn’t deciding or thinking or dreaming for oneself, that is following a script. They are actors held captive within the script they are scripting.

    The metaphysical truth is we are all actors in this grand play and we are all writing our own scripts, individually and through agreement with others. So the problem isn’t actually that there is acting and scripting, the problem is that we aren’t sovereign, conscious creators. Hardly anyone is a free agent. Those that are are self-declared, never appointed.

    The politicians are anything but sovereign beings consciously and joyously creating their own experience. They abdicated their sovereignty long ago, in childhood, like we all do to some degree. We are all born into this diseased culture we call “modernity”. We are all swimming in the same petri dish. But some cells are more healthy than others.

    So, those who we are trained to call “leaders” or “the elite” are simply those that have given up their innate sovereignty, and thus their dignity, the most. Those “cells” in the petri dish are handed the meta-scripts, and are permitted to speak the script into existence.

    However, they are speakers of a script that they are enslaved to. There is no real relationship between their Real Sovereign Self and the swords they wield, and therein lies the danger and tragedy of it all. Their mind and body have been split, they do not listen to signals from their inner Self, since the natural feedback loop has long ago been disabled and abandoned. Ultimately, it is self-abandonment as James has said.

    It becomes an art form, since the human mind is ever creative despite being enslaved. You have bad politicians (not successful at the art) and you have the loser politicians who are “too human” and can’t master the narcissistic stance you need to take consistently. Their residual humanity, the good parts that survived the self-mutilation, trips them up and renders them lower on the totem pole.

    What do all successful politicians have in common? They are all speakers. That is what they DO. Their charisma is a skill set. They ARE the microphone. They amplify the script by talking into a microphone. By putting their pretty, or ugly, face in front of a camera. The medium rules, not them.

    The media is always going to be their boss. Literally, the medium of communication is their boss. The aether rules. They cannot just walk away from their boss. Unless the script kills them off!

    Our cells will dance along to the script as long as we authorize it. We authorize the script through a default process. When we cease to author our own reality in a conscious way, we give up the rights of authorship. This is why it seems like a trick, because we can’t remember authorizing the script or abdicating our power. The disease is trans-generational and it’s always propagating itself. We are born into it and cannot determine cause and effect very well.

    We become vulnerable to images. And stories told. We end up promoting an image to a higher status than our very own, very real, Self. Our own senses are deemed a poor tool in comparison to images and stories told to us. Many a globe defender has told me, “Carolyn, the senses are the least dependable way to determine reality!”

    The first image we fall for is our flesh and blood mother and father. It’s as natural as falling in love. It is falling in love.

    Our cells are singing a joyous song when we gaze at our mother and falter.

    Then one day you see an image of a mother or father on the TV. You find yourself feeling loving feelings, feelings of attachment , even though it is just an image on a screen. This is the beginning.

    But, it is also the end of this very long comment!

  2. Very interesting theory that does much to tie together a lot of the visible disconnects in Trump’s presidency. I look forward to reading more from the author.

    1. I had a peek at your article. Haven’t read it all. I offer you this possible explanation as to what might have happened to Trump and other world leaders:

      … Dr. Wilhelm Reich determined that the unconscious mind – which is normally inaccessible – is accessible and joined to the conscious mind during sexual orgasm. This knowledge was the basis of programming a group of kids who came to be known as the “Montauk Boys”. ….

      Now let’s … explain why men who are known to be basically good change once they relocate to Washington D.C. (generally because they were elected to some high office). The US Government maintains a pool of young girls known as “Presidential Models”. They are under mind control and highly programmed with special skills. They are available to high level government employees and visiting dignitaries for sex services. Now, recall, the unconscious mind and conscious mind are linked during orgasm. These girls know how to find suitable “demons” and – while some unsuspecting guy is enjoying a night of hot sex – he is being linked to one of these “demons”. He has no clue. However, his personality gradually changes and soon he is “with the program”.

      Just for a side note, remember that when Trump first started living at the White House, his wife was not with him. You know he is not going to sleep alone. So, this is a possible explanation for observed personality changes.

  3. I used to be a big Trump fan
    Then I got disillusioned with what I saw.
    He should have made an important announcement during that 4th July speech but instead, he garbled some crap and blamed it on the teleprompter.
    He has an opportunity to pull the USA away from the cesspit where it’s heading but if he fails to do his duty by God, America is truly cursed.
    There’s a lot of country karma which is coming home to roost
    It is not for me to judge him but God will.

  4. I am usually completely synchronized with James. In this case, I trust my RV and that of my friends. I will try to explain. Yes, James is right, Trump et al come from an elite bloodline. In a sense, Trump supporters are supporting a kinder gang than the Hillary gang. But when we view the man, he is completely alone, seated inside a bombastic personality and privileged family history. He has accepted his role as leverage in this place and time. It is the opposite of ego, yet is using the absurd World Wide Wrestling ego persona.

    Whatever the case of the Trump phenome, it has made many aware that they have been sheep, and aware of how evil works in a vacuum. If we abstain from our role as sovereign human, parent, creator, historian or truth teller, evil will appoint legions to take our place.

    Things are operating on several levels at one time. Different aspects of the soul or personality express in the different levels. It is confusing to even the freest minds and most exquisite discerners of truth.

    1. Cosmic – I really liked this part of your comment: “Whatever the case of the Trump phenome, it has made many aware that they have been sheep, and aware of how evil works in a vacuum. If we abstain from our role as sovereign human, parent, creator, historian or truth teller, evil will appoint legions to take our place.

      Things are operating on several levels at one time. Different aspects of the soul or personality express in the different levels. It is confusing to even the freest minds and most exquisite discerners of truth.”

      well said…

  5. I disagree with this article completely. We are all entititled to our opinions.
    I don’t really care about Trump’s personality. (he has not been a career politician) I more care about what he is trying to do to help our economy and he has moved mountains at bringing jobs back to our country. We need our borders protected and secured because there are not enough working stiffs in our country to pay taxes that can support everyone that is unhappy with their country. Open borders would also create a huge outlet for terrorist groups and drug cartel to come in and cause havoc.
    In addition, Trump has a brilliant business mind and is very good at negotitating trade deals with other countries. (we have been getting screwed for years) He is a true leader with backbone! The day we lose our country to a Socialist is the day we will lose America.

    1. Trump & the MSM say the economy is better and more jobs are here. I don’t see it in my community or my family’s paycheck. IS IT TRUE?

      1. No, of course it isn’t. They measure the state of “the economy” by the hallucinatory insanity of the stock exchange. And employment numbers are doctored (like everywhere else).

      2. It might be raining across five states, but not in surrounding states, and there may be patches of this all over… Also, I’d factor in whether the state in question is a red one or a blue one — it might make a difference. In any case, corruption in states will make any attempt to drain as much money off from federal aid given, and it’s no accident that over time, presidents of both Dem/GOP camps have “assisted” states to become more reliant on such federal aid. They all know the playbook. But then again: so does Trump.

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