The Spell of Six Dragons

James True is a writer and artist from the High Country of Southern Appalachia. This autobiography is a collection of literature and poems inspired by growing up in America. The author takes you through his experiences as a world-traveling choirboy, Navy submarine hunter, philosopher, wilderness counselor, politician, wildlife rehabber, lover, and finally sculptor of six large-format bamboo dragons built across North and Central America. Watch a story unfold of growing up to realize you haven’t really. It’s full of humor and richness in the moment from the colors of childhood to the weight of overcoming codependency. It’s the tale of touching your dreams and watching them run away as you chase them. It’s a story of crashing hard and finding impossible resurrection and metamorphosis. It’s a tale of a desperate attempt to save a marriage and rebuild an identity after being shunned by a tribe. It navigates the torture of dragon narcissus and exposes the colored smoke and triangular spells that make her so charming. It’s hope for finding your truth again and returning it to the throne of your pelvis. Experience the author’s intimacy in every sentence as he walks you through his awakening from the spell of six dragons.

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